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Get great rates, excellent service and award winning expertise - all in-one-place with a mortgage only from Arcus Lending.Watch quick video. Getting a mortgage qualification letter prior to looking for a new home with an agent is an essential first step in the home buying process. Besides providing the home buyer with an idea of their monthly payments, down payment requirements and loan program terms, a Pre-Approval Letter gives the seller and agents involved a better sense of security and confidence that the purchase contract will close on time. There is a big difference between a Pre-Approval Letter and a Mortgage Approval Conditions List. The Pre-Approval Letter is generally issued by a loan officer after credit has been pulled, income and assets questions have been addressed and some of the other initial borrower documents have been previewed. The Mortgage Approval Conditions List is slightly more detailed, especially since it is usually issued by the underwriter after an entire loan package has been submitted. Even though questions about gaps in employment, discrepancies on tax returns, bank statement red flags, and other qualifying related details should be addressed before issuing a Pre-Approval Letter, the final Mortgage Approval Conditions List is where all of those conditions will come up.
Getting a Pre-Approval Letter for a new home purchase is mainly to let everyone involved in the transaction know what type of mortgage money the buyer is approved to borrow from the lender. The Pre-Approval Letter is based on loan program guidelines pertaining to a borrower’s DTI, LTV, Credit, Property Type and Residence Status. A complete Pre-Approval Letter should let the borrower know the exact terms of the loan amount, down payment requirements and monthly payment, including principal, interest, taxes, insurance and any additional mortgage insurance premiums.
One of the most important items to remember when looking into financing is that there is sometimes a difference in the amount a borrower can qualify for vs what’s in their budget for a comfortable and responsible monthly payment.
Seller Description: 2016 Ford Transit Connect Titanium, Gray, ***LOADED***Cream of the crop one owner vehicle. The all-new 2017 Honda Civic Si, expected to go on sale early 2017, is rumoured to have inherited the Type R engine, which will hit the markets in Spring or Summer 2017. The 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine of the Euro-spec Type R is capable of 306 hp. Though the rumours are not yet confirmed, Honda stands to benefit from using the Type R engine for the new Si in terms of reduced R&D costs. Apart from the engine, the Si is likely to inherit other parts and design inspiration from the Type R as well.

Compare prices, features, specifications and photos of different cars or view our popular comparisons. Also features a timber decked balcony, secured basement parking and external storage facility. Enjoy exclusive use of the resort style facilities including a full gym, a pool deck featuring a 25m heated pool, BBQ facilities and a resident lounge.
Buyers looking for something a little out of the ordinary were given a real treat this week with the announcement that the Jeep J8 will finally be made available for domestic purchase. If the J8 is so impressive, then why haven't they been spotted in front of outdoor supply shops across the United States? The sudden about-face comes from Chrysler's decision to allow American Expedition Vehicles to assemble and sell J8 kits in the U.S.
The market for stripped-down military-style vehicles is not large, which is also part of what kept the Jeep J8 from American shores until now.
Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data").
In addition to borrower related conditions, there are inspection clarifications, purchase contract updates and appraised value debates that may show up on this list.
The 2017 Honda Civic Si will also sport the same 2.0 litre turbo-four, but tuned down to about 220-230 hp, which is 15-20 hp more than the outgoing model which makes about 205 hp.
Production of 2017 Honda Civic Si is expected in both coupe and hatch body styles featuring six-speed manual, in keeping with the Si trim levels. Food and beverage service is provided by the adjoining Frasers Suites, offering residents a five star hotel experience. The company, whose primary business is selling parts and gear to trail addicts, will be in charge of the vehicle's distribution, which will be limited to a small number of 2010 models. However, there are enough off-roaders out there who will be enticed by the J8's impressively tough equipment list to make AEV's efforts worthwhile.
However, the drivers who are interested in this vehicle probably won't mind that fact, nor will they be bothered that it only comes in one of two colors - Desert Sand or Military Green. This will also list prior to doc and funding conditions so that all parties involved can have an idea of the timeline of when things are due.

In the simplest terms, the J8 is the Jeep that all hardcore fans of the brand would love to get their hands on. For a variety of different reasons, some of which were tied into the difficulty of passing emissions with the vehicle's mil-spec powertrain, only foreign officials got to play with the J8 amongst the sand dunes and forest trails of their far away lands. Even with Chrysler's blessing, AEV's Jeep J8 kits will still be missing a few important components. Features include Dana 44 front and Dana 60 rear axles, an air filter that can handle 5 hours of dust storm operation while keeping the engine safe and clean, and tow hooks so strong that the entire vehicle can be suspended by them underneath a helicopter. AEV is also hoping that potential buyers won't be too phased by the projected $50,000 purchase price.
Be the talk of the town when you roll down the street in this beautiful 2016 Ford Transit Connect.
It's designed specifically for military organizations and government agencies, and it is based on the Wrangler Unlimited, the four-door edition of the popular Jeep icon.
Customers will be responsible for installing their own engines and transmissions, which can be contracted out through certain AEV dealers or done by independent mechanics.
However, given that Chrysler has been swamped by negative press over the past few months, the release of a halo vehicle for one of its most popular divisions is enough to put a smile of the face of the most harried automotive executives. Although the J8 is designed for light duty, it still features a 2,500 lb payload that is two and a half times that of the standard Wrangler, along with a host of other tough-as-nails improvements.
The vehicle is offered both a standard four-door body style and an attractive pickup option that is unlike anything else in the commercial Jeep lineup. A 5-speed automatic is the only available transmission, although enterprising mechanics will most likely be able to rig up a manual option.

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