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Do you have a system to track your expenses and have complete control of your personal finance? Update this sheet when you get new monthly or quarterly or yearly bills or make changes to the payment account.
Do you have any questions about tracking the bill payments or any other questions related to personal finance?
The following article contains 8 UML diagrams for two different case studies namely Library Management System and Online Mobile Recharge.
CommentsGuest Author: Zou21 Aug 2013The class diagram for the library management system is really interesting.
I have given much emphasis on the diagrams rather than on the theory art because the diagrams are the most prominent part in UML to build any unit.
For further help, I designed an UML-compliant version with an online UML modeler called GenMyModel.

If you are building a life in America and you have American-based accounts this is an amazingly powerful (and free) tool to help you take control of your finances. These diagrams are drawn by me after huge research done in the field of UML, it being my present subject in my B.Tech semester. Class diagrams of one system can be linked to the class diagrams of another system, provided, there is a multi-system requirement.2.
Object diagram: Object diagram is similar to the above mentioned class diagram and is said to be a real entity or an instance of the Class used to mention the extra properties of an entity in addition to the properties depicted by the class. I even posted that mini project on YouTube domain as an article in this site.I personally feel that the use case diagrams look complicated. As it is not mandatory to involve all types of users in one use case diagram, you could split the use case diagrams into two or more parts. This application provides us the complete information regarding any mobile service provider in terms of their plans, options, benefits, etc.

Functionality of this module is to make the mobile recharging of their company basing on the availability of balance in the admin account. Admin also monitors all the Service Providers, all the user accounts, and amounts paid by the user and amounts paid to Service providers. When the request given by the user admin checks the available balance in the user account then request is forwarded to the Service Provider from there user request gets processed. Admin haves the complete information related to user and all the information related to the schemes and other information of different recharge coupons provided by the Service Providers.

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