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An amortization chart is created from an amortization table or amortization schedule to show visually how the balance, cumulative interest, and principal change over time. In the chart below, you'll see how the Balance decreases over time for a fixed-rate mortgage loan. Instead of two different balances on a single graph, you can also compare different loans by making modifications within a spreadsheet and watching the chart as it changes. Use this basic amortization spreadsheet to see how to create an amortization and payment chart in Excel.
One of the tricks to creating a chart like this in Excel is knowing what type of chart to use, and how to make it work for a variable length amortization table. For the X-axis, use the NA() function to avoid displaying the portion of the range after the last payment. Disclaimer: This spreadsheet and the information on this page is for illustrative and educational purposes only. The crazy thing right now is that I was making a considerable amount of money the last several years, but my hours got cut at my company so now I’m making about what I was making 10 years ago. Our experience has been that you are better off finding a new lender for that $30,000 rather than asking for a reduction in the interest rate.
Lately we’ve seen lenders offering equity loans for about half as much as the interest you are paying on your loan. If you can’t get the interest rate reduced substantially or the closing fees are high, you might be better off trying to pay down the loan quickly to get rid of it.
Congratulations on living within your means and being able to adapt so well to the loss of a fair amount of your income.
A Second Mortgage is a mortgage that is obtained after the primary mortgage, and whose rights for repayment are secondary to the first mortgage. A Mortgage is a document granting a lien on a home in exchange for financing granted by a lender.
A Loan is an amount of money that is lent to a borrower, who agrees to repay it plus interest. A Lender is a person, company, corporation, or entity that lends money for the purchase of real estate.

You can use this loan calculator to work out what your monthly repayments might be for various loan amounts, repayment periods and annual interest rates.
An amortization schedule reveals the specific dollar amount put towards interest, as well as the specific put towards the Principal balance, with each payment.
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For example, in the Home Mortgage Calculator, I've created a chart that lets you compare the Balance with and without making extra payments. My loan amortization schedule and mortgage calculator are much more useful for use in evaluating and tracking real loans and mortgages. This doesn't let you create bar graphs (without some fancy error bar tricks), but bar graphs waste a lot of ink so I try to avoid them anyway. However, it is more complicated, and designed to make it hard to figure out what is going on. While home equity loans were difficult to come by during the last five or six years, there is renewed interest from lenders to work with on-time borrowers who have plenty of equity in their property – that’s you.
Even if you get the home equity loan reduced to 4 percent, you’d lower your current borrowing rate by 3 full percentage points. After all, why would they want to lose a customer who pays them 7 percent when they’re lending out cash at near 0 percent? We’d rather not see you pay fees to close an equity or second mortgage loan if those fees are more than nominal, and by that we mean a few hundred dollars.
The mortgage is the means by which the lender secures the loan and has the ability to foreclose on the home.
Usually expressed as an interest rate, it is the percentage of the total loan charged annually for the use of the funds.
Stockholders are often referred to as equity investors, because they invest in the equity of a company.
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The purpose of this page is to highlight two tricks for creating these charts, and provide you with a free simple amortization chart template. However, one very important thing about comparing charts dynamically like this is that the scale of the X and Y axes need to remain the same as you change the loan amount, interest rate, etc.
It involves creating dynamic named ranges and using the named ranges for the series in the chart.
As you pay off your current first mortgage on your home, you may find quite a number of local banks in your area willing to give you a second mortgage to replace your current $30,000 equity mortgage, despite your reduction in income. You are paying about $2,100 in interest per year and you hope to save about a bit less than half of that with a new loan.
To use one of the calculators simply click on type of product you are getting and enter the nesecary information then click calculate.
In Excel, you can set the x and Y axes to fixed scales by right-clicking on the X or Y axis and selecting Format Axis. We just won’t be able to contribute to our retirement accounts or take that New Year’s cruise this next year, but oh well!
The goal is to cut the costs on your remaining $30,000 on that second mortgage so that it, too, is paid off by the time you fully retire. If for nothing else, if you were able to cut your interest payments in half, you’d have that much more to invest into your retirement account. This content may not be used, distributed, syndicated, compiled or excerpted in any medium or form without written authorization from Think Glink, Inc.
In the Scale tab, you'll find boxes that let you set the minimum and maximum values for the scale. The red and blue lines represent the interest and principal portions of that payment, respectively. Not until much later payments into the loan does the payment allocation towards principal and interest even out and subsequently tip the majority of the monthly payment toward Principal balance pay down.

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