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SBI offers the trusted financial solution to all your fund related needs (in Bahraini Dinar Currency).
Personal loan is an all-purpose loan to meet every individuala€™s needs, which is given in most cases without any kind of security like a car, home, shares etc.
Your Bank fixed deposit with us can give you the liquidity required without having to break it. NRIs can avail loan for purchase of residential property in India from our branches in India in Indian Rupees. At SBI Bahrain we facilitate the process by attesting the documents that are required to be submitted to the branch in India for processing.

Means that you are pledging your own money to avail the loan.In Loan, interest is charged on the entire amount borrowed. Self-employed, professionals and small business owners with satisfactory track record of at least 3 years can apply.Salaried who are employed for over 2 year in a confirmed employment contract are also eligible. We counsel the customers on the various flavours of home loan product available, eligible loan amount and other documents required to be submitted with the home loan application. We can also provide the contact details of the relevant persons in SBI in India for taking the matter further. The loan can be used to meet financial requirements, business, direct investment in India or for buying property.Interest will be charged on the amount outstanding only on a daily balance basis.

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