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The hard part is there are so many variables to consider when deciding, it’s really difficult to make a final choice. While consumers often compare the relative value and costs of renting versus buying, they often don’t make the same considerations when making another major purchase: A new car. The GoBankingRates guide contrasts the costs of buying a car against leasing, and finds that leasing is often the cheaper option, at least in the short-term. For questions about this report or to speak with a GoBankingRates editor, please use the contact information below.
Experian Automotive, “Experian Automotive: 30- and 60-day delinquencies and repossessions increase but remain below recession-level highs,” 14 May 2013.
Cars Direct, “Average Car Lease Prices: Reference Points for Judging Good Deals,” 27 January 2013. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. With almost a third of consumers now choosing to lease their vehicles in the US more than ever before, this method of financing is yet to properly catch on in South Africa.
The concept is relatively new in the country, but it can be seen as an attractive option amid rising interest rates, petrol prices, inflation, and a weakened Rand.
According to Wessel Steffens, head of Absa Asset and Vehicle Finance, leasing is still relatively uncommon in the South African retail market. This finance facility allows a person to buy vehicles and other assets, and pay for them over an agreed period. The benefit is that ownership will pass to the consumer automatically once they have made the final payment.
Owning a car also carries none of the economic penalties or mileage restrictions experienced with leasing and renting. A lease agreement is not only available to companies, but also to individuals and self-employed people. The lease agreement allows the customer uninterrupted use of the vehicle rather than ownership of it. You can choose to take ownership of the vehicle or return it to the bank at the end of the agreed period.

You can drive a brand new car every two to four years and benefit from the safety, fuel economy and performance advancements found on newer models.
For business owners who use the vehicle in an income- generating capacity, the repayments are tax-deductible. Balloon options are also available under lease and instalment agreements – you will be obligated to pay this at the end of the term, but you benefit from reduced monthly payments. A rental agreement is available to individuals and offers you varying repayment periods like annual or quarterly. Like a lease agreement, a rental agreement allows the customer uninterrupted use of the vehicle rather than ownership of it. Rudolf Mahoney, head of brand and communication at Wesbank said that traditionally, South African buyers have tended towards the conventional finance model, whereby money is borrowed from a bank to purchase a vehicle. According to Wesbank, the main difference between a lease and a purchase is that the motorist will not own the vehicle at the end of the term.
At the end of the term the vehicle is then returned to the financier, at which point the financier will dispose of the vehicle in order to settle the residual value. Consumers forego the traditional costs associated with credit, and since lease periods are usually around 36 – 48 months, they do not have to be concerned with service and maintenance costs. Wesbank noted that leasing is ideal for more discerning buyers who wish to drive modern vehicles, with the intention of replacing them on a regular basis. For buyers who wish to remain free of debts or monthly payments would be better served by conventional finance, through which they can pay off and take ownership of a vehicle, until such a time as they need a replacement.
Wesbank warned that a lease agreement will often have strict limitations and penalties for the motorist. Staff WriterBusinessTech's Staff Writer is directly plugged into the South African Internet backbone, and spits out press releases and other news as they receive it. Yip, just had a vehicle cost more than its value to return to acceptable standards after employee’s had had their way with it. The personal finance site also provides a flowchart to help shoppers choose the best option for their needs. According to an analysis from CarsDirect, a new car will cost the buyer $11,736 over the first year of the auto loan, while leasing costs nearly $5,000 less annually at $7,000, including interest, tax and other fees.

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Residual is normally the asset risk accepted by the bank as long as certain return conditions are met at termination of the rental. The majority of these offers are at the higher end of the market, from premium brands,” Mahoney said. These larger residual values make monthly repayments more affordable, the financial firm said.
These would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, service, and maintenance agreements, he said.
These will require drivers to stick to service schedules, approved repairers, and mileage limits.
In many cases buyers may be required to limit total distance travelled, or face a penalty fee for each kilometre travelled beyond the agreed-upon distance, Wesbank said. Since the car is not yours, you are responsible for every chip and little ding that needs to be repaired. You basically pay for the use of a new vehicle and only save on the hassle of trying to sell it when you want to upgrade. No its affirmation that you’re not stuck with payments for something that eventually becomes worthless and are closer to financial freedom.
A car will lose perceived market value over time but it hardly changes from what it was when you bought it for many years. I was always in debt and now I don’t owe a car and only buy a car when I have need for it. Interesting comments since I was thinking of leasing two vehicles for my business next year instead of buying . So yes, you return the car, but the cost of getting it back in that as-new condition again, is entirely yours.

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