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If you're a small business owner who likes to write off leased cars on your taxes, now might be a good time to visit your local showroom and see what's left in stock.
With gas prices hovering above $4 a gallon throughout the country, the market for off-lease trucks and SUVs is plummeting and recently Ford has been stuck with many used vehicles worth far less than originally predicted. Contrary to Ford Credit's statement, however, some dealers claim the automaker has also been looking to limit leases recently, focusing on rebates and incentives to encourage shoppers to buy their cars instead.
Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your in-box. Lease options acura canada, The acura lease care guide is a simple reference tool that will address any questions that might arise during the course of your lease. Acura lease information official acura leasing rates , Official acura lease information rates and application information for new and certified preowned acura vehicles..
January' car deals canada -, Promotions, deals, and best prices, on new cars in canada.

Dallas lease returns - dallas, tx - reviews & deals - cargurus, 102 reviews of dallas lease returns. Leasebusters - canada's #1 lease takeover pioneers, Vehicle search options will be using their services to get another vehicle when i return to canada next listing my vehicle on lease busters. The best deals on outgoing models, including canada’s best, The best deals on outgoing models new vehicle sales remain on pace consumers who opt for a 2016 model of canada’s best-selling suv will still enjoy standard. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. To fix the problem, as of this Friday, August 1, the automaker will charge significantly higher lease prices for its F-150, Super Duty, and Explorer Sport Trac pickups, as well as the Explorer SUV.
We are a premier Acura dealer providing a comprehensive inventory, always at the best price…. Now it looks like Ford is joining the anti-lease party, too -- after recording "extreme losses" because of falling resale values, the automaker is hiking the lease price of selected vehicles to make the option less desirable.

Ford Credit spokeswoman Brenda Hines insists, however, that the Blue Oval isn't planning to cancel leasing altogether anytime soon. Explaining that Ford has recently "experienced rapid and significant deterioration in auction market values," she claims the adjustment is normal and that Ford Credit "will continue to offer leasing to customers who value leasing, as it's always a part of our business plan." That said in the case of the affected vehicles, word is Ford's leases will become so expensive that they will no longer make financial sense. With sales down overall and used gas-guzzler values dropping especially fast, it may be that Ford and GM will ultimately wind up following Chrysler and offering their cars only as financed retail purchases.
Of course considering that the Big Three are now actively trying to avoid taking back their cars, if you do buy one don't expect to get much when you try to trade it in.

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