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Some equipment, such as computers, printers and copiers, are essential to daily business operations. Research and planning are crucial when determining if equipment will become a short-term expense or a long-term investment. Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox.
The craft end of the Australian brewing sector continues to consolidate with Independent Distillers Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese beverage giant Asahi, to announce later today that it has bought the Cricketers Arms beer brand.The deal marks Independent Distillers' first strategic domestic beer acquisition under Asahi ownership. The farm gate price forms a key part of Murray Goulburn's non-voting unit trust a€“A which floatedA last month a€“A because it is tied to its dividend.
The filling of Lake Eildon after a dust-dry 2007 drought and new houseboat regulations have prompted a luxurious change in the lake's leisure craft.Moored at the Eildon Boat Club is the largest houseboat the lake has seen, a new three-storey behemoth built at a cost of $2 million.
Industry body Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) said 38 per cent of aged care providers were already not viable."Our seniors living in remote and rural areas will not be able to age in place and will need to travel long distances, far from families and friends, to receive the care they deserve," LASA spokesperson Beth Cameron said. Sources said that increased pressure on small players would accelerate consolidation of the fragmented industry.The cuts will also provide the federal opposition with ammunition to attack the government in the imminent election campaign.

Shadow minister for ageing Shayne Neumann said that the "savage cut" has "failed more than 353,000 Australians living with dementia".Funding for aged care is complex. The type of equipment needed is particular to each business; one company may use computers to create software programs, and another company may use tractors to maintain a farm. Businesses must calculate the entire cost of lease payments, loan payments, and other expenditures (such as maintenance costs) related to equipment before deciding whether to lease or purchase. Many companies that lease equipment or offer equipment for sale have customer service representatives that provide product consultations so that business owners can make informed decisions. These deductions can offset some of the costs associated with monthly payments over an extended period of time.
Gilbeau provides personalized counsel to clients in a variety of business and personal matters, including creditors’ rights, debt collection, products liability and international transaction issues.
The $1.2 billion in cuts comprises changes to the scoring matrix, which determines payments based on acuity of care provided, and a 50 per cent reduction in the indexation of the Complex Health Care Supplement. When it is time to acquire equipment for business use, owners will have to decide whether to lease or purchase equipment.

They can also request loans to purchase equipment, but they must be prepared to make large down payments. If equipment becomes outdated, leasing gives businesses the opportunity to acquire new equipment once the lease term ends. Outright ownership also has its benefits, and businesses can also deduct a percentage of the purchase as an expense for the year they acquired the equipment. Before deciding on expenditures that will influence how a business operates, owners need to answer questions that will enable them to make sound decisions about leasing or purchasing equipment. You can call it a dividend, or whatever, a bonus per kilogram milk solids," he said."But we need to have the conversation now about what the endgame looks like. Then we run our factories in the most efficient way, so there are low losses."It's not a restructure.

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