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A full folding metal roof is a hefty thing to be carting around in a supermini-sized car but the Peugeot 207 CC copes with it better than most.
If the idea of a convertible car appeals but you'd prefer something more substantial than a few layers of material overhead, a model with a folding hard-top roof is the only answer. Before the Peugeot 206 CC appeared back in 2001, the folding hard top convertible was strictly the province of luxury cars, usually with a three-pointed star on the bonnet. The 207CC doesn't deviate too much from the template set by the 206CC but the proportions are a little less stubby and the silhouette a few degrees more elegant. Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Just when we thought the Yaris was the definitive small Toyota, the Japanese company brought us the Aygo. Compared to its Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 counterparts, it's obvious that Toyota went to greater lengths to visually differentiate the Aygo.
The Aygo is too new for any significant faults to emerge, and being a Toyota, it's likely to be a long time until they do. The Aygo is a citycar first and foremost, reflected in a sprint to 60mph that takes 14 seconds.
The rear seats are of negligible use except for storage and the extra weight can be felt both in the performance and the economy but otherwise, this is an entertaining vehicle that asks few major compromises of its owners. The technology is widely available at accessible prices and a large part of the thanks for that must go in Peugeot's direction.
Cars like the Mercedes SL and SLK had shown that the technology was relevant and reliable and all that needed to happen was for a manufacturer to bring it within reach of the masses. With 2+2 seating (although you wouldn't want to try to lever adults into the back seats), the 207CC is 4.04 metres long, adding 21cm to the length of the 206CC. This is the most common unit on the used market and it's a variant of the next engine in the line-up, the 150bhp turbo 1.6, albeit shorn of the turbocharger. The Toyota Aygo shows just how far they've come and makes a very convincing case for itself as a viable downsizing option. Cheeky, smart and keenly priced, the Aygo was one third of a partnership that also produced the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107. As the Yaris got bigger, room was freed up at the bottom of Toyota's product portfolio for a city car.
This was reflected in a marginally higher sticker price, but for many the treatment of the front grille and lights and the smooth way the rear lamp clusters have been integrated will be enough to swing the balance. You'll still need around £4,000 to get your hands on one of the desirable diesel variants.
The good news is the fact that the 1.0-litre petrol engine is predictably excellent in terms of fuel economy and emissions. If you want open-topped motoring in a practical and affordable package, a used 207 CC is a fine place to start.

The French manufacturer played the major role in developing the affordable hard-top convertible market but does its 207 CC make a good used buy or are there drawbacks lying behind the obvious attraction? The 206 CC went on to become the best selling convertible car in the UK for three consecutive years and with more than 360,000 units built, it proved to be the world's favourite small coupe-cabriolet. In general, it shouldn't present undue problems and the 207 CC has a decent reliability record. Even for a company of Toyota's financial muscle, building an entirely new small car platform is not an inconsequential expense. Built in the Czech Republic, the car features front and rear overhangs that were kept short so as to maximise interior space and make parking simple.
If you can stomach the higher running costs, it's well worth seeking out these more powerful cars. The engines are particularly robust with the petrol units developed in partnership with BMW and the diesel being employed throughout the Peugeot and Citroen model ranges without incident. One of the notable features of these engines is the flat torque curve with 88% of maximum torque available from just 2,000rpm, giving an almost diesel-like pull from standstill.
What's more, carbon dioxide weighting regulations meant that they needed a new small car quickly in order to continue selling big models like the Land Cruiser. The tale of the tape shows a 3.4 metre overall length, which is almost 23cm shorter than a modern MINI. These figures are helped by the fact that the 1.0-litre was billed as the world's lightest production engine. The diesel option is the way to go if you're looking to keep costs down and you'll pay from £9,500 for the privilege. Colour choices aren't extensive with Chilli Red being the standard paint finish while the upper spec models also get the option of Ice Blue and Carbon Quartz metallic. A five-speed manual transmission is the default choice, but Toyota's Multi-mode Manual Transmission is also available as an option, offering clutchless gear changing for those who want to take the drag out of city driving.
This at first seemed a gamble, as Toyota's reputation for reliability is way ahead of either of these French companies and the scope for customising the basic package isn't enormous.
The interior features a two-tone dashboard with a textured effect, while the door trims feature body coloured detailing. Effort is further removed by the fitment of electrically-assisted power steering, making light work of turning the Aygo about face in just 9.46 metres.
With a similar system to the 206 CC, the 207 CC roof differs significantly in terms of convenience thanks to its entirely automatic operation.
Nevertheless, public reaction to the Aygo has been promising, helped by a canny piece of PR whereby a team of Aygos were given to BBC's Top Gear to use in a giant football match. One of the more eye-catching features is the design of the ventilation controls on the centre console. In other words, no more of the manual release handles that ladies used to break their fingernails on.

The twin scroll turbo and variable valve timing system combines with direct injection to offer a decent compromise between performance and fuel economy.
The only manual operation consists of pressing the control button for around 25 seconds, during which time the opening or closing cycle is completed, after all four windows have been lowered automatically.
Coupled with the funky, minimalist instrument panel, they give the Aygo's fascia a very modern appearance. The steering column is adjustable for both reach and rake, the speedometer binnacle moving with the wheel. Like all modern Peugeot models, the 207CC differentiated itself by offering a lot of equipment as standard, bringing big car electronics to this section of the market.
Coupled with plenty of driver's seat travel and ample headroom, there shouldn't be a problem getting comfortable behind the wheel of the Aygo. The car came in Sport or GT trim and Peugeot occasionally supplemented these options with special editions including the Elle in 2008. The air conditioning system is dual zone, offering the front passengers the opportunity to select their individual ambience and it will detect whether the hood is up or down, adapting airflow accordingly.
Sitting behind a tall driver is another issue altogether and rear space is a little pinched with the front seat at the back of its travel.
The 120bhp petrol engine was offered with an optional four-speed automatic gearbox but otherwise, all models got five-speed manual transmissions. The available in-car entertainment options are also very impressive, ranging from a relatively straightforward RDS CD system with or without a Bluetooth hands-free kit right up to a very serious JBL hi-fi system.
That's perhaps forgivable, as there is only so much that can be done within the strictures of a 2.34 metre wheelbase. Likewise, emissions figures are good right across the board, as you'd expect from these classy engines. The upper specification models also add an extra pair of rear speakers and some neat tweeters integrated into the car's A-pillars.
Even the entry-level car is well-equipped and includes colour-keyed bumpers, twin front airbags, and anti-lock brakes with the backup of electronic brakeforce distribution. The + grade adds colour-keyed door mirrors and handles, electric front windows, a split folding rear seat, remote central locking, a keyless entry system, side airbags and an ISOFIX child seat attachment.
As a result of the bargain basement pricing of Citroen and Peugeot counterparts, it's this model that many fingered as the most popular Aygo.

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