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The redesigned third-generation Mazda3 was introduced for the 2014 model year, and I recently had the chance to get behind the wheel of a Deep Crystal Blue GS sedan for an evaluation. Get the most recent deals and incentives on Mazda sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs and minivans, offered exclusively to car shoppers in Canada by Autofocus and Unhaggle. The truly excellent Focus Electric — which carries a $36,990 sticker price — is available in certain regions at our lease price point after $3,343 down (for new lessees who don’t currently carry a lease) or just $2,843 (for current Ford or competitive lessees). The all-electric I-MiEV is available at $10 under the monthly price point on a three-year lease, but only after a steep $3,388 due at signing. Built strictly as an electric car, the Leaf is now available on a low $199 a month lease after $1,999 at signing for a 2014 Leaf and $2,399 at signing for the 2015 model. And it looks like the Leaf is ~$1k less than at signing (money that you DO lose since it’s a lease) for a quasi-equivalent car, looks notwithstanding. Yeah, but most of those Ford plugins sold have only 20 miles electric range, and who knows how many were probably bought primarily for the HOV sticker. I’m thinking that on average, Energi models only do 30-40% of mileage on electricity. As we found out when we leased ours, that $199 price is based on an S model with the 3.6 kW charger.
By the time we got done, and the wife wanted an SV, nice stereo, etc, our cost is $339 for 15K miles per year. I went to 33 dealers in San Diego to survey salesperson knowledge, pricing and negotiation techniques. Out here in the bounteous land of the compliance car (and God, I love them so), my vehicle of choice, the Fiat 500e can reportedly be had on a 24 month lease for under one hundred smackers a month with a thou or so down.

This popular compact represents some 35-percent of the company's global sales and over 50-percent of its sales here in Canada. Using its recently adopted Skyactiv engineering approach, Mazda started off with a clean slate. Depending on the model, the new car tips the scales between 25 and 45 kilograms less than the previous generation. The Mazda3 takes cues from both, with gracefully flowing lines and a nice sense of motion.
Cargo space is a reasonably generous 350 litres in the sedan, and split-folding seatbacks provide good versatility.
Then make your way to Best New Car Deals in Canada and choose the brand that suits you best. But the lease is only 24 months long, it only allows 875 miles per month, and the buy-in at signing is a steep $3,043 for non-lessees.
Not a bad way to get zapped, and the restricted mileage allowance — 875 per month — may work for an electric. It’s now possible to drive something righteous for the environment that does a good job of saving bucks, too. Then you just go to the dealership to sign them, without giving them the opportunity to overwhelm you with psychological pressure. The Skyactiv approach pays exceptional attention to detail, eliminating excess weight and friction throughout the vehicle. I managed to find my way around the system fairly easily, only stopping to scratch my head in puzzlement a couple of times.

An incentive for holders of current Ford or competitive leases drops the buy-in down to $2,043. Some residency requirements may apply, but a full 36,000 miles is allowed with additional miles priced at 15 cents each. The risk of a lease down payment is if the car is totaled and you laid out all that money, you loose it and the car cost you a lot of money for the time you’ve had it. Screaming deal, especially considering the CA rebate would have paid the entire first year payments. The 2014 Mazda3 fixes that with all-new materials and a sophisticated style that appears to borrow some of its design aesthetic from the latest BMW 3 Series (especially the freestanding infotainment screen). This deal is limited to just a few parts of the country, but other deals are also available. The have to pay financing (called flooring) after a car sits on the lot for more than 90 days. If I hadn’t been out of town, I would have taken the deal even though I already drive one (I would have given it to my business parter as a gift, or an employee as a perk).

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