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Nissan continues to bring all of it’s model up to date with their new styling and design direction. Nissan has many unique styled cars the past few years that include the Cube, Leaf, and the Juke. Technology aside, the Japanese manufacturer has focused on simplicity: 4 versions of cars (SV, SL, SR, Platinum), but offered no option. The downside of the Maxima is located at the rear: the lowered chassis shape decreases the clearance at the head, reducing the comfort of people larger. Several are still complaining about Nissan CVT but succeeded well in this area in particular allowing a surprising fuel economy regardless of the size of the vehicle. The sporty side makes sense with the SR version, using speed palettes, controls his way Xtronic. With Maxima, Nissan reached the limit of luxury he can offer in this popular brand then the battle will be hard with her big sister Infiniti or Acura TLX of this world. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. The saloon is the choice of families, reps and taxi drivers alike, a choice based on versatility and performance. The saloon is a key vehicle in any manufacturer's range, a car for grown ups which can offer everything you need from a car.
Made famous by saloon car racing, the saloon is the choice for families, sales reps and taxi drivers alike, a choice which comes down to sheer on the road versatility.
Many manufacturers offer cars with all the comfort you need and excellent on the road performance. Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Pursuit special edition adds extra ruggedness to Ford's Fusion but will buyers feel like pursuing it? It's ironic that the styling of off-road vehicles, a look that has evolved from a purely pragmatic set of design solutions, has become a more saleable asset than their actual off-road performance. Standard equipment obviously includes the standard Fusion specification of a CD stereo, remote central locking, twin front airbags and driver's seat height adjustment supplemented by a sliver gear knob.
On this side, Nissan spicing up the challenge of driving without sacrificing comfort on the road. The IDM system, Intelligent Control Dynamics Module-adjusts brake pressure to keep stable Maxima on the road when cornering. People who opt for the Maxima will choose not to drive a real sports car but certainly for a passenger sedan that has an added value. The 4x4 is now a fashion statement and its design cues are permeating the mainstream with increasing regularity.

Before the car's launch, rumours were rife of a rugged Fiesta-based 4x4 look-a-like but when the covers slid from the Fusion's bodywork, the assembled media scrum was treated to a Fiesta that was slightly taller.
The 'Climate' part of the car's official moniker denotes the additional inclusion of air-conditioning, Ford's Quickclear windscreen and powered, heated mirrors.
This total redesign both inside and out marks the eighth generation of of this 4-door sporty sedan and it aims at appealing to drivers looking for comfort, performance and balanced driving experience. Obviously more conservative, the Maxima has still a surprising look, but its muscular lines fluids. The 8 th generation gets a simplified infotainment system and a dashboard that goes from 25 to 10 commands. 4 versions are equipped with the same engine, a 3.5L V6 with 60% new parts, sports gets 10 more horsepower, reaching the 300 hp mark. With a price ranging between 35 900 and $ 43 400, it may seem expensive for a Nissan, but the quality of the components and engine efficiency helps to forget this detail. It's reached the stage where you can buy vehicles built to look like off-roaders but which would be no more adept in a muddy field than your family hatchback. Ford, it seemed, had lost their bottle, toning down the Fusion's 4x4 styling themes and removing the central point of the car in the process.
The elongation of the black lines, which intersect the body, and lowering the rear give unquestionably more aggressive physical. Finally, several security technologies are added here and there, but we appreciate the system that detects fatigue or lack of attention on the road. Available in several models of Nissan-Infiniti group, it was obvious to find such quality in this seat sedan that exceeds the category of intermediaries. It has the same enhancements as the Yeti and Superb, with the addition of roof bars and a roof-mounted bike carrier instead of an internal one.Check out our deals page for Skoda Yeti and Octavia models. Say hello to the Ford Fusion Pursuit, a classic example of automotive style over substance that it's hard not to like.
Admittedly, rival mock-roaders haven't exactly set the sales charts on fire, with Volkswagen's Polo Dune commanding only modest interest from buyers along with Citroen's C3 XTR and the less said about the Rover Streetwise the better, but at least they went the whole hog. Each 1.4-litres in capacity, the two available powerplants are a 79bhp 16v petrol and a 67bhp TDCi common-rail diesel.
Strongly inspired the latest Murano include the Japanese signature grille with V-shaped That said, one wonders if the bold style is well seen in a decade. The quality of the materials we can ignore that offer a simple and classical environment, worthy of some luxury brands. The Fusion Pursuit does likewise, its extensive body styling kit incorporating deep side mouldings that extend down the length of the car. The petrol option is faster with a 14-second 0-62mph sprint but it has to be worked harder than the diesel under normal driving conditions because of the TDCi unit's superior torque.

These do without body-colouring and so create a two-tone effect in tandem with the upper bodywork which can be specified in Colorado red, Tonic, Moondust Sliver, Tango Red, Frozen White, Verdigris and Ocean Blue. The diesel might take a laborious 16.3s to perform the 0-62mph time trial but it's stronger through the mid-range because of its 160Nm maximum torque from 2,000rpm - the petrol engine delivers 124Nm from 3,500rpm. The Pursuit's rugged appearance is further reinforced by front and rear skid plates with alloy wheels, clear side indicators and a rear spoiler completing the effect.
The oil burner is more economical too, with a 61mpg combined average compared to 43mpg in the petrol.
As with all the vehicles of this type, its underpinnings are lifted directly from the supermini that spawned it and the last time I checked, Ford's Fiesta was not equipped with four-wheel-drive.
At least the Fusion's raised ride height should make it that bit easier to tow out of trouble and the Pursuit's body cladding might help prevent it picking up too many knocks on the way. It's important to point out that the reasons why the 4x4 look has become so popular with city dwellers who never venture offroad are not purely cosmetic. By some happy coincidence, the chunky wheels and raised ride height that help a 4x4 traverse off-road obstacles let urban motorists take kerbs and traffic calming measures in their stride while affording them an enhanced view of their surroundings over the top of less lofty vehicles. The Fusion isn't a proper 4x4 but it does still offer these benefits, albeit to a lesser degree.That driving position is a full 75mm higher than you'd find in a Fiesta and it's longer but slightly narrower too. The bumpers and rubbing strips followed intensive research into how cars become damaged in the urban environment. Should you contrive to take the Fusion's name somewhat literally and meld it with something else, it's good to know that you've an Intelligent Protection System that will intervene with dual stage front air bags that sense the type and severity of the impact. Side airbags are available for front seat passengers and optional curtain bags provide side-impact head protection. The high seating position gives a commanding view of the road ahead and there's a wonderful sense of airiness about the cabin.
Even with the seats in an upright position, the boot is impressive with a standard luggage volume of some 337 litres.
Should you need to slide luggage out from the rear, Ford have thoughtfully designed the Fusion with no rear loading lip. The elevated seating position also allows for extra stowage space under the passenger seats, whilst the fascia features a flip-top bin like the Galaxy whilst the main instruments are housed in a neat oval binnacle.If you can take the Ford Fusion Pursuit for what it is and stop grouching about its lack of any off-road ability, its appeal is clear. The chance to own a good-looking vehicle sporting those en vogue 4x4 design cues without the cumbersome and expensive mechanicals is one that will be attractive to many.

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