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RICHMOND — The decision by Hodgdon Yachts to relocate one of its divisions from Richmond to East Boothbay is leaving nearly 37,000 square feet of industrial space open in Richmond. The building, the former Etonic shoe factory, is listed by the Dunham Group for sale or lease. Hodgdon, which is celebrating its 200th year in business this year, is credited with being the oldest boat building company in the United States. Audrey Hodgdon, marketing manager for the company, said company officials have decided to consolidate operations in Boothbay. Hodgdon had been in Richmond for about a decade, and the company had made some modifications to the space. The Lewiston-Auburn area and Waterville have been able to accommodate demand for industrial space so far.
Paszyc said available industrial buildings might not suit tenants in today’s real estate market.
At the same time, he said, companies typically look for existing buildings because they often don’t have the time to wait for construction of a building to suit their specific needs.
Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. Take the complexity out of property lease management with a sophisticated billing and accounting engine.
End-to-end Property Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP.Integrate complex property lease details with sophisticated billing and accounting functionality.
Property Management (PM) gives you a comprehensive solution to manage all of your real estate business functions, such as accounting, lease administration, billing, and reporting.
Manage all aspects of your tenant and landlord lease requirements with the robust reporting and accounting engine from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Easily manage lease creation and maintenance, complex escalations, CAM reconciliations, pro-rated, sales-based rent or metered charges. Easily escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages, fixed amounts, or other rate drivers such as cost per square foot.
Aligned Property and Financial Management.Business intelligence and reporting capabilities.
Reporting capabilities provide instant access to stored lease and property information and charges are broken down to allow you to accurately forecast revenues into the future and run “what-if” scenarios to maximize the return on your assets. Manage Variable Adjustments and Escalations.Managing variable rent calculations with multiple terms, adjustments and escalations can be complex and time-consuming – and virtually impossible to manage by a spreadsheet.
Leveraging your Dynamics GP as a natural extension of the lease administration process reduces overhead and the risk of errors while maintaining control of payment and billing execution.
Maximize Return on Your Investment.Easily manage the billing, recovery and reconciliation of CAM and Operating Expenses. The recovery of Common Area Maintenance (CAM), Operating Expense Escalations and other expenses can represent as much as 50% of lease revenues. Minimize Contractual and Financial Risk.Provide data transparency to help maximize the value of your property investments.
Revenue and expense charges may be normalized or straight-lined in accordance with Accounting Standards. Property Management (PrM) features a unique data structure that puts the lease at the heart of the product, making it flexible enough to accommodate virtually any lease agreement, including multiple leases per tenant and multiple tenants per lease. Capture detailed information about your tenant and landlord leases and unit information, including changes to square footage.
Complex businesses today often find themselves managing a variety of real estate portfolios and looking for solutions that have the flexibility of industry-specific functionality to support the management of many different types of properties.

Assign commissions and revenue sharing to each AR charge that automatically creates an AP transaction. Escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages or fixed amounts. Comprehensive record management, tracking information about your buildings, units, tenants, and more. Build out the entire escalation for the life of your leases, enabling you to easily forecast on future billings.
Generate additional reports using reporting tools like Management Reporter, Crystal Reports, or SmartList Builder. Manage CAM reconciliations and expense allocations assigned to various accounts per building. Account for and process annual Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliations to ensure they match actual costs versus received CAM payments.
Process site and lease-centric transactions for complex wireless and broadband tower leasing agreements. Many Property Management companies manage not only their own properties, but manage properties for third-parties as well.
For organizations that need to pay commissions to real estate agents or brokers, you can store and manage broker and agent contacts and keep track of paid commissions.
Property Management significantly streamlined our property management operations by moving away from our existing system that relied heavily on excel spread sheets. Before using Property Management, there were several bottle necks in our property management activities. Because of PSM’s ability to reconstruct charges, we were able to help other property managers invoice prior month’s charges with very little time constraint on us.
Our complex leases are constantly changing and our leasing agents are constantly coming up with new methods of billing tenants  and Binary Stream is always there to help us figure out a solution to make what their deals are function. Want a unified Property Management Solution to leverage Dynamics GP and consolidate everything in one spot?
Property Site Management is a fully integrated, scalable property management solution for deep and complex property and financial management requirements. Binary Stream Software is a leading ERP solution provider, developing fully integrated software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX. Stormwater drainage system installation to close GA north parking lot for several weeks starting September 2016.
The property owners of Boulder's Old Chicago are planning to raze the one-story restaurant on the Pearl Street Mall and replace it with a three-story office and retail building. The plans include a ground-floor restaurant or retail shop, with offices slated for the second and third floors, according to an application on file with Boulder's Planning Department. Property owner Philip Day said the building at 1102 Pearl St., parts of which date back to the 1930s, is "decrepit" and would be too expensive to remodel. A rendering of the three-story building planned for 1102 Pearl St., the Boulder property that is now home to Old Chicago on the Pearl Street Mall.
Day is the son of Old Chicago founder Frank Day, who opened the Pearl Street restaurant as the pizzeria's first location in 1976. Day, a managing general partner of the Hotel Boulderado since 1980, sold Rock Bottom to a private equity firm in 2010. The younger Day said there will be an option for Old Chicago to lease space in the new building. Day said he should have "no problem" finding retailers and offices to fill the proposed 15,000 square feet — and command top dollar.

The one remaining restaurant space in nearby Pearl West is being leased by Gibbons-White for $50 per square foot, with retail space going for between $44 and $85 a square foot. Zenotha "Z" Gardner walks the Pearl Street Mall promoting his Kutz By Z-Ball Barbershop in front of Old Chicago in Boulder on Monday. Jim Bray, the project's architect, said because of the building's location on the Pearl Street Mall, the look and feel of the new construction will be dictated heavily by city staff.
Sean Maher, CEO of Downtown Boulder Inc., said the single-story Old Chicago is actually a rarity on the mall. Several buildings along the mall have been demolished and rebuilt, according to Maher, the most recent of which was The Crystal Building in the mid-'80s, which now houses the Cheescake Factory.
The company has five divisions: Hodgdon Yachts, Hodgdon Custom Tenders, Hodgdon Interiors, Hodgdon Yacht Services and Hodgdon Defense Composites.
Binary Stream offers solutions for every real estate market, with extensive success in meeting the complex requirements for retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts. And, at times, can be the most confusing, incorrectly applied element of a tenant’s lease, and the most painful part of billing calculations.
Full audit trails between the lease administration system and the back-office financials that process the transactions. Our products can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.
Multiple meters, leases or units can be assigned, custom calculations created and consumption charges imported from other systems by text or .csv file. With included revenue sharing options, the Tower Management module is an optimal solution for tower managers with a need for detailed lease management functionality.
PM enables you to collect a management fee during rent collection and pass the remaining rent to the third-parties, regardless of whether they are individuals or groups of owners. What on average took about 30 minutes to complete before, now only takes us a minute or two. We had relied heavily on tracking tenant billings through excel spread sheets, whenever billing changes arose we needed to address these manually. As a property lease schedule management solution that leverages Dynamics GP’s core SOP invoicing module to generate billings, the solution replaced a stand alone system, alleviated the need to double enter transactions or worry about a data interface. For one property, we were able to get them up to date on 15 months of prior charges in a matter of 30 minutes.
Property Site Management (PSM) is a fully integrated, scalable solution for deep and complex property and financial management requirements.
Old Chicago grew into a chain that eventually came under the umbrella of Louisville-based Rock Bottom Restaurants, along with the Chop House and Rock Bottom Brands. An office space down the street, in the 1100 block with Old Chicago, is listed for nearly $26 a square foot. By integrating with Dynamics CRM, you can organize, automate and streamline complex lease and tenant activities.
With Property Management, these updates were already included in the automated invoice processing, which easily decreased the time we spent creating invoices by over 75%. The in-line module saved countless hours of monthly research required to reconcile our systems when either cash receipts or billing adjustments were inevitably processed in one system but not the other.

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