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Welcome to Vehicle Lease -Car Leasing, Contract Hire Cars and Vans, Business Lease Contracts, Vehicle Leasing & Contract Vehicle Hire,Nationwide Delivery. Come to Key West Ford and check out the biggest selection for New Ford vehicles in Lower Mainland.
Bay Shore Auto Group Dealer #: 30628 Come on down and when you arrive ask for Bay Shore Auto Group Salesmen.
Compare the best Non Status Contract Hire and non status car leasing with no deposit deals. Well, there is a new platform based on that in service with the Espace and Talisman, which frees up more interior space, an iPad style centre console, far more handsome, muscular styling, distinctive LED wings for lights, a better quality cabin and for the range topping model (until Renaultsport goes really bonkers), four-wheel steering, launch control and an EDC gearbox that can handle multiple downshifts at once.
Presentationally, the GT certainly looks RS-ish, with angular 18 inch alloys, deep spoilers, the now-de rigueur fake diffuser, and twin exhausts. A 202bhp 1.6-litre turbo delivering a 0-62mph time of just over seven seconds suggests some fun to be had, if not the sort of experience to leave you in a state of uncontained ecstasy. Quick rather than outright fast, at full throttle the GT snaps up through the gears keenly enough. So much so that it takes a few bends to really compute what’s going on, not least because if you commit really hard you often find yourself in a slightly odd false oversteer position, whereby you are winding off lock mid-bend. Then at speeds below about 50mph, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to help with agility, but especially if you pull away hard from a T junctions, it’s a bit like a being in a runaway shopping trolley, seesawing off down the road. The result is a car that is a strange concoction of tremendous fun at times and infuriating eccentricity at others, that character trait appearing mostly when it’s pushed very hard. As a car, the fourth generation Renault Megane is light years beyond the current range: classy, solidly built, good looking and surprisingly interesting in a sector hardly bursting with innovation. KBB (Kelley Blue Book) receives over 5 million unique visitors per month and generates over 30 million pricing reports. Renault’s new Megane RS 265 Trophy recently smashed the Nurburgring lap record for front-wheel drive cars.

The 265 rounded the Nordschleife circuit in 8min 8sec, beating the previous record – held by the stripped ou,t old-shape Megane R26R – by 9sec. Well unlike previous Trophy-badged Renaults, the 265 doesn’t have any trick suspension components over and above the standard Cup-chassis’d, LSD-equipped car on which it’s based. Well it still feels Renault-cheap inside, the rear visibility is poor, the ride is terrible and the brake and throttle pedals are slightly too far apart for heel and toeing if you’re into that stuff – which you might want to be because there’s no dual-clutch gearbox option.
The 265 is brilliant to drive, but ?1200 for some different rubber and an ECU remap isn’t spectacular value. All offers are subject to change at any time and are subject to finance approval and vehicle availability.
The GT, according the chaps from Dieppe, is a car for those buyers not ready to go the full beans for a Renaultsport car. At full revs and full throttle it shifts cleanly enough, but in the mid-range it really can’t decide to stick or twist, sometimes holding for oddly long periods, other times adopting a more relaxed gear.
Renaultsport has developed a car for people who quite like driving, but aren’t especially skilled or committed to the more savage Meganes to come.
We also drove a 130 dCi diesel which proved to be extremely refined, rode well and without 4Control, which only comes on the GT, showed itself to be a entertaining and very decent day-to-day rattler.
Used car prices got so high the government decided to put a ceiling on prices and used the Blue Book as the ceiling for both wholesale and retail.
These customers used the bi-monthly book to determine everything from loan values to suggested retail prices. It features 15 years of used car values on over 10,000 models of cars, trucks and vans and is available in bookstores, auto supply stores, and other locations. To put that in context, a Porsche Cayman takes around 8min 04sec to complete a lap, while a 911 GT3 4.0 can do it in 7min 27sec.
The four-wheel steering system, called 4Control, is supposed to bring a feel of RS agility without the extreme cornering commitment needed in those magical products, yet without sacrificing everyday practicality.

The new Megane cabin is on a whole new level compared to the dour environment of the previous car and nearly as high quality as a Peugeot 308. Turn-in is already fairly sharp, but the action of the rear wheels moving by a degree or so to point in the same direction of the fronts is stark.
They don’t look that trick, not like the old R26R’s optional Toyo track day shoes or a Michelin Pilot Cup Sport tyre. A modest 14bhp gain is way short of the 300bhp some mags were speculating the Trophy would have. The important point is this: if you want the most exciting hot hatch in the business, this is it. However, if you were thinking of chucking a few options on a standard Cup or 250 anyway, you really should get your name down for a Trophy. But not quite, especially with the hard plastics around that big central screen and on the lower surfaces.
It tucks dramatically and fires round, refusing understeer and with tremendous grip and poise. The 0-62mph sprint falls just 0.1sec to 6sec dead, and the top speed creeps up a measly 2mph to 158mph. These things are incredible whatever the road surface, working together with the Cup’s limited slip differential and subtle ESP system to deliver phenomenal cornering performance. It sounds angrier and pulls harder than the standard car, the wheel jiggling in your hands under hard acceleration in the lower gears but never enough to becoming full-blown, lane changing torque steer like it does in the Focus RS.

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