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Make up your own mind on the gaudy styling, but there's no denying the serious engineering at the heart of the new 2015 Type R programme.
There's a good chunky sports steering wheel and the good-to-clasp aluminium gearknob is perfectly positioned.
Thumb the starter button and the 2.0-litre four-pot fires into life with little excitement. But what sticks in the memory is how the Type R comes alive when you turn off the motoway and fling it through your favourite switchbacks.
Clever damping keeps body sway in check and the control the chassis exhibits is remarkable. Opinion is divided on the character of this engine; they've somehow kept a degree of switchover character, just like on Type Rs of old, but some testers miss the full-on, banshee VTEC effect. Prod the +R button and you can stiffen the dampers, sharpen the throttle response and beef up the steering further. There will be people utterly aghast that Fiat has pumped the 500 full of steroids, no doubt. But the 500X does without any of the ‘Easter eggs’ of its non-identical Renegade twin – there is no spider lurking under the fuel filler flap here, no little 1980s Panda 4x4 climbing the windscreen.
We didn’t bother with Fiat’s off-road course on this occasion; in the press conference, the increased ramp and departure angles of the Cross variants were referred to as ideal for multi-storey car parks. Best of the bunch is the 1.6, which is refined enough, has a lovely (yes, really) six-speed manual gearbox action and absolutely all the performance most buyers will ever need.
But like most modern systems Uconnect does allow you to keep up to date with Twitter and Facebook on the move, gives traffic updates, speed camera alerts, weather information, and news bulletins from Reuters.
We’re in a solar gold rush and there are lots of financing options available to fit the needs of virtually any homeowner.
Most homeowners can purchase or lease a solar system with no money down and at a fixed monthly payment that is less than their current average electric bill. We’re highly experienced Sunpower Advanced Certified & NABCEP EL Achieved solar energy consultants! Sunpower has been a solar industry leader for over 30 years with over 10 million panels installed.
Sunpower stands alone with a 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty that includes materials, labor, and shipping. As independent energy consultants we have the power to choose which California licensed solar dealer-installer we recommend to our customers. An online invoice is sent through the Internet by a supplier to the client as a bill of lading that is issued for goods or services rendered. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Unveiled at the Geneva motor show after interminable concept cars and prototype appetite-whetters, the car launches this summer. The VTEC variable valve timing and lift remains, but it's now assisted by a large, single blower to ram more air into the 1996cc four-pot. It's no shrinking violet, the new Honda hot hatch, and that impression continues inside as you settle into nicely upholstered, alcantara racing buckets.

We find the interior of the Civic a riot of trying-too-hard styles and schizophrenic design: there's a digital read-out high up in your line of sight, then a bunch of conventional dials low down, large touchscreen in the centre console and separate heating display lower down.
Nought to 62mph takes a scant 5.7sec and top whack is a pleasingly politically incorrect 167mph. In fact, the first few miles of our drive are on fast dual carriageways and the Type R proves a comfortable cruiser, with little hint of what's to follow.
The electrically assisted steering is lighter than you might expect, but it's accurate, direct and has a reasonably judged response.
This is one super-composed hot hatch, and the threat of near-300lb ft twisting the front tyres out of shape never materialises. It doesn't sound as industrial as certain rival 2.0 turbos, but can be boomy and annoying after a while.
In a neat play on the eco colour-coding that beset the Honda CRZ and Insight hybrids, it also turns the dials red. We were worried they might've dropped the Type R ball in the wilderness years, but we shouldn't have. It can take a while to pinpoint the 2015 hatch's strengths and, while it's technically impressive, we occasionally found ourselves craving more fizz and interactivity. The almost inevitable crossover extension of the growing Fiat 500 family, the 500X also seems a much better fit with the 500 brand than the 500L MPV models. The way the front lights are designed make it look like it’s got a bit of a scowl on – like an aggravated kitten. Instead you get the trademark coloured dash of other 500 models, seats with round headrests, a part-digital dial cluster and the genuine impression that care has been taken putting it all together. It’s also likely to be the best seller, something that the raucous and not particularly inspiring nature of the 1.4 petrol is only likely to guarantee. This is Fiat’s answer to the Alfa Romeo DNA switch, giving you a choice of Normal, Sport and All-weather driving modes – the latter becoming Traction on off-road variants. You’ll also fit five adults inside the 500X, the 350-litre boot will swallow plenty of shopping and Fiat offers many of the latest safety aids, including autonomous braking, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring – albeit only optionally.
Fiat has taken a serious look at itself and the competition, and produced something that feels well made, neat and tidy to drive, and looks distinctively stylish. Unlike utility rates, that solar payment is guaranteed never to go up and depending on the term chosen, you could pay it off and own your electricity free and clear for the life of the solar system (expected to be 40 years or more!). We interviewed the best of our regions Sunpower dealers and chose Jamar Power Systems of Santee and Murrieta CA because of their long experience of 25 years in business with over 2,000 successful solar installations completed. The client is supposed to acknowledge receipt and send the amount owed in the stipulated or agreed time scale. That huge rear wing, side skirts, hilarious venting that thinks it's nabbed from a 991 GT3 RS.
Even those swollen, cheesily tacked-on wheelarches are bespoke, crafted from aluminium to save 42% of heft compared with if they were fashioned from steel. Raw figures are these: 306bhp at 6500rpm and 295lb ft of twist, developed in a broad smear from 2500-4500rpm. Some taller drivers found them a mite too high - despite being 20mm lower than in a shopping Civic - but most will find an immediately focused driving position.

A special shout goes out to the major driving controls, with a beautifully judged action to the pedals and gearchange. The Civic turns and dives into the corner at your bidding but we'd like more outright feel; the best rivals are more tactile. Yes, there's some turbo whistle - and plenty of wastegate chatter as you back off - but the thing just wants to rev to the 7000rpm redline and beyond with an insatiable appetite for revs. Be warned, though: the Sports setting was way too hard for us, and we much preferred the more compliant, softer set-up. The Type R is a brilliant hot hatch - one that's distinct from the existing competition, wild-looking and yet polished fun to drive.
500 is a fashion-led product, and compact crossovers are the sector of the moment, so the 500X could well represent the Venn diagram sweet-spot where trend and machine overlap.
But vitally, it seems that Fiat has realised its reputation isn’t exactly spotless, and a certain amount of substance was essential to accompany the style.
No surprises here; Sport, for example, gives the accelerator mapping a shot of adrenaline, adds steering weight and makes the smooth-shifting nine-speeder jerk like a broke junkie.
The relatively low (for a crossover) seating position helps, as does the lack of slop in the steering, and overall it’s a pleasing car to punt along at speed. We did find it vaguely amusing that the top spec Cross Plus has by far the nastiest dashboard finish, trading the enamel-like paint of the regular variants for a scratchy Emory board-like plastic.
Priced from ?14,595 to ?25,845, it’s a little more expensive than the mainstream competition – think Juke, Mokka, Captur and 2008 – but cheaper than the equivalent Mini.
It's at once Max Power, OTT and brutal - and yet distinctive and an antidote to the sanitised Germanic polish that's gradually become the norm in GTI-ville. No dual-clutch trick 'boxes here; first impressions are of one of the finest manual gear actions around, with a pleasing snickety-snick to its action - just like on the S2000 before it.
From 3500rpm on, it charges to the redline - but watch out for gloopy turbo lag low down where little happens. To this end, the 500X shares not only its platform with the charismatic Jeep Renegade but a four-wheel drive system and a nine-speed automatic gearbox. That’s up to you, though we do like the way the silhouette and much of the detailing echoes the smaller (2007) original.
The ride isn’t really uncomfortable, either, especially on the smaller wheels, it’s just a bit crashy over sudden surface imperfections; given the state of some of Italy’s roads, it’s fine. And the Uconnect TomTom-powered satnav system had trouble keeping track of which road we were on. In short, can Honda still cut it in an arena beset by talented hot hatchbacks from Ford, Renault and Volkswagen? There's just 40mm between each cog selection, according to Honda; feels like a short-shift to us, although it misses the last n-th degree of slickness that the best Honda manuals enjoyed.
The cabin quality is perhaps the best Fiat has ever produced, and you can sense there’s been real attention paid to the engineering.

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