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We’re in a solar gold rush and there are lots of financing options available to fit the needs of virtually any homeowner. Most homeowners can purchase or lease a solar system with no money down and at a fixed monthly payment that is less than their current average electric bill.
We’re highly experienced Sunpower Advanced Certified & NABCEP EL Achieved solar energy consultants! Sunpower has been a solar industry leader for over 30 years with over 10 million panels installed. Sunpower stands alone with a 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty that includes materials, labor, and shipping. As independent energy consultants we have the power to choose which California licensed solar dealer-installer we recommend to our customers. The new Fiat Panda Cross is a tougher sibling to the already surprisingly tough little Fiat Panda 4x4. Expect to pay around ?1650 more for a Panda Cross than you would for a regular Panda 4x4 at present. On both petrol and diesel versions the intake ducts have gone up in the world to allow a deeper wading depth, steel underbody shields fend off damage from pointier bits of terrain and the tyres have been swapped for knobblier mud and snow rubber. Like the regular Panda 4x4, an electronic locking differential helps find traction on loose or slippery surfaces but the Cross also gets a few extra electronic tricks up its sleeve. A new ‘Terrain Control Selector’ – a rotary dial behind the gearlever – gives you a choice of three driving modes: Auto, Off-Road and Hill Descent Control. Auto is the default setting, and makes its own decision as to whether the engine’s torque is sent to the front or rear axles.

In Off-Road mode, all four wheels are driven all the time (up to 30mph, anyway – beyond that the car reverts to front-drive mode to save fuel, in case you forget to switch back to Auto mode), the locking diff is engaged and the stability control system brakes slipping wheels to help find traction on uneven or low-grip surfaces.
Hill Descent Control safely controls the car’s speed down steep slopes – more on that in a bit. Both come with manual gearboxes, a five-speed for the diesel and six for the TwinAir, with an extra low first gear for off-road driving.
We drove the Cross on the off-road course at Fiat’s Balocco proving ground where it scampered over some fairly severe obstacles.
We also crossed Balocco’s concrete mounds (imagine a sea of giant, solid bubble wrap) diagonally in Off-Road mode, where the microchips kept the car moving by taking power away from the wheels dangling in fresh air and directing it to the ones on terra firma.
Fiat claims the Cross benefits from improved sound-proofing over the regular 4x4, but you wouldn’t think so after a drive in the gruff, boomy diesel.
Although the diesel’s pleasant enough to drive with a more progressive, less laggy delivery than some derv motors, the TwinAir suits the Cross’s character better – it’s a fun engine for a fun car. An ordinary Panda 4x4 is cheaper, can manage nearly as well off-road and is more tolerable on it. PartenaireLe garage Beausejour est partenaire de Nissan Espace 3, concessionnaire Nissan a Rennes, Laval et Saint Malo.
Unlike utility rates, that solar payment is guaranteed never to go up and depending on the term chosen, you could pay it off and own your electricity free and clear for the life of the solar system (expected to be 40 years or more!). We interviewed the best of our regions Sunpower dealers and chose Jamar Power Systems of Santee and Murrieta CA because of their long experience of 25 years in business with over 2,000 successful solar installations completed. It’s not a new idea; just like the previous-generation Panda Cross of 2006, Fiat’s taken the Panda 4x4 and machoed it up with chunkier bumpers, plastic skid plates, red tow hooks and raised fog lights.

Ground clearance has been bumped up, the springs are different and those reshaped bumpers make for more accommodating approach and departure angles – gradients as severe as 70% are possible, says Fiat. In normal driving conditions, 98% of torque goes to the front wheels but if the Panda loses traction the system is designed to direct up to 100% to the rear in a tenth of a second if necessary. Both have had a minor boost in power, so the diesel now puts out 89bhp and the TwinAir 79bhp.
Climbing’s not a problem, and when you need to get down again Hill Descent Control can take care of things for you. The raised ride height means it sways like a swingometer on election night, and the body roll’s emphasised all the more because you sit so high up. You wouldn’t call it pretty, but it’s got character by the bagful and a certain Tonka Toy appeal. Stick it in neutral, keep your feet off the pedals and it’ll inch its way down the slope by itself. Thing is, you often feel you’re travelling faster than you are anyway as the mud and snow tyres squeal like you’re on a qualifying lap when in reality you’re meandering gently around a roundabout. It’s genuinely capable off-road, great in the city (no speed bump too big, no multi-storey too steep, no parking space too small) but in all honesty a bit rubbish on the open road.

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