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You don't want to be one of the many who lose several thousands of dollars on a lease deal without even knowing they've been ripped off. You can't decide whether to keep your old vehicle, buy a used one or a new one, lease one, or forget the whole thing and take the bus. You're afraid of being carjacked or having your car stolen, but you don't want to live in fear either. You're sick and tired of paying big bucks for insurance only to have your claims denied, your premiums raised, your vehicle confiscated, or your insurance canceled when the time comes to collect ehe coverage you paid for.

You've ever found that the car you rented cost almost double the price quoted after all the little "extras" were figured in. You've been bowing and scraping to your mechanic in the feeble hope that repairs won't cost more than you'd pay to have your appendix removed.
You want to spend the major part of your time thinking about things other than cars and car deals. You (rightly) suspect that you can improve your chances of getting a better deal if you learn the tricks that experts know and, too often, don't reveal.

When you're dealing with cars, whether you're buying, selling, insuring, or just driving, you need to protect yourself from a lot of people and situations from the dangerously ignorant to the downright dangerous.

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