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The Megane Coupe is a strikingly-styled coupe car which features LED light technology, seamless curvacious body panels and black and chrome detailing to make it stand out from the rest. Discover a new range of ecological and economical engines, the results of Renault’s expertise in Formula 1. Book a service online and our expert technicians will ensure your car is running to the highest standards.

Crammed with the latest in Renault technology, the new 2016 Renault Megane Coupe is safer and more innovative then ever before.
These engines feature new technology, like Stop Start or regenerative braking, all helping to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy. When equipped with the optional Visio System which is connected to a front camera, the Megane Coupe alerts you to any lane drifting, while it also controls automatic headlights when they are required.
Renault has developed a new optional six-speed efficient dual clutch system (EDC) which offers reduced fuel consumption and Co2 emmisions! We are the only Lexus dealer in Illinois to earn the 'Elite of Lexus' Award 23 years in a row for outstanding commitment to our customers.

We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and have extended service hours and free service loaners for your convenience.
We offer a huge inventory of new, Lexus certified pre-owned, and professionally inspected non-Lexus vehicles.

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