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Fiducia Home Loan service is a unique Service where the client is empowered with the best rates on home loans, knowledge sharing by our experienced team and best home loan deals.
When you think of investments most of the times one thinks of bank Fixed deposits or post office schemes and many a times ends up buying and insurance scheme like ULIP. Motor Insurance Policy covers the motor vehicles of all types including Motor cycle, Car private and commercial vehicles.

If you have a property which has a long term lease to a blue-chip client and you need cash to finance your business or personal needs, Lease rental discounting (LRD) is the answer to your requirements. The Financial services industry in India is marked by two extremes - on the one end we have very wealthy individuals who receive sound financial planning advice for which they can afford to pay a steep price.
Indian investors are very familiar with fixed deposits and generally associate with bank fixed deposits.

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