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Japanese motorcycle brand Honda will start leasing 100 units of the EV-neo electric scooters in its domestic market starting December 24, 2010, as part of a government-backed project. There have already been 10 EV-neo prototypes monitored since October 2010, while the 100 units are expected to roll out through April 2011. Specifically, pricing for the base model has been set at 454,650 yen (about $5,400), while the EV-neo PRO, which comes with a rear carrier and front basket racket, rests at 459,900 yen (about $5,460). Performance wise, the brushless AC motor comprises 72-volt batteries power that develop 8.1 lb-ft (11 Nm) at 2000 rpm.
2017 mazda cx-9 release date, price, review, interior pics, Although sporting some few changes inside and out, the 2017 mazda cx-9 redesign is subtle owing to the fact that it received a thorough makeover in 2016.. 2017 mazda cx-9 release date & review - automotive news, 2017 mazda cx-9 release date, review, specs – with the release of the 2017 mazda cx-9 vehicle, the second generation of this car is confirmed.
2017 mazda cx-9 - exterior interior drive - youtube, Full expert review: 2016 mazda cx-9 what's new for 2016 the mazda cx-9 has been completely redesigned for 2016. 2015 mazda cx-9 - specifications, pictures, prices, Despite its generous dimensions, the cx-9 handles more like a sporty sedan than a capacious crossover thanks to a cleverly tuned suspension, sharp steering and. Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the Toyota Corolla to the Japanese public in November 1966. The Toyota Corolla was designed to be the classic family car, to meet the changing needs of the Japanese commuters during the 1960s.
Finding a name for a car destined for worldwide excellence took some time to think through.
Tatsuo Hasegawa, the chief engineer who oversaw the development of the Toyota Corolla, strived for the best and for the Toyota Corolla it had to be better than the rest. The first-generation Toyota Corolla featured a number of technologies that were the first of their kind in Japan and for Toyota. Toyota quickly acquired a mindset to “think like the customer”, focusing on improving standard features based on customer needs.
Throughout the years Toyota manufactured a diverse fleet of the Corolla model to include not only sedans, but also station wagons like the Toyota Corolla Fielder, and vans such as the Toyota Corolla Spacio mini-van.  Today, the Toyota Corolla is in its 11th generation, its 2014 model features a new exterior styling inherited from the Toyota Furia concept car. Generation after generation, the Toyota Corolla has and is likely to remain, the world’s sedan. Mirai is now one of the most important products for Toyota, as the Japanese company finally decided to bring its first fuel cell cars to the market.
After the launch event last night, we found a lot of new data on this car in the video briefing.
Sadly we still can’t treat Mirai as a series production car, because in the first year Toyota would like to sell just 400 of them and already gathered in Japan orders for 200. Toyota began developments of FCV in 1992, before Prius hybrid, so it took 23 years to slowly commercialize.
Toyota presented at the press conference a short crash test video and stressed that hydrogen tanks were not even deformed.
Mirai will be equipped with special H2O button to release the water – just in case you are thirsty or would like to show your friends how green the car is (sort of). Asked about just 4 seats, while Honda released a 5-seat concept car at the same time (with fuel cell stack under the hood), Toyota stated that Mirai will be more of a luxury car with comfortable rear seats. We saw in the first video that there is a CHAdeMO inlet shown that could supply electricity.
Toyota seems to have some cooperation with Honda in this matter, as both companies stated capability of supplying up to 9 kW DC power from the car (via CHAdeMO) to the external inverter (an optional power take off (PTO) device), which will turn it to AC and enable the car to power electrical appliances or maybe even a whole house. The Toyota Mirai is a four-door, mid-size sedan with performance that fully competes with traditional internal combustion engines – but it uses no gasoline and emits nothing but water vapor. Mirai will be available to customers in California beginning in fall 2015, with additional markets tracking the expansion of a convenient hydrogen refueling infrastructure.
What’s more, thanks to fuel cell technology’s versatility and adaptability, the Mirai offers performance options that go well beyond a traditional automobile.
Toyota began fuel cell development in Japan in the early 90s and have developed a series of fuel cell vehicles, subjecting them to more than a million miles of road testing.
Mirai will also feature a broad range of standard onboard safety technologies, including vehicle pre-collision, blind spot monitor, lane departure alert, drive start control and automatic high beams. Toyota believes that outstanding vehicle performance must be matched by an exceptional ownership experience.
In addition, Toyota continues to support the development of a convenient and reliable hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Research at the University of California Irvine’s Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) has found that 68 stations, located at the proper sites, could handle a FCV population of at least 10,000 vehicles.  Those stations are on their way to becoming a reality. This table provides technical specifications for the Toyota Mirai with comparative values for the previous SUV-based FCHV-adv fuel cell vehicle.
The big difference between this fuel cell vehicle at 300 mile range, and an EV with 300 mile range, is that after driving 200 miles that day, the EV can fully recharge at home and be at 300 miles again the next morning. Then there is the fact that hydrogen charging stations cost over $1 Million to install, compared with $25k to $50k for a EV QC Station. Oh…and then there is that little issue that an EV just might catch fire in a major accident, but the fuel cell car can explode. The one hydrogen fueling station in my city will be a couple of miles from my house, assuming it gets built as planned.
To be a bit more fair when comparing costs of H2 stations to DCQC, a H2 station can probably fill a car with 250 miles of range in 10 minutes. So you need about 15 DCQC stations to equal the same fueling rate as a single fast fill H2 station. But then you realize that Tesla is installing 6-8 stalls at your typical Supercharger location and already has close to 20 locations in California alone. H2 has a long road in front of it – and there is going to be a lot of money in capital that has to be spent up front before consumers will even think about buying them. The newest generation of H2 stations can refill 300 miles in 3 minutes, approximately equal to gasoline.

Just delivers the point, of what a travesty it is that California’s government has allocated more than 20x the money this year to H2 stations than to EV charging. After Toyota’s big investment in Nickel-metal hydride batteries, they are trying to put them in everything they can… Does any other EV uses NMH batteries?
It has a very similar job, and is in mass production to hold the cost down, so why reinvent the wheel? In this application it is similar in weight and power to the lithium batteries in the Hyundai FCEVd, it is bigger packs for PHEVs where lithium has a weight advantage.
I agree, if you go with the flawed thinking that there is no reason to use much lighter lithium (all 1kwh of it), if you are instead going with 60kwh of liquid gold.
I’ve always wondered if EV advocates have calculated the continuous power and size required for an equivalent EV charging station for a gas station at say a busy interstate travel plaza. If there were as many SuperCharger stations as gas stations, no more than 8 cars x 135kW each. The continuous power requirements for scaled-up interstate supercharging stations are a non-issue. High power electric lines are alwasy next to the roads becasue that is where the people are. And another thing is that the current stations rely on smaller buffer tanks in order to provide that that 5 minute fueling. U13 - 6x6, wheelbase - 3760mm, sidewards-unloading dump-truck with winch, 1943, 100 built (U11 + U13), 25k image.
Late models have windshield mounted windshield wipers while earlier trucks have cab mounted wipers.
Studebaker US6 has two brothers with almost the same birthday - GMC CCKW-353 and International M-5-6. Frankly saying, I was surprised by results of my statistic investigations - only 5.6% of Studebakers and about 16% of lend-leased trucks - too little!
Alain Dupouy (Grenoble, France), editor of very interesting series of books on USSR vehicle history. Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", "After the Battle" publication, 1989. My special gratitude to the "Turning Wheels", Studebaker Driver's Club magazine, and to Linda and Fred K.
Rowman & littlefield, We are proud to announce that the 2016 american library association equality award, sponsored by rowman & littlefield, has been awarded to nicole a. Chase bank - credit card, mortgage, auto, banking services, Chase bank provides credit cards, mortgages, commercial banking, auto loans, investing & retirement planning, checking and business banking.. Towering tyler glasnow ready to fill a tall order for pirates, In calling up top pitching prospect tyler glasnow for his big league debut on thursday, the pirates are banking on the towering rookie's readiness as they try to get. - chase (jpmchase) cases+more, Chase, wells fargo, us bancorp still out of compliance they still fail to meet 2011 servicing guidelines in june 2015.
They will become available to purchase by August 2011, and Honda targets 1000 annual sales for the new model.
A standard battery charger adds 20,000 yen (about $240) to the base price, while a quick-charger will cost 120,000 yen (about $1,425). According to the manufacturer, its performances can be compared to that of a conventional internal combustion 50cc scooter. The Corolla gained instant fame, and has since sold over 40 million models in more than 150 countries and regions. While other automakers offered basic safety features as optional, the Corolla was among the first to include safety features, such as rear back-up lights as a standard feature. Toyota has a long history of putting safety, quality, and customer needs at the forefront of their manufacturing, which remains alive today. Toyota needed a name that would be well suited for a global audience with a special ring to it. His innovative thinking, determination, and management made the Toyota Corolla the car that is widely known across the world today.
Hasegawa’s message to the public after the Toyota Corolla went to market he said, "In order to get a vehicle widely used as a family car, it has to satisfy customers in terms of its performance, comfort and feel.” Mr.
During that time most car manufacturers in Japan built cars with column shift transmissions. Toyota continually looked at ways to improve technological capabilities, quality and productivity in the Corolla such as engine performance, driving safety and comfort. If you’re looking for a used car that will last for years and years to come, the Toyota Corolla is your best choice. 60 kWh of energy so you could survive (with a working fridge) a few more days than others when the zombie apocalypse strikes. Nissan, for example, could add more battery capacity into the LEAF and still stay within the same weight and price tag of Mirai.
17, 2014) – For the second time in a generation, Toyota has re-imagined the future of mobility. The groundbreaking fuel cell electric vehicle is powered by hydrogen, re-fuels in about five minutes, and travels up to 300 miles on a full tank.
Powered by an industry-leading fuel cell electric drivetrain and supported by an exceptional 360-degree ownership experience, Mirai marks a turning point for consumer expectations for a zero-emission vehicle. But instead of the large drive battery, Mirai’s fuel cell stack combines hydrogen gas from tanks with oxygen to produce electricity that powers the electric motor. The system provides Mirai with a maximum output of 153hp, accelerating from 0-60 in 9.0 seconds and delivering a passing time of 3 seconds from 25-40 mph.
In fact, the vehicle will be offered with an optional power take off (PTO) device that enables Mirai to serve as a mobile generator in case of emergency. In the last two years alone, fuel cell test vehicles have logged thousands of miles on North American roads.
By the end of 2015, 3 of California’s 9 active hydrogen stations and 17 newly-constructed stations are scheduled to be opened to the general public, with 28 additional stations set to come online by the end of 2016, bringing the near-term total to 48 stations. Since the i3 is the only BEV close to the same price, that will charge about 50 miles of range in 30 minutes.

I’m sure if one look carefully, the politician(s) who got some personal kickbacks will be found. It looks to be cycling the battery a lot the same as the Prius so no issue with the NiMH choice.
Not at a gas station near their final destination, but actually at their final destination. If a convenient tap into a high power transmission line isn’t available they can always use a fuel cell in the worst case scenario. Right now the stations today can only service about 25 cars a day as the bottle neck is not the fueling, but rather than hydrogen generation and storage capacity.
It can’t provide that continuously (on demand compressors take more like 30 minutes to fuel). Using fictional pop culture icons, fear, and pointing fun at the Nazi party, these examples of American propaganda are an example of the kind of war the Americans were fighting, one that was targeting the opinion of the homefront. When Military Department of USA decided to standardize their automobile park, they took a decision: GMC supplies Army, International is for Navy and there was no client for Studebaker in USA, so they have been appointed for Red Army and other allied forces.
The first way was by heroic polar convoys through North seas to Murmansk and Arhangelsk ports, from where goods were transported by railway. Of course, Studebaker demanded more service attention and good fuel, but, in comparison with our GAZ-AA and ZIS-5, it was truck of even not 2nd, but may be 3rd generation. My statistics takes into account only vehicles with civilian registration (more than 90 - 95% of automobiles), but Studebakers normally had military registration. Automobiles - like many soldiers and officers - weren't demobilized immediately after the war end.
I don't take into account battle losses because percentage of domestic models losses (especially huge on the 1st phase of war) is undoubtly higher. Some of foreign goods was payd off with the Soviet gold reserv, but very many had to be returned back after the war.
Ballard (Fairfield, Idaho, USA) and Richard Quinn (Mokena, Illinois, USA) kindly permitted their materials to be used here. After 11 generations, the Toyota Corolla, to this day, holds the title as the best-selling sedan worldwide. Hasegawa also made certain to include features in the Toyota Corolla that were clearly superior to those of other vehicles right from the start, to quickly capture the customers' interest. Toyota’s vision for global expansion is why they took lead from European car manufacturers in deciding to equip the Toyota Corolla with a four-speed floor-shift transmission making it more useful for highway driving. Toyota is often referenced with the Japanese term ‘kaizen’ which directly translates to, improvement.
Several of the features in the first-generation model were included so that it would be marketable overseas. 11 generations later, the Toyota Corolla has withheld a standard and reliability that no other car is known for, and offers practicality without compromising quality.
With the PTO accessory, Mirai is capable of powering home essentials in an average house for up to a week in an emergency – while emitting only water in the process.
This includes hot testing in Death Valley, cold testing in Yellowknife, Canada, steep grade hill climbs in San Francisco and high altitude trips in Colorado. They can just run a few Bloom Energy solid oxide fuel cells boxes to convert NG into electricity at 50% efficiency for a total WTW efficiency that’s about the same as using NG to make hydrogen for an in-car fuel cell. Of course it was only common rule, and exclusions were wide spread, but this explains why Studebaker became main lend-lease truck for us here in USSR. Some automobiles were shipped disassembled in containers, and Moscow ZIS specialized in Studebakers assembling in parallel with domestic models truck production. For Soviet people Studebaker became legendary truck of WWII, even more honourable than Willys. Many remained in Germany up to the end of 1940's and later (in Soviet Army group in Germany).
It is because of Toyota’s continuous improvement process and “change for the best” attitude that led to the popularization of ‘kaizen philosophy’. The Corolla’s compact engine with a five-bearing crankshaft, was cutting edge at the time, even amongst compact vehicles on the European market. The Toyota-designed carbon fiber hydrogen tanks have also undergone extreme testing to ensure their strength and durability in a crash.
This has also certainly played a part in Toyota becoming the competitive global leader they are today, and of course the success of the Corolla had to help as well. The engine was also modified to 1100cc to accommodate for long highway driving that was and still is common in the United States. I didn't find the data where Studebaker US6 were assebled, known factories were in Horremshehr, Bushir, Rafadije, Andimeshk and Shuaibe (Iraq). Americans, accompanied by Soviet officials, gathered every lend-lease automobiles they were able to find (many of these vehicles had been sent and participated the war against Japan in August 1945). American ship, laden with trucks went off-shore, crushed the load and dumped it onto the Pacific bottom. Iranians assembled the trucks, loaded them with goods and drove them through Iran and Caucasus to Vladikavkaz (in 1944 renamed to Dzaudjikau), where the base of imported mashinery was placed. One can imagine, they found not everything, it's easy to understand that many Soviet directors tried to hide good lend-lease vehicles and often succeed in this.
Yes, we are grateful to americans for their cars and other goods, american tinned meat saved thousands from hunger and got the joke name "2nd front" (because every summer our people expected 2nd front in Europe, but it was opened only in 1944, cunning Churchill awaited when russians and germans will be exhausted; don't be angry with me, I didn't forget war in Africa and on the Pacific, but even many americans and UK people supposed then that 2nd front in Europe was more important). By the way, tin of meat was the most interesting exhibit for me in the Washington Smitsonian Museum of American History.

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