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One of the most popular national symbols of Jamaica, The Jamaica National Flag was first raised on Independence Day, August 6, 1962. It is flown on many triumphant occasions, showing the pride that Jamaicans have in their country and in the flag itself.
The Jamaican national motto is a€?Out of Many One Peoplea€™, based on the populationa€™s multi-racial roots.
The motto is represented on the Coat of Arms, showing a male and female member of the Taino tribe standing on either side of a shield which bears a red cross with five golden pineapples. The crest shows a Jamaican crocodile mounted on the Royal Helmet of the British Monarchy and mantling. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica as well as a component of the national dish a€“ ackee and codfish. The doctor bird or swallow tail humming bird, is one of the most outstanding of the 320 species of hummingbirds.
In addition to these beautiful feathers, the mature male has tow long tails which stream behind him when he flies. In Jamaica it grows best in the dry woodland along the north and south coasts of the island. In wetter districts it will grow in a wide range of elevations, up to 1200m (4000 ft.) and is often used in reforestation.

The tree is quite attractive with its straight trunk, broad green leaves and hibiscus-like flowers. By the way, The Jamaican national anthem is equally inspiring and motivating, make sure you check it out when you get a chance.
You are also welcome to join my special friends list and receive exclusive updates (like this), tips, trivia and stories from lovers of Jamaica! I'll Gift You A FREE COPY of my eBook, 101 Intriguing Facts About Jamaica - just for subscribing! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. National PledgeBefore God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty ofmy heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strengthand vigor of my body in the service of my fellow citizens;I promise to stand up for Justice, Brotherhood and Peace, towork diligently and creatively, to think generously andhonestly, so that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty,fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing thewelfare of the whole human race. The plant is extremely ornamental, producing an attractive blue flower and orange-yellow fruit, while its crown has an attractive rounded shape.
The wood was once used as propeller shaft bearings in nearly all the ships sailing the ‘Seven Seas’.
If the use is made in the context of a site generating income, or for the purpose of generating income, a DMCA statement (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) will be filed. They also define us as a people a€“ A people who are proud of where we are coming from and who are excited about our future.

The Flag brings to mind memories of past achievements and gives inspiration towards further success. These birdsa€™ beautiful feathers have no counterpart in the entire bird population and they produce iridescent colours characteristic only of that family. Its name, when translated from Latin, means "wood of life" a€“ probably adopted because of its medicinal qualities. It is indigenous to the island and grows quite rapidly, often attaining 20m (66ft) or more in height. Its name, when translated from Latin, means “wood of life” – probably adopted because of its medicinal qualities. Because of its toughness it is used for items such as mortars, mallets, pulleys and batons carried by policemen.
It was exported to Europe from the early sixteenth century as a remedy (combined with mercury) for syphillis and has also been used as a remedy for gout.

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