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Also I returned and full settlement for HDFC credit card, but now try to apply for personal loan in HDFC bank they rejected for my loan. Your Credit Information Bureau (Cibil) credit information report(CIR), other than your income, is the single most important tool used by a lender to evaluate your application for any loan or credit card application. Sir, I Amit Mishra Had taken Personal Loan From ICICI Bank Of Rs 69000 And I had Paid Rs 41000 And Due To Some Reasons I had Left My Job And Now They Are Harrasing Me.
This is Srinivas Reddy S, I have taken personnel loan from ICICI bank and settled everything but there are 3 to 4 checks got bounced and settled on next months with immediate attention and also have the closure letter for the same.
Also I have lost the One of the ICICI credit card and went for the settlement on card after couple of years because I do not know that someone misused my card still i have applied for personnel loan in ICICI and ICICI back rejected my personnel laon request stating the cibil score.
There are a lot of benefits to choosing a used car, but figuring out car finance for these vehicles can be hard if you are new to the process.
While most of the advertising for car loans relates to new vehicles, most banks and other providers also offer used car finance options. From SBI and HDFC car loans to Tata Capital, Magma Fincorp and Fullerton Credit, there are almost as many loan options for used cars as there are new ones. That means there is a greater risk for car loan providers when they lend you the money, which is reflected in loan requirements, terms and conditions.

An SBI car loan for used vehicles, for examples, can only be up to 2.5 times your net annual income, while one for a new car can be 4 times as much as you earn. The same kind of difference can be seen with HDFC car loans, ICIC car loans and many others. Your credit history could also play an important role when you are looking at used car loans.
But just like any loan, there will be differences between the features, terms and conditions of every provider. Some banks favour existing customers when it comes to car finance, so the last point in particular could make a big difference to your search for the best car loan. An HDFC car loan for used vehicles, for example, offers special benefits to existing customers that could help you save money on other essentials like insurance. But whether you want a loan with your current bank or are considering a wide range of options, by taking into account all these factors you will be able to make a more informed decision. As a result, you should end up with a loan that suits you and an affordable car to get you from A to B. HDFC is one of the biggest banks in India and it has a range of car loan options that reflect both its size and status.

While getting a car may be the goal, there are many different types of car finance you can choose to reach it. Please consider my request and find my current load track and remove my name in CIBIL databse. Naturally, it's important that you understand your Cibil CIR and what it takes to maintain a credit history, so that it is viewed favorably by lenders. While new cars come with up-to-date features, manufacturer’s warranties and top of the line security that makes these vehicles easier to insure, used cars have already been on the road. If you have a history of paying bills on time and maintaining good credit then you will reduce the risks that the lender faces, which could help you negotiate better terms for used car finance.

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