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Many people want to change their automobile every year, but very few of us can afford to do so.
After 10 years of using a car there came a dilemma: to buy a new car or to continue driving your used car. There is no doubt, that in our mind we desire to buy a sport car like new Porsche or Ferrari, but these cars are not long term investment because of their need of permanent infusion of money. The major factor in determining whether it is time for a purchasing new vehicle or not is your financial situation. If you are able to save up enough money for a good used car or a down payment on a new car or lease, you might be able to start thinking about a new vehicle. There are certainly no hard and fast rules about how much you should spend, but at least $2,500 is a good starting point.
If you are unable to save up that much money?and it is by no means a small amount or easy to save?then you might be better off staying with the vehicle you have. Depending on the condition of your existing vehicle, you might be able to sell it privately, or trade it in to help make a down payment on a new vehicle. The next thing to consider when contemplating a new or different car purchase is what you will be doing with the vehicle and how it will be utilized by you and your family.
What is Kelley Blue Book and How Can I Use It?Tips on Buying a Used Car: What Worth Checking?
Dodge Charger is iconic American car manufactured by Dodge Company on the Chrysler platform. DAILY POST: As DENNIS OLIECH goes broke, VICTOR WANYAMA buys Ksh 25 million car (See PHOTOs). But as the doctors say it is better to do everything to prevent the illness than to cure it. Cars for a Grand: Find a great deal in your local area and buy cheap used cars for sale, all for $1,000 and under. Cheap Used Cars at Oodle:  More than 30,000 listings of used cars for sale for under $2,000 that pulls listings from a variety of online sources.

EBay Motors: More than 70 cheap used cars available here that are up for auction or immediate sale including Acura, Audi, Ford, BMW, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, and others.
Get Set Auto: Browse hundreds of listings of cheap used cars including BMW, Porsche, Ford, Jeep Wrangler, Acura, Lexus, and more. On the one hand, maintaining of that vehicle will cost you as much as it does to buy a new one. Of course you may dream about air conditioning, twenty-inch wheels, panoramic roof, cool sound system and other appliances but it might not be practical to replace your wheels.
However, this should be a fairly substantial amount, either to ensure you are buying a quality used vehicle, or to get a better financing deal for your new or leased one. Of course, you will be able to get a better used car, or a more expensive new or leased car, if you can come up with $5,000. You might want a sports car, but will you be able to pick up the kids, carpool with your neighbor, or take the dogs camping with it? Also, you will need to ask yourself whether your existing vehicle is sufficient for your needs, and whether a newer one would be worth the cost and payments. If an older vehicle requires extensive service and repairs, you must assess whether you would be better off saving that money to put toward a new purchase. That is why there are a lot of things that you can do in advance  to make it easier in case the accident(knocking on the wood).
See which of the cheapest used cars made their list for combining quality with affordability.
But of course there are still people who prefer paying off a car in five or so years and being done with it.
On the other, some lucky drivers have automobiles that work fine, as long as it is running properly (with working brakes, suspension, and other systems)and do not demand large investments there is no need to replace it.
However, selling a vehicle involves some work on your end, and it could worth your while to use your vehicle to trade up for a newer or different one from a dealer. You might also find that your family, work, or other situation has changed your vehicle and driving needs, so this may be a good time to trade or add a vehicle.

The one, who may tell you everything you should know at buying or selling your car and its valuation. There are many factors that will influence the value : the mileage, the age and the general condition of your vehicle before the accident. View pictures, original warranty, information, issued recalls or safety and crash test reports. Whatever your decision, think about the long-term implications and whether you really will be better off with another vehicle. But after everything is settled down and hopefully no one is injured there comes another wave of problems.
Always keep your car in good condition it will not only make your driving easier and more comfortable, but it will make it easier for you to get the car value higher in case the accident happens(knocking on the wood again) Always keep the records and everything that is left after repairs. After all there are online services that are specializing on car valuation such as Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds (Edmund used car). But you might have  contradictions about the amount of money the insurance agency will have to pay to cover your car repairing.
The insurance appraiser right away will examine the damage and  find out  how much money it will cost to fix the vehicle. But the problem is that sometimes there is no chance to spend on repairing less money than you paid for your car  when you have bought it. Do not agree until you get the appraiser to a point where he will value your car  the most reasonable for  both of you.
I do not mean you have to fight your insurance appraiser, but I mean that you will have to prove that you vehicle is totaled. In most states the car is considered totaled when the repairing will cost from 70-90% of the Actual Car Value (ACV).

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