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The car lease ads normally seen on TV, in newspapers, and on car company web sites are limited-time promotional deals, and are generally good deals. However, it’s necessary to read the fine print in the ads to determine the conditions under which the offer is being made. Actual net capitalized cost $20,006, including acquisition fee $595 – The price of the vehicle has been discounted by $4134 (excellent !).
Total of monthly payments $7164 – This is simply the sum of 36 payments of $199 each. Option to purchase at lease-end $13,891 – All car leases provide an option to purchase the vehicle at lease-end for a specified, guaranteed amount.
Given all the details typically provided in car lease ads and TV commercials, we can actually evaluate the deals to determine if they are worth considering. Our Best Car Deals web site contains a list of current lease deals on many makes and models.
A question that you should ask yourself is whether or not these special advertised deals are actually good deals. Another question you should ask yourself as a potential lease customer is whether or not you can negotiate a deal that is far better than these advertised specials. I would do the lease using autopay (reduces the mf by .0001) and I would include maintenance in the lease because it is residualized just as any other feature so you only pay 60% or so of the MSRP. I am really excited to talk about this today because so many people are confused on how leasing a car works.
If you’re thinking about leasing a car, you really need to understand what you are getting yourself into. When buying a car the vast majority of people consider negotiating the price to be part of the process. To understanding financing, you need to understand how a monthly payment in a lease is calculated. If the money factor is the same as the interest rate, why don’t they just call it an interest rate? As if the dealer doesn’t fleece you enough when you lease a car, there can be all kinds of penalties tacked on at the end of your lease. When you signed your lease agreement, (if you were paying attention) you probably noticed that there was something mentioning a mileage limit. Since your lease payment was based on the car having a certain value at the end of the lease, the lease terms put a limit on the number of miles you can drive during the lease. To account for decreased value for a high mileage car, the dealer will charge you a fee for each mile you drive over the limit. Just like a car with high mileage is worth less – a car with excess wear and tear is worth less. While I don’t think it ever makes financial sense I will at least point out the reasons to lease a car that most people have. You will pay less tax as you are only taxed on the depreciation of the vehicle, not the entire purchase price of the car. If you are really determined to lease a car you should make the biggest down payment up front as you are able to. If so, get weekly personal finance and wealth building tips (that you can't find on the blog!) and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 25 Essential Lessons on Money!

There are some times where I think leaseing is alright – capital intensive business with large amounts of depreciation expense for example. Enter your name and e-mail below to get my wealth building secrets that I can't share in public! Read previous post:How To Pay Off Your 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage in 5 to 7 YearsPaying off your mortgage in 5 years seems like crazy talk.
We’ll focus on the ad for the Accord Sedan for $199 a month, for 36 months, with $2499 due at signing. Of the $2499 due at lease signing, $199 is for the first month’s payment (lease payments are always at beginning of month), which leaves $2300 as down payment (cap cost reduction). It does not include any tax and official fees that are required in the customer’s state or county. Contrast this to the sum of loan payments for the same $23,545 (plus interest) car — approximately $21,000.
Again, this is a promotional deal being offered by Honda to help sell (lease) this particular model. The deals come from manufacturers who are placing special lease prices, high residuals, and low money factors on certain models. You’ll find them on television commercials, in newspapers, on the radio, and all over the internet.
If you consider the fact that these special deals are actually meant to help dealers move out old inventory to open up space to buy more cars from the manufacturer, it would be fair to assume that these deals are generally good deals.
In a lease, your car lease payments are based on the difference between the capitalized cost and the expected residual value. Well, in my opinion, the money factor is used to trick people into paying a higher interest rate. That means the dealer has the right to charge you wear and tear fees to cover the additional depreciation.
Though, unless you have some alternate form of transportation you will likely purchase or lease a new vehicle when you turn your old one in. At this point it is best to cut your losses and try to actually purchase a car you can afford.
This fee is normal for all car leases and $595 is Honda’s standard fee for all leases. Remember, your actual payment and total of payments will be higher due to sales tax (in most states). They have discounted the price heavily, created a high residual value, and reduced the normal finance rate (money factor) — all of which makes for a nice low monthly payment.
The deals are genuinely good deals but you should make sure you can live with the car model, the term (usually 36 months), annual mileage limit (usually 10K-12K miles per year), and the down payment, if any.
If it’s an advertised special, any dealership that sells the car will generally offer it to you at that special price. However, the best car lease deal is one where the selling price used to calculate the monthly payment has been significantly reduced.
The more complex answer to this question is that negotiating a deal that gives you a lower monthly payment or down payment than what is advertised can be difficult. However, you will always have a car payment and will never be able to consider your automobile as an asset.

Honda vehicles typically have high residual values, even without manufacturer incentive deals. If you were looking for a Honda Accord LX sedan, this would be an incredible deal on that vehicle. According to dealers, these special deals are set up by car manufacturers to help the dealers sell a large volume of cars quickly. The selling price should be significantly below the MSRP and as close to or even less than the invoice price. What makes it difficult is that if you attempt to negotiate a deal that puts less money into the dealer’s pocket, they often will ask you why they should offer you this outstanding deal when they can sell it to a different customer at the advertised special price.
However, the dealer will usually find some way to charge you a few hundred to $1,000 or more in fees before you drive off the lot. Some months are better than other months — more deals on more models and styles, better deals.
What it really comes down to is the volume of the dealership’s sales and how confident they are in their ability to sell a certain number of cars by a specific date. Look for this term in the fine print of lease ads and compare this value to the MSRP and also the invoice price of the car.
Still, banks and other lenders know that they need to be competitive in this market to attract lessees, so be sure to shop around in order to find the best interest rates. Just like automakers offering 0% loans to help sell cars, they can also offer incredibly low money factors. Don’t get burned on mileageToo many leases specify that drivers must only travel 10k or 12k miles per year.
This is a problem for most people, as even a 12k mile per year lease is only 1,000 miles a month. If you drive 15 miles to work everyday (and 15 miles back home), your regular commute is going to account for about 650 miles in an average month.
Is sales taxes in your quoted payment?Sales tax is due on your lease payments, but only at the time they’re collected. When you return your vehicle, the leasing company is going to go over it with a fine-toothed comb to see if they can find damage that they can bill you for.
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Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.
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