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The University of King’s College, Canada’s oldest chartered university, is a tightly-knit and extraordinarily lively academic community located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are delighted that you have chosen FYP and are sure that you will find the year both intense and engaging!
Journalist Corbett Hancey (BJ ‘11) has received the Gordon Sinclair Foundation Roving Reporter Bursary for 2016. You’ll always know what’s happening if you stay connected with your libraries through our social media platforms.
The passing of photographer Dennis Stock earlier this year (at age 81) inspired me to dig out my copy of a now 50-year-old volume, published by Doubleday in 1960. In 1982, Ralph Pomeroy wrote that Stock “…managed to evoke jazz without the assistance of sound — its places, its atmospheres, its times, its makers.” This is true.
Even the posed portraits have a feeling of a process in progress, unfolding before the eye. I hope that both Stock and Milt Hinton would take it as a compliment when I say the immediacy and engagement of Stock’s photographs bring the directness of Hinton’s work to mind.
Stock’s greatest contribution may have been this: he brought creative documentation of the peripheral into the mainstream of jazz reportage.

Stock brought creative documentation of the peripheral into the mainstream of jazz reportage.
Whether it was Punch Miller walking home early on a New Orleans morning after playing all night, or Earl Hines in a moment of ecstasy during a club gig in San Francisco, or Red Callender posing comfortably at home, Stock’s images all look believable.
For a single volume of one photographer’s work depicting practitioners of jazz, this book has seldom been equaled, and not yet surpassed.
If memory serves, Stock’s book actually is the expansion of a magazine (Look, I think) assignment on jazz that had him following his subjects before ever shooting them. Work in a group to build a robot and program it to do some pretty amazing things using a LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kit.
It is known nationally and internationally for its interdisciplinary programmes in the humanities and journalism. Ronald Huebert has been given the Lifetime Achievement award by the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies (CSRS).
Looking through these black-and-white photographs is like seeing old friends again, though so many of those pictured — and now their chronicler, too — are gone.
It should also be noted that Stock, best known for his authoritative photographs of James Dean, had done all this work by the age of 30.

Stock’s performance images are kinetically composed and captured, which, in this line of work, is, year in and year out, the toughest challenge of all. His sense of composition was impeccable, yet understated to the point of looking more circumstantial than intentional.
Those of us who are musicians sometimes do not come accross the paths of photographers but this is certainly appreciated as he was a musician but with a camera. He was a member of the Magnum cooperative, the photographic equivalent of being in Duke Ellington’s band.
His work whispers louder — saying more, and more profoundly — than some whose loudly self-declared specialty was jazz.

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