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During a loan modification program or workout, your lender or service provider may request that you submit a hardship letter. Provide details about the hardship – make sure that the reasons are genuine and can be verified. This sample hardship letter describes a typical hardship case of unemployment and unexpected medical bills. We used the unemployment benefits and our savings to pay our mortgage for the first 3 months but quickly found ourselves unable to make our payments and have fallen further and further behind.
We believe that we are through the worst of these difficult times as I am now fully employed and we only have 2 payments left on our medical bills. LoanSafe Community - - A collection of information on loans, refinancing and foreclosure. Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice.
Mortgage loans You may need to branch out to find better opportunities than established banks can provide. Mortgage loans Be disciplined to be aware of your financial limits, and resist the temptation to accumulate or unnecessary expenses that extend beyond your budget breaking point. Mortgage loans This is incredibly active and there are continuous changes in policies and regulations. On Friday the House and Senate voted to approve a $120 billion bill to fund highway projects that will also keep students loan interest rates at 3.4 percent. Interest rates for Grad PLUS loans would drop under pending legislation, but only temporarily. Medical students and others pursing an advanced degree will see student loan interest rates fluctuate under the new plan. Congress is expected to enact legislation this week that will dictate student loan interest rates for years to come.

Subsidized Stafford loans, which are only available to undergraduate students, were the center of the rate debate.
The House passed a bill in May that called for market-based interest rates on federal student loans.
Graduate students can borrow a maximum of $20,500 in unsubsidized loans per year, but in many cases that doesn't even cover tuition and fees. Internships, rotations and general workloads can make it impossible for law students, medical students and others pursuing advanced degrees to work while they are in school.
The GRE® revised General Test is accepted at thousands of graduate and business school programs all over the world. This letter is a key document in the effort to avoid foreclosure and outlines the issues that are affecting your ability to pay your mortgage.
Keep reading below for a free sample hardship letter for loan modification, tips and links to other resources. Use it to help you write a letter of hardship for loan modification when working with your mortgage lender.
We would appreciate your help in working out a reduction of the amount we owe the bank so we can keep our home.
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Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website. The House is expected to consider the changes made by the Senate in the next few days and could send the final bill to the president's desk by the end of the week. John Kline, R-Minn., chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, said the Senate's plan "reflects the policies and priorities" of the House.

Each year's loan would be locked in at the rate it was issued, so graduate students could wind up managing multiple Stafford loans, each accruing interest at a different rate.
These students often pay for living expenses by taking out PLUS loans, which cover the difference between Stafford loans and their full financial need. This template and the sample hardship letter below are of course only meant to be used as general examples.
Both pieces of legislation tie the interest on some student loans to the 10-year Treasury note, the federal government's cost to borrow money. In the future, students taking out a PLUS loan could see annual interest rates as high as 10.5 percent.
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Standard Bank expects a continuation in the strong demand for affordable housing stock, which are homes that retail for less than R 500 000.
While Standard Bank is willing to extend 100% mortgages, it typically only does so for first time buyers who are purchasing properties priced at less than R1 million.Attaining a mortgage below the prime lending rate is not the norm these days and one has to factor an interest rate of prime plus fifty-to-one hundred basis points when looking to purchase. Planning ahead for these anticipations can help the purchase of your home become a smoother transaction.

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