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VA mortgage loans allow you to refinance your home to take advantage of lower interest rates that can ultimately save you sizable sums of money in both the long-run and the short-run by lowering your monthly payment. If you currently have a conventional loan, you can refinance into a VA loan if you are an eligible veteran or member of the armed services. The “Conventional to VA Refinance Loan” process is described in detail in our article Can I Qualify For A VA Refinance If I Currently Have A Conventional Loan? A common question related to VA refinancing is whether or not you can get a refinance on a VA loan if you are currently upside down on your mortgage. Just to be clear, being “upside down” on a mortgage is when you owe more on your mortgage than the current value of your home. In 2008 a law titled the “Veteran Benefits Improvement Act” was passed to assist veterans who were upside down on their mortgage.
The enhancements made to the VA home loan program are described in our article Can I Refinance My VA Loan If I Am Upside Down On My Mortgage?
Of course, you are also allowed to refinance your home if you currently have a VA mortgage.
Chris Brown Chris Brown is the premier expert on HARP loans and Government FHA and VA loans. As a local real estate appraiser, I have found Chris Brown at Trinity Mortgage to be professional, trustworthy and efficient in all my dealings with him over the years.
However make sure about that you can not get the similar returns in a fixed deposit as you may get in the stock markets.

Inquiries by revealed that certain banks have already reduced the interest on loans obtained at higher interest rates by customers to match the current rates.
However, several banks are yet to reduce these interest rates they wait to do so until and unless the customer requests for a reduction of interest.
Transferring from a conventional mortgage to a VA mortgage is known as a “Conventional to VA Refinance Loan” and is a very straightforward process.
This law created the opportunity for eligible veterans to get a VA refinance and improve their financial circumstances.
An Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) is considered a VA Streamline Refinance.
He has been a person of his word, always exhibiting the utmost integrity in our business relationships. You will get interest rate by bank on the basis of this loan amount and the term of deposit. Hence, the banks should reduce the interest rates of those who had obtained housing loans several years ago at interest rate as high as 18 per cent to match the prevailing lower interest rates. I would recommend Chris to individuals or families needing assistance with any type of mortgage services. You need to know the concept of effective return that is high in comparison to the rate of interest on the FD. Please avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment and avoid typing all capitalized comments.

Banks and financial institutes that are regulated by Reserve Bank of India are believed to be safe to invest money.
If you select to re-invest your interest yearly, then effective return is applicable and you will get compound interest.
Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by flagging them(mouse over a comment and click the flag icon on the right side). In addition to this, you need to check the secure bank that offers maximum interest rate in the time duration that suits you. There are many banks and institutes in India that offer fixed deposit service to investors. You can save tax by investing money in fixed deposits that offer high returns on invested money.
Investors need to know that which bank or institute offer maximum FD Interest Rate before investing money. Fixed deposit is very useful for retirees as they get regular income in the form of interest in fixed time duration.

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