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However make sure about that you can not get the similar returns in a fixed deposit as you may get in the stock markets.
You will get interest rate by bank on the basis of this loan amount and the term of deposit.
You need to know the concept of effective return that is high in comparison to the rate of interest on the FD. Banks and financial institutes that are regulated by Reserve Bank of India are believed to be safe to invest money.

If you select to re-invest your interest yearly, then effective return is applicable and you will get compound interest. In addition to this, you need to check the secure bank that offers maximum interest rate in the time duration that suits you.
There are many banks and institutes in India that offer fixed deposit service to investors. You can save tax by investing money in fixed deposits that offer high returns on invested money.

Investors need to know that which bank or institute offer maximum FD Interest Rate before investing money.
Fixed deposit is very useful for retirees as they get regular income in the form of interest in fixed time duration.

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