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Since the end of World War II, more than 14 million veterans have bought homes with the aid of VA loans guaranteed by the U.S.
The Veterans Administration does not lend money, it merely guarantees lenders that in the unlikely event of a borrower default, and the VA will cover the loss. Whether you are buying your first home or your vacation home or just investing in Real estate, you have good news. In such a daring drive, BofA has now been quoting a mere 3.75% interest on its benchmark 30 year fixed rate mortgage.
This is the choice of the comparatively more affluent and experienced borrowers who want to ease off the interest burden quickly with less interest paid. All these figures, sourced from the BofA website are subject to variation based upon market activity as Mortgage rates fluctuate everyday depending on the index to which they’re tied. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the latest video in our Quicken Loans Zing Blog Education Series, Eddie Berger, director of solution consulting at Quicken Loans, explains how you can use mortgage calculators to play out various scenarios and know what to expect when you’re ready to apply.
First, the calculator asks whether you want to pay off the home sooner or have a lower payment. What if you’re not looking to move to a new place, but instead looking to refinance your current home? After that, you’ll be asked to estimate how much your home is worth and what you still owe to determine the amount of the loan.
Amortization is just a fancy word for the schedule that determines how much of your payment goes toward paying off principal and how much goes toward interest.

What’s pretty cool though is that you can pay extra on your monthly mortgage payment and have that amount applied to your loan’s principal balance.
The purpose of the amortization calculator is to show you just how much interest and how many months of payments you can save by tacking some more money onto your payment. The calculator asks you to input your current loan amount, the length of your loan, your interest rate and the state you live in. The results show a sample monthly payment (excluding taxes and insurance) and the interest you would pay.
Over the past ten years, the cost to the taxpayers due to VA loan subsidies has been essentially zero. This assumability feature makes VA loans obtained during periods of low interest rates a popular selling feature of homes with VA loans when current market rates are above the existing rate on the VA loan. Today’s announcements declared such cut-throat competitive measures by BofA to usher in some long awaited movement in the American debt market. So it’s advised that you consult any of the 5,873BofAMortgage Retail offices, as you get even better deals based upon your area of property and down payment amount.
We have three different types of calculators on the Quicken Loans website: purchase, refinance and amortization. Next, you put in how much you want to spend on the house and the amount of your down payment.
You can see several different rate options and specify whether you want a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), etc. You can choose between lowering your payment, paying off your home sooner and getting a lower interest rate.

At the beginning of a loan, more of your payment goes toward paying interest than paying down your principal.
You can also see what the effect of a one-time, monthly or yearly additional payment would be on your number of monthly payments or interest.
If you’ve chosen to add an additional payment, it shows you how much interest and how many months of payments you could save by putting extra money toward paying down your principal. If you have any more questions about our mortgage calculators, feel free to leave them in the comments. The VA loan program is in part responsible for homeownership by veterans significantly exceeding that of the general population. Taxes and insurance aren’t included in the payment on any of the calculators, but if you know how much you would be paying in your area, you can add this information, and the payment will be recalculated for you. Depending on which option you select, you’ll either be asked what your current monthly payment is or your current interest rate. There’s also a graph that breaks down how much of your payment goes toward principal and how much goes toward interest. Over 80 percent of veterans own homes whereas roughly 68 percent of the general population owns their own home.
A remarkable feat since over 80 percent of its loans are to veterans whose limited financials prevent them from obtaining conventional loans.

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