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The actual rate of interest on a FD is influenced by a number of factors, such as the tenure of the deposit and type of the currency involved. To cater to the business and personal financial needs of an individual, Bank of Baroda offers mortgage loan to salaried, professional and self-employed businessmen. Bank of Baroda offers this loan to any income tax assesses for last 3 years with a minimum gross annual income of Rs.
Baroda Mortgage Loan has to be repaid within a maximum tenure of 7 years and it also offers facility to take over outstanding loan amount from other banks. One great thing about bonds is that they are listed on stock exchange so that you can buy and sell them in secondary market too incase you want to exit from it before the maturity.
So incase your goal is to generate yearly income at decent rates , It would be a nice investment. You can see that in case of PPF you are having more money with you even though the interest you get on it is just 8% because of compounding of money which is happening there .. Incase you are going to buy these bonds, you need some real life tips.  One of the readers Mr.
The bonds are most suited to those investors who want to earn better interest on their investments as compared to Bank Fixed Deposits. These bonds will be listed on Stock Market then how interest on it will becorme taxable as FD? Also , I didnt miss the point that the amount got yearly can not be invested , the first point is that if you get it each year , its taxed first and only then you can invest it in something . You should not invest in debt funds for long term , unless you are extremelly risk averse . I understood the concept.But since it doesnt support 8th wonder of this world and since its a long term product(i wont go for it).
People suggesting to go for it and invest the interest some where else as it doesnt suggest compounding. But one thing i fail to understand is its obvious when economy comes on track interest rates will start falling from 10,11 12% back to 7,8%.Than how come rate of bonds will increase.Does this means the premium will widen? If its said that in grey market there is some premium , it might happen that the bonds will list with premum , its your personal call if you want to take the risk or not . But still the question i failed to understand is how come rate of bond increases if fd rates go down.ALso this rate going up is on trading market? If interest rates go up , then these bonds will become unattractive for investors but for SBI it would be a good idea to continue these . Finally found a good piece of information on dna newspaper mumbai explaining how bond rates and interest rates associated with one another. You want the liquidity of a Savings bank account but at the same time find its interest rate (4%) too low. At SBI, you can either directly open a Savings Plus Account, or simply convert your existing Savings account into a ‘Plus’ (for free). Yes, you will have an ATM cum Debit card, a cheque book, a Passbook, Internet Banking account (if you request). Yes, if the available balance is less than what you need, the remaining will be taken out from the fixed deposit (last deposit first out and so on) until your required amount is met. Obviously, to those who maintain large amount of balances in their savings accounts and do not use them for longer periods of time. In savingplus account kindly describe the meaning of resultant amount as i am not able to understand the term. I want to know that I opened my saving plus account nd having 35000 thousands above balance but auto sweep is not working why? Hi, I just wanted to know that the interest amount which comes from the SBI Savings Plus Account is it taxable just like FD.

Hi, as you mentioned that Savings Plus Account interest rate is taxable, so please let me know the tax is deducted by the bank like FD or we need to declare the tax through ourselves just like Savings Account. You cannot change the account itself, but you can transfer some money from savings to fixed deposit if you have a savings plus account with auto sweep feature. A fixed deposit is actually an investment scheme provided by Indian banks, in which the investors deposit their money for a specific period of time at a fixed interest rate. Almost all banks offer Fixed Deposit Scheme, and all of them have the freedom to decide their own interest rates. For 15 yrs bonds, the call option can be exercised in 10th yr and for 10 yrs bonds, the call option can be exercised in 5th yr. You will have to physically go to SBI Bank and get the form from there and fill it up  (See the list of all the designated branches of SBI in PDF and EXCEL format , thanks to Babu for providing the list) . SBI retail bonds will also list on stock exchange after 1 month of the issue, after which you can buy or sell them on stock exchange.
However if your goal is capital appreciation and you are looking at growth of your investments, these bonds would not be the best option .
What you don’t know is how interest rates will move in long-term and if interest rates offered by these bonds will look attractive in future? Sundar shares some good and worthy points based on his experience of applying in these SBI bonds in 2o10. Also tell me the procedure of converting the normal saving account into savingplus account by internet banking.
Generally, considering you are in some taxable income group and your PAN is registered with your Saving Plus account, TDS will be deducted at the end of sweep cycle.
If you just have a normal savings account, you can ask your branch to convert it to a savings plus account and define a limit (anything over it will be sent to fixed deposit) or you manually take out some money from your savings account and open a fixed deposit account. In addition to providing a higher interest rate than a regular savings account, an FD account can help you in several ways. Hence, while making an investment, the first question that strikes our mind is: which bank provides the best interest rate? These bonds are offering attractive interest rates to investors which are better than even fixed deposits, however it does not suit every kind of investors . Note that these interest rates are applicable only if you are investing less than Rs 5 lacs (retail category). So as per this call option, SBI has right to buyback these bonds from you and terminate the contract with you much earlier than the actual maturity. However these bonds will be issued in demat form only and therefore you will need to have demat account for buying these Savings Bonds from State bank of India. Last time when SBI came with similar issue, the buyers benefited a lot because the bonds listed at 5% premium on the first day itself, so there was an instant 5% gains for those who bought these bonds. Also these bonds do not give you any tax benefits on investments amount and are not covered under sec 80C . But if you are looking for holding it upto maturity you will be shocked to know that the gains will be treated as interest and not as capital gains.
One can easily invest interest earned every yr in other savings intruments available to earn more income. Some of you may take the middle way and transfer your account to a bank that offers a 6% (or 7%) interest on a savings bank account.
This is nothing new; in fact, this scheme was introduced in late 2000 but as I see it, not many are aware of it.
The term of this fixed deposit can be chosen by you and can be any where between 1 to 5 years.
For instance, it provides great tax saving options and you can also ask for a loan by using your deposit as collateral.

And the best part of Internet Banking is that you can generate, view or print the account statement if needed. Only if you are looking at income generation, these bonds will be good for you, but if your aim is capital apprecitation, you will benefit by investing in PPF instead of these bonds.
Note that each year this interest amount of Rs 9,750 will be added to his income and he will pay the tax on it accordingly as per his tax slab.
So effective return for these bonds will be much lesser for investors in 20% and 30% bracket post-tax.
So it will be better to sell this bond in the market in which case it will be treated as capital gains on Debt Funds. By default, this is selected as 1 year and if not changed by the customer, this will be auto-renewed for any another one year at the end of first year.
My question is whether I need to open a FD and transfer my 1 lakh or as i have auto sweep facility, I don’t need it at all. However, you cannot withdraw your money prior to maturity or otherwise you may be slapped with a premature withdrawal penalty. These tables will help you to get an answer of the previously asked question, as they have compared the FD rates that are being offered by four popular Indian banks: Union Bank, SBI, HDFC and ICICI. You can get Account Statements through SBI Internet Banking for a specific month or date span. The interest offered by these bonds are payable yearly, which makes them a great alternative to Bank Fixed Deposits .
Is the interest earned annually taxed on accrual basis or the whole interest is taxed in the year of maturity, or is there capital gain tax involved? In auto sweep, any amount over the limit (that you set) in your savings bank account will be automatically transferred to a fixed deposit, earning you higher interest.
2nd question is rate of interest of normal fd and auto sweep fd, both are same in case of sbi?
3 crores in urban areas subject to the property cost and repayment capacity of the borrower.
If you use Internet Banking of State Bank of India (SBI), then simply follow the steps to get your account Statement. One more thing which can happen is that SBI can force him to sell off the bonds back to them if SBI exercises their “call options” , which we have talked about below !
15 year bonds are trading with a premium of 4% (N2)and 10 year (N1)at 2.5% as on yesterday. This rate can be (generally) any where between 7 to 9.5%, depending on the term of the fixed deposit. Choose dates if you want to see statement between two dates and month to see the statement of a particular month.Now click on the appropriate option that you wish to do.
Click the download option if you wish to download the statement as PDF or Excel file format.The number of records per page option states the number of transactions you can see per page, like 25, 50, 100 or 149 records for the selected date range. The top part of the statement shows the account number, account type, branch name, MICR code, and IFSC code of the branch, your name, CIF number and address, interest rate, drawing power, MOD balance, and balance.The bottom part of the statement displays the details of all transactions that has been operated on the account in the selected date range. If you want to find transactions of previous dates you can use this quite.Like this Article?

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