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A Flat Interest Rate plan computes interest payments based on the initial original principal. An Effective Interest Rate plan computes interest payments based on the remaining outstanding principal at the end of each term and works on computing interest on a reducing balance basis. From the above illustration example, we can see that Flat Interest Rate is about 1.92 times more than an Effective Interest Rate term.
The worksheet will then automatically display how much the monthly payment will be over time when the interest rate range is between 4% and 18%. First of all, determine how many years that you will likely have the loan and the total loan amount.
View the various term combinations or lengths of time for payback that surround the actual amount of time that you selected.

If you are looking for a car, you might consider also trying to figure out the total cost of owning a car. If you are looking for a house, consider expanding the template to cover the total cost of having a house by adding in the total insurance and maintenance costs to the loan amount field before it auto-generates your possible payment amounts.
The total interest that the borrower pays at the end of the 5 years tenure is $15,000 ($100,000 * 3% * 5 years).
Depending on the loan tenure, as a general rule of thumb, Flat Interest rate terms are almost always about 2 times of Effective Interest Rates.
There are a lot of calculators online that can show you how much financing you can afford if you know the length of the loan and the loan amount. Each monthly payment amount will be listed in this fashion by column with different amounts of payment depending upon the interest rate as you scroll down.

You can enter the same two numbers that you normally would, but in the loan amount area, you could add the amount that you need for a car plus the total estimated cost of insurance for the period that you are looking at, plus the costs of gasoline and maintenance.
The interest computation is done based on the outstanding principal balance at the end of each repayment month. If you have any uncertainty about the amount of the interest rate or the interest rate is variable, you will have to enter different scenarios in manually over and over in order to be able to see a broader picture of the potential monthly payments you could be making over time. By using the Loan Analysis Worksheet, you can simply enter the number of years that the loan will last for and then the loan amount.

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