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Revving up: Huntington Bank has hired industry veteran Tom Wirth to head up auto finance product and strategy, at a time when the bank pushing for greater auto loan growth. Expect banks to pull back on energy lending in the near term, as regulators step up their scrutiny of oil loans and bankers approach the business with a "different attitude," says Mariner Kemper, chairman and chief executive at UMB Financial in Kansas City, Mo. In the years after the financial crisis, as banks were collapsing left and right, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Of all the changes in the banking industry over the last eight years, this one is perhaps most surprising: the bank that was once synonymous with high finance now takes deposits as small as $1.
U.S banks have come a long way from the early days of the stress tests, when it was unclear if any would pass. Digital upstarts that seemed on top of the world a few months ago have suffered a series of setbacks of late that raise questions about their long-term survival. After less that two years of modest but positive growth, real estate loans in the US banking system have recently gone into the red again.
Crain's Cleveland Business: - Columbus-based Huntington Bank enjoyed a record quarter in originations in indirect auto lending, the industry's term for when borrowers secure financing from a lender through a dealership.
Auto loan growth also has accelerated in 2013 at Firefighters Community Credit Union in Cleveland.
Given the relatively low default rates in auto loans, banks' credit departments have loosened lending requirements. But of course as the auto loan boom replaces the real estate boom of 7 years ago, signs of excessive lending and risk taking by banks are beginning to appear.
One of the problems with risk management departments at banks is that they often "fight the last war".

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Here is a look at key steps in Goldman Sachs' decision to look beyond its roots in investment banking and develop a retail business.
The majority of banks easily cleared the 5% minimum level for capital under the severely adverse scenario as well as the vaguer qualitative test the Federal Reserve Board imposes, suggesting institutions have finally gotten a handle on the process.
Here's a look at the developments that have brought some once-high-flying online lenders back to earth. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
The bank's originations totaled $1.2 billion in the third quarter of 2013, up 10% from the year-ago period and nearly 19% from the third quarter of 2011. Its auto loan balance in this year's third quarter was 13.6% higher than the year-ago quarter.
And as the average age of light vehicles in the US continues to rise (above 11 years), auto sales pick up (with US baby boomers now dominating sales - see story).
30, up $103 billion from the same period last year, according to Experian Automotive’s quarterly report. All other loan-length categories, in fact, have become less popular as buyers shift to longer terms to get lower payments.
As a new asset class becomes in vogue - sometimes because of historically low default rates, banks pile into it and profits flow.
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Today, loss-share portfolios are shrinking, decreasing by 80% from early 2011, to $18.8 billion at March 31, as many banks negotiate early terminations of their FDIC agreements. Still, it's useful to see which banks improved from last year, as well as the few which fell toward the back of the back.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Note that non-bank (shadow) lenders including ABS buyers (see post) are also a major part of this market (just check Carfinco's shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange for example). With competition heating up, lending standards suffer, and risks of another systemic credit problem rise. Bank, helping push growth of the company's auto finance assets under management to $25 billion.
He has also served as a regional manager at Bank One Credit Company and as vice chairman of the Consumer Bankers Association's auto finance committee.

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