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SUBSCRIBE TO OUR RSS FEED, NEWSLETTER AND TWITTER TO RECEIVE OUR LATEST UPDATES OR SUBMIT YOUR OWN NEWS VIA EMAIL. Disclaimer regarding mortgage interest rates - Daily published interest rates for mortgages are derived from rates that are found on the websites of banks and institutions who sell mortgage related products. You can enjoy as much as 8 percent cashback on retail spending with the HSBC Amanah Mpower Visa Platinum Card. With the HSBC Premier World MasterCard, you can take advantage of a 1x Reward Point system on retail purchases and a 10x Reward Point system on purchases at dining establishment, hotels, and retail stores. The very best HSBC Visa Signature Credit Card allows you to enjoy the travel perk of 3-hour access to the Plaza Premium Lounge located at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. You won’t have to pay annual annual fees as a cardholder of the Amanah Premier World MasterCard.
This website is in no way affiliated with nor authorized by National Insurance Association of Malaysia. Both offers apply on new loans and amounts up to €1,000,000 although requests for amounts above €1,000,000 will be considered on a case by case basis.

No early repayment fees will be incurred for early or additional repayment and further discounts on processing fees are available for HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers,” the bank said.
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Those institutions qualify the provision of those interest rates with certain requirements that are noted on the website of the respective provider.
HSBC offers credit card options such as the Visa Platinum, the Amanah Mpower Visa Platinum, the Premier World MasterCard, the Visa Signature Card, and the Amanah Premier World MasterCard. The HSBC Visa Platinum comes with quite a few different rewards benefits, including dining, entertainment, shopping, grocery, and petrol rewards. Like the HSBC Visa Platinum, the HSBC Amanah Mpower Visa has an interest rate of 15 percent, and there is an annual fee of RM240 with the card that can be waived in certain circumstances. Also, as a cardholder of the HSBC Visa Signature Card, you can take advantage of a 0 percent interest installment plan on your payments regarding purchases from participating merchants.
Also, the card features rewards on purchases that allow for 1 percent cashback on spending on groceries, entertainment, petrol, and more.

However, information could contain errors or inaccuracies and is presented without warranty and statutory means.
Those who opt for this card can choose a protection plan that offers coverage of as much as RM1,500,000 on travel accidents and as much as RM15,000 for each items for purchase protection coverage. In addition to rewards programs for petrol purchases, dining purchases, grocery purchases, and more, the card also features discounts at some 6,500 retail establishments countrywide. The Amanah Mpower Visa has a 0 percent interest installment plan for payments and protection plans for both travel accidents and purchase protection. Viewers are advised to consult their banker or financial consultant for complete information and their professional advise.

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