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As we step in 2015, Remunerator has helped people purchase their ideal car through a Novated Lease, whether it be for the whole family, or a small comfortable car to get from A to B. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. I'm frequently struck by how much cheaper it appears to be if you lease a car through a business rather than going down the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) route.
The real reason for cheaper business costs is the way the residual value of the car is set.
Payment Breakdown: Mercedes-Benz is offering a lease of a 2014 CLA250 Coupe with Premium 1 package available to customers who qualify.
Mileage: With this 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 lease you are granted a total of 30,000 miles over the life of the lease.
The German company continues its quest to offer a car to every sort of luxury car buyer out there and the new CLA is Mercedes offering to the compact sedan segment. Of course, the CLA 45 AMG also has a strong visual impact, including through a series of aerodynamic skirts, but also because the massive brake discs and rear diffuser testify the performance of the car.
Unlike the CLA 250, which is entitled to a small gear lever mounted on the steering column, the powerful version AMG inherits a floor shifter with manual paddle shift steering wheel. The front seat occupants will not complain of a lack of space but the story is different for those who must drive in the back seat. Also add that in terms of equipment, CLA 250 basic disappointed by depriving us of the automatic air conditioning, reversing camera and even heated seats.
It is no surprise that the small CLA comes with a small 4-cylinder engine which is the same one found overseas in the B250. There is also a 4Matic AWD version for two-thousand more’ an option that is certainly very popular. More inspiring than the B-Class from which it derives, the CLA is going to have a very appealing presence here in the U.S. The golf car manufacturers have always relied on the sale or lease of golf car fleets, specifically to golf courses, to keep their assembly lines rolling and the bottom line attractive to investors. Club Car , Columbia ParCar , E-Z-GO & Yamaha already make product to meet the needs of each one of these discreet utility sub segments however this is a very different marketplace than traditional fleet sales.
It wasn’t long before customers wanted work beds and rear facing seats on the back of these golf carts and viola!
This presentation does not claim represent all the companies & vehicles that are available on the market today.
Due to the extensive variety of vehicles available and the myriad applications, we strongly suggest a thorough review of the models that each company manufacturers and how they might fulfill your need.
Many of the companies presented have special promotions for this Spring 2006 and financing is available.
The golf car companies use similar platforms for different vehicle configurations and market them through a spectrum of channels.
The companies market these and other vehicles they make through various internal channels as well as branding them with other companies’ logos. Club Car makes the Bob Cat side x side 4 wheel drive truck and they also brand their line of light & medium duty XRT trucks as Husqvarna. To more clearly delineate competing products we use the following terms to describe the overall weight that the vehicle is recommended to carry. Rear-facing: Means an extra seat is attached to the back of the car and those two passengers will ride backwards, facing the rear.
Key Start (or Constant Run): The engine must be started with a key and once started it runs constantly until the key is turned off. Turf Tires: Generally speaking a wide tire that disperses the weight of the vehicle over a broad patch of ground, thereby reducing soil compaction.
Cab-Over or Cab-Forward: This means the driver is seated just above the front wheel, more like a city bus or many 18 wheeler trucks, rather than toward the middle as is common in automobiles and golf carts. Remember, you can add a rear seat kit or utility bed to your existing golf car with no other modifications provided you do not exceed the recommended payload. We will start with the golf car company based utility products, which we present in alphabetical order. The Cushman Co started over 100 years ago in Lincoln , Nebraska , and they have produced a great variety of motorized vehicles including scooters, motorcycles & the ever popular Meter Maids . Toro was originally founded in 1914 to build engines for the Bull Tractor Company of Minneapolis , Minnesota . Suzuki makes only one utility truck and it is configured as a side x side, 4 wheel drive with a Suzuki-made 617cc gas engine. A thoroughly well-executed small coupe, the Volkswagen Scirocco is tailor made for buyers who find a three-door Golf a little dull. Demand for the Scirocco was strong from the off and residual values have remained buoyant with lightly used cars initially changing hands for more than the list price.
Keep a look out for cars that have been flogged by overenthusiastic owners and ensure that servicing has been attended to diligently.
With a zingy turbocharged petrol engine installed, the Scirocco is nothing short of infectious.
Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Here, we count down Remunerator’s most popular Novated Lease cars for 2014, plus how much these people have saved*. Use our calculator to find out how much you could save, or call 1300 654 834 to speak to us!
The reason this topic interests me is that as a small business owner I, like many people I imagine, could pay for running a new car using either method. On a PCP for a retail customer, the finance company must assume the car is going to be worth something at the end of the loan term. You will pay $329 a month for 36 months for total lease payments of $11,844 plus a $2,499 capitalized cost reduction, $795 acquisition fee and a $595 vehicle turn-in fee for a total of $15,733 (plus fees, taxes, dealer charges, etc.) for the lease term.
The Mercedes-Benz CLA starts at under $30k for the CLA250 in an effort to attract younger or first-time luxury car buyers to the Mercedes Brand. Undoubtedly inspired by his big brother, the CLS, the CLA250 features flowing lines, bold and rare elegance which enable the CLA to distinguish themselves from anything that rolls.
Some materials are obviously not as rich as on board an E-Class, but it is not annoying either. The wheel base platform provides a superior grip, while leather-covered seats and Alcantara seat belts are of a bright red. Not only legroom is limited and on board many subcompacts, but headroom makes it impossible to use for any adult of average roof. You will also need to pay extra to get the sunroof, open the garage door, satellite radio, and xenon headlights. Constituting the first front-wheel drive sedan, the 4-clinder engine is boosted via a turbocharger.
In the meantime, you can fall back on the very powerful CLA 45 AMG , which comes as standard. And it will certainly snub the new Audi A3 sedan which is also very attractive, but more conservative in its approach. Since 2000 new golf course development has been flat with few signs of staging a come back anytime soon. Certainly there will be opportunities to place small fleets of various utility vehicles that cut across use spectrums outlined above, but very few will represent the ‘easy’ roll-over sale of 40 or 60 or 80+ fleet golf carts to one account (or hundreds to some national accounts).

These small, mostly electric powered machines could easily navigate the narrow aisles inside an industrial facility and could transport heavy equipment or managers throughout an entire complex of buildings. The plethora of lifted, side-x-side, big wheel trucks usually have constant run (key start) gas or diesel (favored internationally) engines.
Their heavy duty vehicles are powered by gas or batteries, and generally have a cab-over front wheel design. Most all are based on a golf cart type platform with the needed modifications to the chassis, suspension and power plant to accommodate more people or heavier loads. The information presented is either taken directly from the respective company websites or published literature and any opinions are the personal views of the writer. Also, prospective buyers should carefully consider the intended applications taking into account the weight of the cargo to be carried, the terrain and brakes required, the climate and any overlapping tasks for which the vehicle is intended to provide solutions. Also talk with similar facilities to your own or with friends to see what their experiences have been. Although the golf car carries only 800lbs, the power plant & frame can be beefed up to accommodate more weight and the rear body can be a cargo bed instead. The E-Z-GO utility trucks are also branded as Cushman Commander, Jacobsen Hauler and as the Brouwer & Steiner models of utility trucks. Careful examination of the spec sheets reveals the different brands are not identical though. The tire usually has rounded shoulders to prevent cutting the turf in sharp turns and has a turf friendly tread that won’t dig. It means if you have a seat belt on and happen to roll the vehicle over, the top frame will not deform or crush. Driving this type of vehicle creates a very different sensation for the operator but it provides a lot more cargo area behind the driver. Below that are the side x side heavy & medium-duty utility and 4 wheel drive vehicles made by Taylor-Dunn , Kawasaki , Polaris , John Deere , Tiger Truck and others. Although they are both part of the Textron Golf, Turf and Specialty Products segment, each offers distinctly different products.
John Deere was born in Rutland , Vermont , in 1804, and by the age of 22 he was a journeymen blacksmith of reputation. Today they are best known for their turf maintenance Trucksters and the ubiquitous police transport vehicles traversing the streets of many large cities throughout the world.
Today they are a fixture in the golf course & turf maintenance industry and one of the few companies to offer a quiet battery powered, light duty utility vehicle. They also offer 7 utility vehicles that include 2 and 4 wheel drive versions and two 6 wheeled vehicles, one designed for Fire & Rescue. Kawasaki offers lots of models with 2 or 4 wheel drive, optional 2 or 4 forward-facing passenger seating, optional gas or diesel engines and optional Camo finish. They make only one utility truck, the RTV 900, which is powered by their own 3-cylinder, 4-cycle OHV diesel engine.
Micho Suzuki started the company in 1920 with the single focus of making better weaving looms. Based on the excellent Golf mk5 chassis with some of that car's best engines, the Scirocco looks and feels special while turning in a highly polished performance on the road.
There have been ups and downs through the years and different generations but little to leave a serious stain on its pedigree. The first car to carry the Scirocco name (derived from Sirocco, the Italian for wind, if you're interested) was launched in 1974 and based around mk1 Golf mechanicals. The car is poised, shapely, modern and suitably far removed from the Golf it shares its platform with. The underpinnings, as we've said, are purloined from the mk5 Golf but VW's engineering trickery has succeeding in making the little coupe feel more than the sum of its parts - and the Golf itself is no slouch in the driving enjoyment stakes. Personally, I confess to a weakness for the Edition 1 version of the CLA 250, which borrows particular bumper version AMG , but also abandoned metal accents and chrome to emphasize the glossy black. The standard wheels are inelegant, and some missing decorative elements come to some shade on a beautiful yet online.
As is the trend, buyers mood lighting, contrasting stitching and multifunction screen, tablet style is attractive without. The 2.0-liter now produces a healthy 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque all of which is available below 2000 RPM. And fortunately, because had it not been for the presence of the 4Matic system, the torque effect would have been catastrophic.
Mechanical sound is also very nice, though not as enjoyable as what emanates from the exhaust of the C63 AMG.
However, it will observe the overlap between the price of a CLA adequately equipped and that of C250, currently in retirement. Stephen Metzger , of International Competitive Assessments, projects very significant growth in this segment through the year 2008.
Stephen Metzger , of International Competitive Assessments , projects very significant growth in this segment through the year 2008. These emerging markets represent a far larger, but much more diverse & complex, customer base than just moving golfers around golf courses and it requires a totally different sales methodology. Gas powered vehicles were also manufactured but they were relegated to the outdoors or had to be powered by LP gas to make them safe inside closed buildings.
As more & more used carts came off the course and available to businesses and individuals, they discovered how versatile and durable the little cars could be.
Many other companies have jumped into this market originally started by Kawasaki with their ‘ Mule ‘ in 1988.
These have the advantage of climate controlled passenger cabs and resemble baby trucks & vans but they are not designed for road use. They serve a very significant market, generally sequestered behind factory walls and largely unseen by the general public. As stricter EPA emission standards come into play battery powered electric trucks & personnel carriers will come to dominate this segment. Talk with your local dealers or representatives of the companies of interest and negotiate a price, warranty and service contract. Golf Car Catalog is solely responsible for this presentation and the contents herein, except where noted. Similarly, Yamaha golf car division makes the Motor Sports ProHauler line of light duty gas & electric utility trucks. Turf tires have more rolling resistance and therefore create more drag for battery powered vehicles. This type of protection is NOT provided by any fleet-style golf cart top typical of the vast majority of carts out there. Now they have released the 48-volt IQ Plus drive system to enhance the range & performance of certain electric utility trucks and personnel carriers. Facing stiff competition and tough financial times at home, he moved to Grand Detour, Illinois , in 1836 and soon developed a polished steel plow blade that would readily shed the sticky Midwestern soil that so tenaciously clung to the old cast iron plows from back east. Taylor started making hand trucks in 1949 to use in his chicken business in Anaheim , California . Among other features Polaris provides a ‘speed key’ that allows for different top speeds depending on which key you put in the ignition.
In 1952, they introduced a bicycle powered with a small 2-cycle gas engine and in ’55 brought out a front wheel drive automobile, the Suzulight . Practicality is down on what you'd expect in a three-door hatchback but a reasonable boot and usable rear seats put the car well ahead of most compact sportscars you care to mention.

If you absolutely had to pick fault with this family hatchback icon, you might focus on the fact that, for all the buttoned-down competence, it isn't the most exciting thing to look at. It was superseded in 1982 by a heavily revamped Scirocco mk2 which shared the same platform. The powerful rear haunches and the dramatic roofline that drops to meet them still stand out while the thin grille serves to visually widen the car. If the car has been equipped with the optional DSG paddle-shift gearchange, check that all ratios engage smoothly and cleanly, especially reverse.
In many cases, drivers will be predisposed to bond with the Scirocco, having been seduced by its pert and beautifully detailed exterior prior to lowering themselves inside.
With the new Audi A3 sedan hitting the market, the compact luxury sedan class will be heating up.
Fine metal fittings are present to restore everything, which mingle sconces wood, carbon fiber or shiny plastic.
Combined with a sequential dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox, the CLA250 offers very nice acceleration.
Indeed, making utility vehicles is perfectly suited to these companies that have spent 40+ years defining and refining what it takes to manufacture small rugged machines to move people over difficult terrains.
This customer diversity represents a major challenge and yet an opportunity to the golf car companies. Some models come with 2 wheel rear drive, others with 4 wheel drive (some selectable, others automatic) and still others with 6 wheels, where the 4 rear wheels provide traction.
And their large size & weight severely limits access through narrow passageways or over the fragile ground they may need to traverse. Stylish design and a heavy duty engine coupled with side x side seating and a work bed have proved to be a potent combination to many buyers. Limited to private roads they provide creature comforts to golf course, industrial and resort personnel. This represents a huge edge to these companies as they each have long histories of stylish & durable electric vehicle development.
We do not endorse or recommend any of the companies or products for any particular application. All prices are manufacturers suggested retail (MSRP) either found online or in company literature. The mid-chassis can be stretched (& reinforced) to provide room for 4 passengers to face forward. ROPS must be specially designed and certified to be rated as a roll over protection system. With some of these products the chassis may be lengthened and brakes may be added to the front wheels. Before long he was asked by local farmers if he could make motorized vehicles, which he began building in 1951, the same year Fred A. The Scirocco didn't disappear from the Volkswagen range until 1988 when the Corrado arrived on the mk2 Golf platform to replace it but when production of that car ceased in 1996, so did the burgeoning dynasty of cars combining Golf basics with coupe bodywork. Volkswagen isn't known for its stylistic innovation but this is one model where the marque hit the nail on the head.
Mercedes says an acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.6 seconds time, which in the light of our test, seems quite realistic.
Not only do they have extensive experience making small, pedal-start gasoline powered units, more important they have a huge technological edge in making electric vehicles that perform as well or better than gas for just about all of the applications outlined below. The fact that so many golf carts now are used to implement these tasks, their brand names have instant recognition throughout the world. In 1954, Billy & Beverly Dolan , of Augusta , Georgia , decided to start making electric vehicles to transport golfers around golf courses. And there are many companies now making light & medium duty work vehicles, most of them powered by gasoline, to provide short range, low speed transportation for many different environments. With modern advancements in battery, motor & electronic speed controller technologies, electric propulsion can effectively compete with their gas powered counterparts in performance, ease of maintenance and cargo capacity. John Deere and Toro also offer a 48-volt electric utility with a work bed with their e-Gator and Workman e2050 models respectively. If you have comments or corrections, or wish to be included in the next Utility presentation, please contact us at 1-800-328-1953 .
Obviously these are not the same vehicles but they are similar & they do share a lot of component parts.
In some case front wheel brakes are standard in these heavier duty machines and in others they may be added.
Please consult their utility vehicle website listed below for more complete product & company info. A tough sell at first, the two brothers eventually redefined the way golf is played and together they created an industry—golf!
Besides the electric utility models offered by the traditional golf car companies these are the only electric utility vehicles we present. Each golf car company offers drop-in beverage coolers for their respective factory work beds. In 1955 the company became Taylor-Dunn and by 1961 the two men were manufacturing the Tee-Bird golf car. In both instances, the driver would be putting up a deposit of A?1,674 and running the car for 48 months. More and more battery powered vehicles are becoming required on golf courses, in campgrounds and around public facilities.
All cobbled together these companies offer a wide variety of low speed, low cost transportation solutions. The cart was far more popular in the western states and they produced the golf cart until 1985.
However, where under the personal scheme the finance would need to be repaid at a rate of A?342 a month, under the business scheme the repayments are a far more palatable A?279 monthly. These usually operate out of sight, behind the scenes so to speak…nothing sexy about these machines, just pure function. Last but not least is the large variety of utility & personnel carriers based on a pedal-start golf cart type platform and powered by smaller gas engines or battery packs. The engine range grew further with the inclusion of the 160bhp twin-charge petrol engine which made up for a smallish 1.4-litre capacity by bolting on turbocharger and supercharger. The 160bhp 1.4-litre TSI unit, if anything, is even more effervescent with an 8s 0-60mph time and 42mpg making it a decent substitute for the range-topper. According to Malcolm Banfield, sales director for RCI which provides all the finance for Renault, Nissan and Dacia, car companies tend to get less back from businesses that default on payments. This is because there are usually more creditors further up the queue of people to be repaid compared with private customers. The sports seats aren't just restricted to those up front - the contoured rear seats feature integrated headrests to offer plenty of support.
Proportions for this car are classically short, low and wide although the dimensions betray its reliance on Golf mechanicals.

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