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Considering the top of the line 2016 Civic in Pakistan is priced at eye-watering Rs3mn, it is hard to digest such low level of craftsmanship. This article has omitted many problems in new civic which are mentioned in forum and needed to be addressed. The customers certainly deserve better build quality and higher value for money for a car which is in the Rs. I know it is mentioned above but the blunders done in this car cannot go unnoticed and need great detail. Turbo is super fast, but hey see you on next speed bump, where you will be dead slow and zig zagging while I will pass over like a boss.
I sold my 1.6 to get new Civic, but when I checked it thoroughly at showroom, I was utterly disappointed, not a single thing attracted me to go for it. Now Grande insha Allah after seeing the new goodies in it, esp the instrument panel and unbeatable fuel average and features like LCD and leather seats are standard. Once again Atlas cheated customers over Civic X (first asking for down-payment before confirming specs, second, coming up with requirement of expensive and rare fuel, third, poor build quality). By now we can safely say that currently Swift and Wagon-R have the best build quality in all the locally manufactured cars.
After having visited the launch, I can safely say, in my opinion, the most expensive civic ever launched by Atlas is the most pathetic in terms of quality as well, be it exterior paint, finish, body alignment or interior. For how much longer, people of Pakistan with their hard earned money be defrauded and looted in the name of after sales service ??
Definitely, if all the hue and cry is real then everyperson who has bought one should write a mail and try to upload videos on youtube showcasing all the flaws.
All of these companies treat their customers like crap, apart from when you’re giving them a bank draft. Please make up your mind about what you are talking, at least if you want to use the name like FAW COMPANY, and make good use of language if you want to leave a good impression. In addition, do not insult the intelligence or information of others if you want to sell your product. Making your article’s base on just the social media pictures, is non-serious writing. May be this is in Pakistan only where it’s known that these brands sells their B and C quality products as there are no laws and regulations about them. I live in Canada and here since last 18 years Honda civic is the hottest selling compact sedan and we have no such issues what so ever. The submission of this request, I consent to be contacted by phone, email, text message, automated telephone dialing system or artificial or pre-recorded voice messages. Contact Us A  New Nissan Inventory A  Schedule Nissan Service A  Order Nissan Parts A  Apply for a Nissan Loan 2014 Nissan Juke Manchester, NHThe 2014 Nissan Juke offers lively performance, sporty handling, and an available all-wheel drive.

The car had been in the news since last year now after its international launch event in the US. The social media is filled with photos showing the quality of the car from different aspects. But considering the price of the car, I think Pakistani auto consumers deserve much more than what has been offered. My suggestion to author is to go through that forum thread, facebook pages and re-write this article. Paint quality and welds is just cherry on top of pile of s*** honda atlas is throwing at us. The welds in the black cab look like this because the cab owner who owns a 40+ years old cab can afford no better, otherwise (40+ years ago) when the car was new, it was perfect.
9th gen had lost some quality over 7th and 8th gen, but still it was better than the other (local) manufacturers. But then it happens when they know people would pay them blindly, without knowing the features and build quality. They have stopped manufacturing Civic for JDM, they may want to stop it in other markets too and just continue with the City which is a bestseller in Pakistan. Instead of improving, I guess we are the only country where auto-manufacturing standard is going down in spite of inflated prices.
Pakistanis are deprived of choices, & when something new is given to them, they just go for it.
The Nismo model joined the lineup midway through 2013, and for the '14 model year the Nismo is tuned for more horsepower and better handling. But for this blog, we will only be talking about the horrible welds and paint quality of the car. All these photos were taken from various social media portals and many people had shared the same concern over the car’s price and overall quality of the product. Pakwheels blog is major platform to raise such concerns and sadly your article lacks that punch which Honda Atlas needs right now to come to their senses. People don’t raise their voice and that is why corporate thugs take advantage of customers.
Also rear floor hump is too repelling, middle passenger on backseat will be in constant agony, esp on long journeys.
People were going mad at one of the Honda franchise, at launch day near my place, as if they were giving civic for free! The same model of a car in other countries for the same price will be pack with technological gizmos. Specially there are customers like companies who booked 100 or 1000 cars, now imagine if petrol quota of 200 litre is given to each car per month.

Pakwheels is a serious forum, and should support more realistic articles than masala rice extracted from social media only. It is yet to been seen if this was an anomaly or will there be more cases of similar nature. If you have different opinion about the matter, feel free to comment in the comments section below. In other countries, the Turbo (being the top-of-the line model) has a different, distinctive looking rim design. But with the launch of the new car, people around the country have made some observations regarding the new Civic.
It feels like Honda Atlas had denter and painter from the side of the road to come and weld the car for them. I felt sunk in the seat and and when increased seat height for better visibility my head touched the roof and I am just 5-7. I mean the German brands are to expensive and the Chinese ones mechanically are beyond our comprehension. There are several photos of different cars, and you can see the subpar finish of welds and then paint over those welds. A car of Civic’s in this price range should offer a premium audio system (including high quality speakers).
Exterior highlights include 17-inch aluminum wheels, hidden rear door handles, and body colored side mirrors.
If you're into cutting-edge interior styling, the 2014 Nissan Juke SUV is the poster child for the compact SUV segment.
Folding rear seats flat creates 35 cubic feet of space, more than enough to fit all of your toys. Power & Handling of the '14 JukeThe 2014 Nissan Juke is fitted with a 1.6 liter Direct Injection Gasoline inline 4 cylinder engine with a trifecta of modern engine technology that delivers an impressive mix of performance and economy.
Juke models equipped with AWD feature an independent rear suspension, as opposed to the base car's beam axle which gives the AWD model better cornering ability and a more controlled ride. ConclusionsIf you need a compact crossover SUV that sips fuel, yet can still tackle the toughest winter weather with ease, then you should consider the 2014 Nissan Juke.

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