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Knowing what you need from a vehicle helps you determine what elements are most important for you to have in that vehicle. To calculate your budget, take your monthly income minus all mandatory monthly payments such as your rent or mortgage, utility bills, food and any credit card or loan payments.
You want to know what the interest rate is and lock in those monthly payments but you also want to know what warranty is available and determine whether an extended warranty is beneficial.
Also, calculate any lifestyle expenses that you are accustomed to, such as monthly movies, eating out, or babysitting fees.
Consider buying used over a new vehicle because the interest rate may be lower which would keep your payments low. According to Bankrate, the average interest rate for a 3-year loan on a used vehicle is 5.04.

At this point, you can also see where you may want to cut back to afford the vehicle of your choice. If opting for a pre-owned vehicle, request a CARFAX report so you can see the full history of the vehicle. Other items to consider that impact your monthly expenses will be insurance, registration fees, and gas. Then, take the car for a test drive and check the brakes to be sure they are working properly.

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