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Earlier this month, I flew home to Louisiana and was talking about money with my father-in-law. He surprised me when he said I didn’t have to pay for one in cash, as long as I was actively investing.
My father-in-law is totally different because he’s the type of person who actually tracks every penny. They saved $13,000 to buy a van in cash but then got such a great interest rate he decided to have a car note and put the $13,000 in cash in a mutual fund instead. One could argue, though, that if you can save up $13,000 in cash then you can do it again and again and just decide to use some of it to purchase your needs and some of it to invest, but I just love the story and the example. After thinking more about this debate, doing my research, and talking to my father-in-law, I’m definitely less judgmental about people who have car loans and realize that if someone is smart with their finances, they could come out on top by investing the money instead. However, I have so much debt already with my husband’s medical school loans that I hate the idea of adding to the pile.
Additional resource: If you’re in a similar situation trying to determine if you should buy a car in cash or take on a car payment, then check out my favorite tool – Personal Capital. What do you think is better – paying for a car in cash or taking the lower rate loan and invest in the market instead?
Catherine Alford is a professional public speaker and freelance writer who covers family, finance, and freedom. Although some people are disciplined enough to invest, most people use car loans and credit in general to spend more than they should which generally undoes the benefit of investing along the way. Personally, I prefer paying cash for cars but I also don’t mind driving junky vehicles. Again this has been our experience probably because we don’t have the knowledge or know a trusted person with the knowledge. But if the stock market tank, income drops, or other expenses rise, the person following the invest + debt strategy is in trouble. I own two paid for in cash cars and I would not borrow money in the future to purchase another. After replacing both our vehicles this year, I’ve had this discussion multiple times.
I like how you bring up a variety of viewpoints and angles here instead of treating it just from one side. If you have the money to pay cash but actually DO invest it instead and take out a loan, I think that’s great! Welcome to Frugal Rules!I'm a veteran of the financial services industry who's learned the hard way how to invest, save, and manage my money. MORE ABOUT JOHNI'm a Dad, husband, and veteran of the financial services industry committed to teaching the next generation how to manage money wisely.
In accordance with FTC guidelines, Frugal Rules would like to disclose that it has financial arrangements with some of the entities mentioned herein.
Q: I’m thinking about getting a loan from one of those title companies that advertise on TV. About the writer: Carmen Wong Ulrich is the co-Founder and former President of ALTA Wealth Management and a Professor in NYU PolyTech‘s school of Finance and Risk Engineering.
Learn the 5-step process for determining used car trade in value, factors that can lower it, and tips to increase it.
If you are considering trading in your old car in order to reduce the price of purchasing a new vehicle, it is important to find out the accurate used car trade in value of your vehicle. When you are considering trading in your used car, you should know the difference between the trade in value and the loan value or retail value.
When you know the approximate used car trade in value, you can then determine if you want to trade in your car, keep it and try to sell it yourself, or give it to another family member. Trading in your used car can often be a great way to get compensated for your old vehicle without having to go through the time-consuming process of actually selling it yourself. Trying to sell an old car to a dealer at a fair price can be tough, moreso if you are unaware of how much your car is truly worth.
Color Affects Resale Value Here's something you won't find on Kelley Blue Book: the color of your vehicle affects how easy it will be for the dealer to resell it. Some Investments Don't Pay Off When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, customers prefer function to flash. Service Makes a Difference There are obvious differences between cars that are well kept and maintainedy versus cars that aren't brought into a service department until they break down. Dealers Have to Make a Profit When bringing your car in for a trade, you need to be aware that car dealers must make a profit off of reselling your car in order to keep their business running. Keeping these facts in mind when trading in your old car for a new one may help you determine a fair price for your vehicle, as well as choose and care for a car which will hold its value well in the future. Every consumer wants to get the top used car trade in value when they go to trade in their car. Provide Documentation of Maintenance Documented maintenance schedules indicate to the car dealership that you took care of the vehicle and that it was maintained properly. Determine a Cutoff Price Before you even walk into the dealership, know what kind of price you will accept for the vehicle and stick to it. Be Prepared to Negotiate It's important to remember that the price Kelley Blue Book gives you, while fairly accurate, is still a ballpark number. The online Kelley Blue Book is an invaluable and easy to use resource for finding a trade in value estimate.

Additional Tips You can add value to your car by having it thoroughly cleaned and detailed (a detailing includes an upholstery cleaning and good carpet and headliner clean, as well as reconditioning for all vinyl and leather surfaces). You can also add value to your car by ensuring that there are no telltale signs of body painting, such as overspray, where a fine mist of paint is left on nearby non-painted surfaces.
Benefits of Selling It Yourself If you sell your vehicle yourself, you'll usually be able to get a somewhat higher price for the vehicle--but not always. Benefits of Trading In While you may not always receive the highest offer with a trade-in, dealers make it very easy to trade in a vehicle.
It's lost a litre but the new 4.6-litre V8 is more powerful and more importantly more fuel efficient. It takes a bit of getting your head around, the fact that Toyota's $84,000 GXL Landcruiser doesn't have a trip computer. I mean, you pay that much for a car and you expect a bit of kit, like a computer telling you how many kilometres you've got to go before you're empty. It's not right.
The eight seat V8 GXL is the family wagon and entry point to the petrol range, priced from $83,990 plus on roads. You can get a cheaper, lesser equipped GX from $77,990 but its a five-seater and available only as a diesel, (did I say only because diesel is the way to go with a truck this size). Top of the range Sahara is incidentally equipped with the same diesel, priced from $118,990. Off road the Landcruiser reigns supreme, challenged only by long time rival the Nissan Patrol and more expensive offerings from Benz and Land Rover. When the going gets tough this is the vehicle you want under your bum. There's also sorts of electronic aids these days to take the guess work out of four-wheel driving, including the kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS) and crawl control with turn assist which helps maintain a constant speed. With the centre diff locked, 225mm of ground clearance and a wading depth of 700mm, almost nothing will stop it. The locally developed KDSS system provides greater wheel articulation off road and controls body roll on road.
It's been around since 2007 but apparently hasn't been tested yet (last one got four stars). Yes!: Even if you don’t often give it much thought, your credit rating is crucial to you.  It will dictate what kind of interest you have to pay on your credit c Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to Content Since 2004 Get out of debt and stay out of debt! He and I are BFFs, two peas in a pod if you will, and I was asking him about paying for my next car in cash since both my vehicles have over 200,000 miles on them.
The main problem with the idea of making more in the market and having a car note is that people spew this idea all the time but then never, ever actually invest.
Cars decrease in value rapidly, and when you have a loan as long as six or seven years, you can easily get underwater on your loan – a serious problem if the car is wrecked or totaled.
So, I will continue adding to my car savings fund each month and when one of our cars decides to croak, I’ll hopefully have enough to pay for one in cash. Completely free, it allows you to track your spending, monitor your bank and investment accounts so you can make informed decisions that are right for your specific situation. We understand the basics of a car but have no idea whether what we we are looking at is good or bad! For the average person who is not familiar with investments, it might not be the right idea. I am pretty staunchly against any more debt right now as well, so I would most likely decide to buy a new car in cash if I could. In Frugal Rules, I've created an online community where together, we pursue financial literacy and freedom.
Frugal Rules may be compensated if visitors choose to click on some of the links located throughout the content on this site. Besides helping you decide whether or not you actually want to trade it in, an accurate trade in value will also ensure that you get a fair price from the dealer when it comes time to trade it in.
But before you trade it in, make sure that you have an accurate idea of exactly how much your car is worth.
Consider these aspects that could hurt your car's trade-in value before you go to make a trade, and keep them in mind when choosing your next car, too. Pre-owned cars which are red, blue or silver are in higher demand than cars of different colors. Features like heated seats or a navigation system are always great, but flashy extras like spinners or flame decals are not likely to impress a buyer and will not add any real value to the car. Especially in older pre-owned vehicles, the care and attention paid to the vehicle will be evident and will strongly affect the resale value. They will have to put paid labor into inspecting the vehicle and making it ready for sale, as well as take the risk that nobody will buy it. Trade in car value can vary widely from each geographic area and is affected by not only the type of car but also the features of the car itself. In areas that are overly depressed or where the car market has gone stale, it is less likely that you will get the full amount specified. You should expect to get within a few hundred dollars of the price given by KBB, and potentially less if a professional inspection turns up some problems which you didn't know about.
However, entering information about your vehicle online is not the same as having a professional see it in person. The body should be cleaned and polished and any nicks or dings should be filled in before the cleaning. After all, you want to try to get as much as possible for your old, trusty friend; but at the same time, you may not want to waste too much time with trying to sell yourself. Furthermore, you will be responsible for marketing the vehicle and showing it to potential buyers.
And, despite what others might suggest, the auto makes the whole off road thing much easier just put it in D and you're good to go.

There's also smart entry, twin zone climate air, cruise control and steering wheel audio controls. I know we bang on about Kluger being too thirsty but it has nowhere near the thirst of this monster, particularly if you don't need its off road capabilities? Good to know it qualifies for capped priced servicing, at $210 a pop for six services, 60,000km or three years whichever comes first. People debate this all the time, and I have to say, I’m still deciding which is better. They think they sound smart when they say they can get a better return in the market which is why they don’t mind having a 2 percent interest rate on their car and yet they never invest the extra cash in a brokerage account.
When was the last time you intended to invest but didn’t follow through on your intentions? Low interest rates mean that those who have done it may have been successful with the strategy, especially if they have good credit. We bought two newish cars, a 2012 and 2014, in cash that should last for at least ten years. The loan value is what a bank will loan you on a car, and the retail value is what a dealer could expect to sell a car for.
A vehicle which is one of these 3 colors are more likely to be purchased, so a car dealer will be taking less of a risk that the car will not be resold, so the car is worth a little more.
Tricking your car out is just fine if it's for your own benefit, but anything that does not add functionality to the vehicle should not be viewed as an investment. No matter how perfect your vehicle may be, you will not get the Kelley Blue Book price unless you sell it yourself, without a car dealer as the middle man.
Getting the best trade in values for used cars can seem to be a tedious process however, it is not really as difficult as one may think. Be prepared when you go into the car dealership to be offered a "lowball" amount and stand firm when negotiating your price higher. By proving you kept it as up to date on maintenance issues as possible, you have a bargaining point with the dealer. Presumably there are other car dealers in your area, and any one of them should be interested in working on a used car trade in value with you, on your terms.
For the most accurate price estimate possible, you will have to have your car looked at in person by an auto appraiser. Kelley Blue Book is excellent for making a general estimate, but you should not expect to receive precisely the amount which it suggests when you trade in your car.
Make sure that the wheel wells are also smooth and that your bumper is in good condition (you can have it refinished for less than $100). Furthermore, trading in a vehicle may help you avoid a substantial down payment or any down payment at all. Then we found out the tires were destroyed costing $700 more dollars before it even got to our driveway! You can get the best deal on a 2-3 year old car, so why no take advantage of it and you have more negotiating power when you buy with cash. I get that a payment may it be a bad way to buy but we don’t ever want to be shacked like that again and it motivates us to ramp up savings to replace that cash that was spent.
Also, include as much standard equipment and options as possible, such as heated leather seats, sunroof, power windows, etc. Certain colors can also harm the resale value: "irregular" colors like orange or purple tend to be difficult to sell, so cars of those colors will be worth less. Because of the maintenance schedule, the dealer will get a better price on the car when reselling it and he should pass these profits on to you for your diligence. If done correctly, these simple tips can easily add another $300 to $500 in second hand car value. Therefore, always weigh how much more you think you might receive by selling yourself and the time and effort that will be required to sell the vehicle. Also, if your state charges a sales tax, the trade-in will help reduce the amount of the sales tax that you are charged.
He told me a story about buying a van when he and my mother-in-law had their 4th child 25 years ago.
However, if we’d had to stop investing altogether to swing buying cars, I would have preferred the payment.
For example, if you buy a $10,000 car and the trade-in value is $5000, then you would only be required to pay sales tax on $5000.
Write down the information that you get so that you can present it to the dealer at the time of the trade in. Depending on the rate of sales tax in your area, this could save you anywhere from 4% to 10%. While the dealer may have a different assessment of the actual worth and value of your vehicle, this information will at least give you a ballpark estimate of how much you should receive in trade in value.

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