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Of course, the same poor economy is forcing many to look for ways to save money anywhere they can, including via cheaper car insurance. This has led to an increase in inquiries relating to whether or not car insurance premiums go down when car loans are paid off.
The bad news is that your insurance premium is not calculated on whether or not you owe money on your car in the first place. As a quick reminder, physical damage coverage insurance premiums are calculated on the statistical chance you will cause an accident and how much the insurer would have to pay to repair or replace your car.
Paying off your car does not make you a safer driver, and does not change the cost to repair or replace your car in the event of a loss.
Tip: Your insurer only promises to pay for repairs or to replace your vehicle at its actual cash value (depreciated value). Now that your car is paid off; you might be able to save some insurance money…but not without giving up certain coverage, which may not be the best idea for you.
Well, as discussed in our New Car Insurance post, you are required to purchase physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) when you finance or lease a new car.
Basically, the lender is forcing you to pay for coverage to repair the vehicle THEY STILL OWN until it’s paid off. If you are in a position where you would simply buy a new car or pay to repair your car out of your own pocket, you can drop the physical damage coverage from your policy and save some serious dollars. Just don’t call your insurer when your car is destroyed by hail or your run into a light pole. If you’re excited about paying off your car and bothering to see if it lowers your insurance premium, you’re probably not Paris Hilton and can’t afford to pay out of pocket for damages you cause to your own car. It is recommended you only drop the physical damage portion of your coverage if your vehicle isn’t worth much as it sits. You can read more about when to forego physical damage coverage in the New Car Insurance post referenced above. If you recall, I actually wrote a whole post on why I took out a car loan over at Budgets are Sexy but a quick summary follows.
Luckily there were no major emergencies at all, let alone one big enough to drain my emergency fund and my car fund.
Another reason I took out a car loan was that I wanted to add an installment loan to my credit report to improve my credit score. It is nice to have the money in the bank still but I’m not going to use it for anything other than paying the loan off.
About Lance CothernLance Cothern, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is the founder of Money Manifesto.

With such a low interest rate I would invest the money you have set aside to pay off the car. I would throw more money at the loan…maybe like $1,000 a month, but not all of it at once.
Or you could keep it saved up for your stated goal of (at some point tin time on the future) make a nice dent in your girlfriend’s student debt. I would put $2000 at it and then keep the other $2000, and let the automatic payments take care of the rest. Honestly, if you are already investing a fair amount in retirement or other investment funds, I’d probably settle for simplicity since it is only $4k and just pay the darn thing off.
After reading personal finance blogs for many years I finally decided to start my own blog to help people become financially successful. That said, there is no effect on your car insurance premium as a result of paying your car off.
Owing a few hundred dollars on your car or having it completely paid off does not change the value of that make and model. Currently I owe a little over $4,000 on my 2010 Honda Civic car loan and have 9 payments left!
I was offered 0.9% financing for 36 months and at the time I was earning more than that in my ING Direct Savings account. Instead the automatic loan payments have been coming out on time every month and I don’t even have to think about my loan.
Now, at just a little more than $4,000 I wonder if it is worth keeping the money in savings or if I should just pay off the loan. Would you pay the loan off today or would you let the automatic payments come out for the next nine months? You can read more about him here or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. That way, when time comes to replace the car, it’s all paid for before you go shopping. The money that you have deducted out of your savings account each month could instead be added back to that account and saved for a new goal. I personally think you can invest your money and DEFINITELY get a better return, so that’s what I would do.
I understand being super debt-adverse but that interest rate is so low you can earn more money basically everywhere. 0% or 1% financing, but my savings accounts are earning more than that =\ kind of talks you out of paying cash.

Ultimately, I decided to pay off my car; not because it would save me big bucks in interest, but simply because it always feels good to eliminate unnecessary debt!
You now have the installment on your credit report, no need to keep it around like a pet who keeps pooping on your carpet. How can one make a decision for him on this when we don’t know what the total amount is that he has in the bank. This gives me more peace of mind, then paying off the debt – but you have to decide what gives you the greatest peace of mind. Sounds like you’re all set for loans, you’ve got your emergency fund all set, so what do you need the funds for? The loan is so small now it’s just an annoyance that distracts you from making more money.
I don’t see a real benefit to keeping your money in savings and as you pointed out, that interest rate is killer.
Information presented on Money Manifesto is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be taken as financial advice. Put a different way, a 2005 Honda Civic is worth $5,000 whether you paid it off in 2010 or just bought it yesterday.
By adding an installment loan, the credit mix component of my credit score increased which helped raise my score overall.
My interest rate is now 0.1% lower than my car loan interest rate and I already have bought a house. If you keep everything entirely debt free all the time including your mortgage ultimately, it is a great feeling, keeps your finances simpler, and leaves you with no other choices besides investing or blowing your future money. While all attempts are made to present accurate information, it may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances and information may become outdated over time. If you then get another 0.9% deal, then you could consider investing the money in something like preference shares which pay around 7-8% and are relatively risk-free price-wise. I am not a personal finance professional and you should seek out a professional before making any financial decisions.
That being said, I understand that the psychological component of paying off debt can be very rewarding and may warrant the idea of just paying off the debt and being done with it.
And it also lets you save at a very rapid rate once you have no boat anchors weighing you down.

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