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A buy and sell agreement is a covenant that shows the terms that will guide the contract in transfer of rights in a property. You can Download the Buy and Sell Agreement Form , customize it according to your needs and Print. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. The lease is up at your existing location, and the new center down the street is happening. Thousands of retailers face this dilemma every year and while it may be the correct decision to stay put, in many cases, relocating your business can provide an updated look for your store and jumpstart your business that may have plateaued.
Relocating your existing store is a two-step process: Building a new store while simultaneously de-branding the existing location. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Many people are directional challenged, so adding a map of both the existing location and the new store to all communication is critical. Create Incentives: While all the communication in the world may still not get your existing customers to the new location, incentives may be the next option. The payroll direct deposit form is used for the authorization for both net pay deposits and also other flat amount deposits. You can Download the Payroll Direct Deposit Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Payroll Direct Deposit Form is either in MS Word and in Editable PDF.
An office gift certificate template is the format in which a gift certificate is designed which is being gifted a member of an office or an employee.
You can Download the Free Office Gift Certificate Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. It further indicates the contractual liability that will accrue with breach of such a contract.
The thought of relocating your business is daunting – when will you find the time and will I lose my customers? Serious risk in relocating is present, but if managed correctly, tremendous upside is attainable.

A relocation should be celebrated as a positive event – one that has only been enabled by the patronage of the existing customers. It is better to be safe than sorry, and while you are fully aware that your store is relocating, your customers have interests outside of what is going on with your store.
A large sign in the window helps existing customers envision where the new location will be.
Much like a grand opening, your relocation needs to be promoted with both existing and new customers in order to make the transition as seamless as possible.
Your business has thrived throughout the years to enable an investment in a newly, relocated location.
The deposits are made to the individual’s account and the institution can only do this with the consent of the applicant.
The gift certificate is usually attached with the gift being given to the employee on a certain occasion or for an achievement made by the employee. is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal.
Closing the existing store prematurely is not a desired outcome nor is having to maintain two existing locations.
Position the relocation not as an inconvenience of moving, but rather a reward of a fresh, new location for the existing customer base.
Your goal should not only to maintain your customer base through local store marketing, but grow the base by moving to a better location. While planning your relocation, start proactive messaging at least two months in advance with flyers going out to every customer. During the buildout of the new location, it is also critical to place signage up at the new store. Providing incentives to your customers as you would with a grand opening, is a terrific way to get them to seek out the new location.
Manage your time line, over communicate to your existing base and make sure that you treat the relocated store as a grand opening.

The template should contain details like the name of the person to whom it is gifted, the designation and the department in which the employee is working and also the date on which it is issued.
For the customers, a seamless transition for their shopping is the key to maintaining their allegiance. Include the reason behind the relocation, the key dates and an appreciation for their business.
That way, if an existing customer wishes to find the new location in advance, the signs will assist in their navigation as well as providing information to new customers.
Once they find your new location and have made that effort, your ongoing marketing communication should keep them coming back to the fresh new environment. Proper execution will ensure that your existing and new customers will grow their patronage and jumpstart your new location with an influx of sales.
Highlight the incremental features of the new location in addition to any new store designs or merchandise that will be added. So, each and every customer needs to be addressed so there is no margin for error or miscommunication. For instance, if your business is phone-based (call in orders), send a refrigerator magnet home with every customer if your phone number is going to change. Once the relocation is complete, plan a grand re-opening – communicating the activities to the new and previous trade areas. The cost associated with maintaining your existing customers is far less than the cost to acquire new ones.

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