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Find the best Los Angeles bank rates, including CD rates, savings rates, mortgage rates and auto loan rates.
Learn why Los Angeles Federal Credit Union’s credit cards are perfect for college students. During the holiday season when you’re focused on buying gifts for others, do something nice for yourself by switching to a Los Angeles credit union that is focused on customer service and rewards for customer loyalty. In the last several years, online and mobile banking have made it easier to access our bank accounts, and paper deposit statements simply an option. The second graph shows the 30 year fixed rate mortgage interest rate from the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey® compared to the MBA refinance index. The refinance index has dropped sharply recently (down almost 42% over the last 7 weeks) and will probably decline significantly if rates stay at this level. Canadians bought more than 29,000 tickets to this year’s World Cup matches, according to FIFA.
The Institute of Canadian Citizenship just released a national study exploring how new citizens participate in Canada’s sporting culture.

One of many likely reasons the sport is so popular is that all you really need to play is a ball.
Perhaps a better comparison for the Stanley Cup final would be the Premier League Championship. Many banks and credit unions are even giving their depositors the incentive of high interest simply for signing up for electronic statements. We outranked all other nations that didn’t qualify, and were behind only 10 nations that did. According to a 2006 FIFA census, one in 39 Canadians is enrolled in the sport at some level.
The most popular team sport for new citizens is soccer—18 per cent report playing the game in their new country.
A CIBC report released this month suggests the financial burden associated with sports can be a significant barrier to participation. Nine in 10 Canadians think sports are too expensive, and 82 per cent know a child who cannot participate due for that reason.

Unlike other finance sites, we dedicated ourselves to helping residents save as much as possible on their next loan or deposit account.
By comparison, only six per cent of new citizens have enrolled their children in hockey or baseball.
More than just an interest rate resource, we also provide you with a variety of articles covering everything from mortgage rates to individual credit unions or banks.
You can easily use our search function, or sort by zip code or letter until you find the bank you want.
You can use the Los Angeles credit union and banks list in order to further refine your research when looking for a financial partner.Daily Finance Rates ArticlesIn addition to our rate comparison table, you can also read our daily finance articles to get a better understanding of the interest rate trends affecting the Los Angeles area. Fortunately, Los Angeles Banking Rates focuses on specific financial institutions as well as general rates information.

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