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Subject - HDFC bank has direct deducted my amount of rupees 2423.00 from my HDFC bank account.
When I submitted a complaint against for it to HDFC bank then i received a call from HDFC bank who is name Mr. It?s unbelievable, HDFC bank does not believe in their own letter head which they send to customers.
I have discussed this matter in many times with HDFC support staff but nobody take any action about it. For personal work like marriage, home re-construction, etc you can apply for personal loan. As you click on the loans, you will get links to avail 10 types of loans as per your requirements. You need to mention your personal details accurately in this uniquely structured application process. If you already applied for the personal loan directly in HDFC bank then you can check your application status online.

Fill up the application form and click on Submit button, it will show the current status of your application, enjoy!!
I had submit for a personal loan from HDFC Khanapara Branch last few days ago, verified all needful. Vikram Kadian and now he started talking about a new matter of slip which I paid that bank amount charges.
After leaving all my hopes I am complaining to consumer court and I am 100% sure that you will take a strong action on it.
In the last decades, it has redefined the norms in banking through the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies in net-banking.
We already posted how to apply for HDFC personal loan with interest rates, documents required etc here. In the following page, you will get the details of norms applicable for the availing the loan.
You can click on the “one minute eligibility” test to know whether you are eligible for the loan and not.

After that i have received a letter from HDFC bank that my two wheeler loan has full and final settlement (letter in attachment) and they will deliver NOC and other relevant documents to me coming days. I explained to him that how can anybody to carry a small slip for 2 year long time and one is most important thing that when I paid that charges so that?s why you sent me a confirmation letter to deliver my NOC. Now in the future I have enough time to think about HDFC bank before making a deal and other services.
Redefining the older norms with the approval loans, it has come up with sophisticated system that is completely transparent and trustworthy. You can click on the “apply now for HDFC particular loan” given on the right side of the page.

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