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EC Income Ceiling increased to $14kDuring our 2015 National Day Rally, our PM has announced that our EC income ceiling will increased to $14k with effect from 24th Aug 15.
The Housing & Development Board (HDB) has won an honour award at the 2014 Excellence on the Waterfront Awards for its master plan in transforming Punggol into a sustainable waterfront town.
The Excellence on the Waterfront Awards is given out by the Waterfront Centre in recognition of top quality design and development work on waterfronts.
HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “It is a privilege for us to be recognised on the global stage with this award. The truth is we can’t.  We do recognize the bank has its preprogative to decide which packages it likes to distribute via external distributors, and which ones not to. What we see here is that the bank is doing a “loss leader” with this May Day home loan promotion to get more market share.  Is there a catch?  In our opinion there seems to be one – in the form of a 3 year lock-in (if this is just the usual 1-year lockin we will say quickly grab!)  By offering a super-low rate of 1% fixed rate in the 1st year, the bank needs to make back from borrowers from the 2nd year onwards provided they can lock them in for at least 2 years on a floating rate package. At MortgageWise, we seek to provide thought leadership in the area of mortgage planning in Singapore, taking deep dive into market developments & helping clients track interest rate movements. Many home owners (especially first timers) do not really have any idea what is the amount of money they need to fork out when it comes to renovating their home.
To give yourself a good starting guide, you can check out the packages from Interior Design Companies from renovation fair or on their websites. My pricing range is from the minimum (nothing fancy but simple and lower end accessories) to high end accessories. Therefore, if you take a HDB 4 room resale as an example with all the minimum estimated cost of accessories, the estimated total cost of renovation will be $52,000! Here is a example of my renovation financial budget that I used for my 4 room HDB resale 2 years ago.

Below is the excel spreadsheet (like what you see in the above pictures) for my renovation financial budget.
For homeowners who are wealthy enough to have no budget constrain, you might still want to let your ID know how much you are willing to spend. TIP:  If your budget is $50,000, do not declare the full $50,000 to your ID in your initial meeting. I could not download the Renovation Financial Budget excel sheet due to Access Denied error, could you send me a copy through email? Can i check with you , normally for a small bedroom it comes with only 1 lighting point on top of the ceiling .
You will need the electrician to install another point for you, so that you will have another switch and wiring point for the fan.
I am doing wood or laminate flooring at new home at Clementi for 3 bed rooms and living hall. Somehow I feel that the ID can give a more accurate quotation only after getting the keys and making actual measurements.
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If you have any question about renovating your home or home improvement issues, feel free to ask me!
Resale Levy for Second-Timer Applicants, similar to second timer applicants who buy BTO flats. HDB, jointly with international design firm Urban Strategies Inc, was honoured with the prestigious award at an Award ceremony at the Waterfront Centre 2014 Conference in Washington DC on 8 Nov 2014.

Entries were received and judged in four categories, namely Projects, Plans, Student and Clearwater, 11 were ultimately honoured with awards.
If i want to install a ceiling fan and 1 lighting panel to brighten the room.what come i do , split the lighting point into 2 -1 for ceiling fan and 1 for the lighting panel.
This is the first time that the Punggol Master Plan has been honoured with an international accolade.
We strive to become your first-choice mortgage partner and the creditable distributor of mortgage products for lenders in Singapore. However, there is an extra 10% added to the quotation and he said that’s to cater for wastage.
The best way to know if the calculation is reasonable is by comparing with another quotation. This 10% applies to all sorts (eg kitchen wall tiles, kitchen floor etc…) Is it an industry practice to add 10%? If the differences is too big, then there is something wrong with your ID’s calculation.

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