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Enter your registration number and mileage below to get an instant,onscreen valuation from the UK's quickest car valuation service. Figures released in BCA’s Quarterly ‘Pulse Report’ have revealed that the average value of a used car in the first quarter of 2012 was ?6,114 – the highest first quarter figure recorded since Pulse began reporting in 2005. Whilst you own your car you really should be aware of how much it is worth, you need this information when you are insuring the car, in the event of an accident, when buying a car and when selling a car. Just because you tell an insurance company you car is worth ?10,000 it doesn’t mean this is what they will pay you if the car has to be declared an insurance write off.
By checking what your cars trade value is on Free Car Valuations you will be able to make a judgement on whether or not the insurance companies have made you a reasonable offer or not.
Finding out a cars trade value is also useful when you are negotiating a part exchange valuation when buying your new car. Also finding out what your car is worth in the trade will help you figure out what you should ask for it if you were to try and sell it privately. Our trade values will provide a guide as to how much you would get for your car in either part exchange or by selling it to a cash for car company such as ourselves.
The word I am talking about here is most commonly associated with the motor trade and it’s very mention is enough make every vehicle owner shudder. Unless you’re lucky enough to have something like a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa or a weird and wonderful classic Bugatti lurking in the back of your garage, it’s almost certain that your vehicle is currently in the throes of depreciation as we speak!
The biggest single factor which determines exactly how much a car depreciates is supply versus demand.
If a car is low in supply but high in demand, it will probably retain its value better and vice versa.
It almost goes without saying that the mileage a car covers can drastically effect its value. Finally, the level of depreciation is indirectly affected by areas of ownership cost, namely maintenance, repair, fuel and insurance. Valuing a car in today’s market is a difficult task, there are so many factors to be considered and getting it wrong could cost you thousands. If I wanted to value a car today I would have to make sure I check a number of different factors before I could even attempt to give a car valuation.

There are many websites and providers that will give you a value for your car, but it is relatively easy to value a car if you don’t have to worry about buying the car and then second guess what the market is going to do when you yourself have to sell the car on for profit!
The most common guides used in the trade are not Parkers or Whatcar but Glasses’ and CAP (Car Auction Prices).
Car Value Calculators normally work on just one of the guide prices, perhaps adjust it a bit for the mileage and then give you an approximate figure. Free Car Valuations Car Value Calculator works in a similar way, but it is monitored to make sure it is as accurate as an automated car value calculator can be.  Anyone saying I want to sell my car after receiving our initial value can then ask us to provide a fixed offer to buy their car. Diminished value calculator there is no such thing as a diminished value calculator, the problem is car values change weekly and even the same car has multiple.
Diminished georgia atlanta car appraisal company specializing vehicle valuation reports insurance claims auto accident..
Diminished loss car referred accelerated depreciation, loss pre-accident matter . Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective replica rolex daytona trademark owners. A rough guide to private selling prices should be somewhere between the retail and trade value.
For example the cars that depreciate fastest are the mass-produced models sold at big discounts to the rental or fleet market.
Any model with a history of costing an owner big bucks in these areas will inevitably suffer in the re-sale market.
If there is an all-new replacement for the model you are currently driving on the horizon, be aware dealers tend to heavily discount the outgoing model which will affect the market value of your vehicle. Giving a car valuation  is one thing, but providing a car valuation that you then may be asked to back up with a firm offer to buy the car is another matter.
Both these guides follow the market closely and usually set the price for what cars are worth. This is done manually based on the extra information we request and taking into consideration the guide prices and current market conditions. Just because you may have seen one advertised at a higher price, it doesn’t mean that car is actually worth that.

They are supposed to offer you the retail value of your car, that’s how much it would cost you to replace the car like for like (make, model, condition and mileage).
It may give you an indication perhaps as to how much they have paid for the car and how much profit they will have in it. Once or twice a decade, a manufacturer may completely re-design a model and, in general, the first year of that new-look model will hold its value better than subsequent years, whilst also rendering the pre-existing model less desirable. Higher mileage cars are often shunned by franchised dealers and so their value is reduced more dramatically. During the last week of the month you have to consider what may happen to the price of cars in the next guide that is due to be released as any car you buy in the last week would be subject to any reduction in value in the new guide. Many dealers have over aged, over priced stock at the moment that they simply can’t afford to sell for less as it would show as a loss on their books, they’d rather have it showing as a stock value! Of course they have to factor in the costs of their advertising, car preparation, servicing, any repairs and warranties so don’t assume the difference between a trade valuation and retail price is total profit. That is what a dealer would be able to buy your car for, before they add their costs and profit margin. In the DEKRA Used Car Report App you will find sound information about the quality and safety of the car you want. Car Calculator Basic is the perfect companion for professionals who deal in vehicle purchasing and sales.
Based in Handcross, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, we are ideally situated to serve London, Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex, Essex and Hertfordshire. We compile a list of for sale by owner used car deals every day by comparing asking price to the current true market price value.
No longer do you need to be tied to a PC or need to buy a classified paper to find the best used car deals online.

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