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Ford’s Kuga is one of the first One Ford products of the modern era, designed for global sale and consequently sold in Europe and the United States, where previously each territory developed its own SUV. But now the 178bhp 2.0-litre diesel from the Mondeo is here - and we’ve driven it for the first time in the recently scrubbed-up 2015 Kuga mid-sized crossover now on sale in Europe. This engine is predominantly about the extra power - up 10% on the previously most powerful Kuga, despite CO2 falling by a similar amount - and the outputs are competitive with class rivals.
A resounding 95% of Kuga buyers in the UK choose the 2.0-litre diesel engine, and the Blue Oval predicts that a good chunk of those will choose the high-powered version.
But crossovers are not about haring around at full chat, and this SUV feels well judged in normal day-to-day driving. This is not an enthusiasts’ car, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s towards the top of the pack in the family crossover stakes. This is an ongoing concern with mainstream Fords, as successive generations have lost some of the class-leading dynamism from the Richard Parry-Jones era, when the Focus, Mondeo, Ka, Fiesta and others ran off with the goalposts and plopped them in the next-door field.
The latest Kuga has many tricks up its sleeve, including a nifty foot-waggle system to open the tailgate (a ?350 option as part of a keyless entry system).
Considered in that context, you can see that the top-dog Kuga is a warm-up act for the new, posher Edge coming at the end of 2015. 2016 Ford F350 will become another great option to be awaited by those who are dreaming for having a great truck from Ford in which having greatness both in look and also performance. Although being one of the market leaders in this segment, it does not mean that Ford will not make any innovation to renew their great product in Truck vehicle segment.
Being born as the newest generation of a great vehicle makes it is a normal for this new F350 series to be expected by people in having some new things, especially for its engine side.

Besides its engine side, the appearance especially for exterior look of this car becomes another thing that is predicted by some people. In addition, the new things seem also to be given as for the interior side of this new F350 series by Ford. Up to now, there is no information that can be confirmed related to the release date of this price. But the majority will pick the cheaper ?30,045 2.0 TDCI version with 148bhp and front-wheel drive. If you live in a hilly area, have a large family or regularly tow, you might feel the 178bhp insufficient. All the major controls are well weighted, making the Kuga a cinch to drive despite its growth spurt; at 4524mm long and 2077mm wide, this is now quite a big car. Is this the price of globalisation, and the growing importance of connectivity and electronic architectures over clever-clogs chassis tuning? You’ll never tire of demonstrating this one, and it’s properly useful when approaching the car with armfuls of clobber. The new engine has pushed prices up to a toppy ?34,890 on our top-spec Titanium X Sport version, which sounds like it’s nibbling into Ford Edge territory with every addition to its ever-expanding badge (remember when it was just a simple Titanium?). You’d better believe it: Ford has Volkswagen and its Touareg in its sights, and this model is a stepping stone up the brand ladder. In automotive industry, the name of Ford must be said as one of the biggest companies in which dominates for some almost all of the vehicle segments. In this recent time for example, in facing the tighter competition for truck segment, Ford plans to announce one of their newest truck products in F350 series in which named as 2016 Ford F350.

Although Ford has not announced officially for its engine specs yet, there are some people who have made prediction on whet engine that is going to be used by this new truck.
As for a new car, this new F350 is predicted to have some changes by Ford although not in massive one. As for the look, it seems that the cabin of this 2016 Ford F350 will have the same look as its previous model in which stay look premium and classy through the application of premium material for some aspects inside of its cabin such as metal accent, wooden grains, and also leather material for its upholstery. However, some rumors mentioned that this new super duty truck by Ford will be announced at the second half of 2015.
Other gadgets of note include self-parking software, adaptive cruise control and voice-operated apps such as Spotify, operated through the Sync AppLink system.
The Sony infotainment system, in particular, is a riot of messy buttons and needs to be simplified urgently. Some changes on look seem to be given as for the grille, bumper, and the rims of this truck. The new things that seem to be given by Ford to this truck are some new features to improve the passenger’s convenient feel. As for the price, some rumors mentioned that this 2016 Ford F350 will be offered starting from $34,000 for the base trim.
Besides its exterior look, another change that seems to be given by Ford for this 2016 Ford F350 is for its body material in which predicted to use a high quality of aluminum that having lighter bodyweight for improving its performance.

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