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We have a range of rates to suit all circumstances, so simply choose the amount you want to borrow, the term and what you think your credit history may be and we’ll show you a typical monthly payment.
This car finance calculator removes the element of uncertainty for our customers who can budget and apply based on real figures and not guesswork.
More than just a loan calculator, the moneybarn application allows users to get prices for specific cars and specific credit profiles. The prices that are generated by the moneybarn calculator are tiered into three levels according to the users’ credit profile, ranging from a near prime applicant who has minor adverse credit history, to consumers who have perhaps had CCJs or defaults, right the way through to those who have been through an IVA.
Commenting on the new car finance calculator, Peter Minter, Managing Director at moneybarn said, "This is unique within the non prime market - a quick, easy to use and accurate financial illustrator for customers who may have been refused car credit elsewhere. The bad credit car finance calculator allows users to customise their quotes by varying deposit amounts, the length of agreement and type of car before generating the three illustrations that can then be emailed to the user for future reference or for the user to make a finance application. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Our online car finance calculator can give you approximate amount in your monthly loan repayment depending upon the amount barrowed and the timeframe it is over although for an accurate quote we recommend using our online form to request a quote.

DISCLAIMER * - The Car Finance Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of your likely Finance repayments as opposed to the exact costs. Fill in the quick online form and receive a call back from one of our fullly trained staff.
Try our quick and easy car finance calculator to get an idea of the monthly repayments you would need to make. Car finance with bad credit has been made simpler and quicker with this new initiative from moneybarn. Uniquely, the car finance calculator uses a vehicle look up facility enabling accurate car finance quotes to be generated in less than ten seconds.
In terms of technology, it's also a step change for the motor finance industry - the calculator draws on industry data and our own internal modelling to provide accurate prices. To use the finance calculater please enter the details as requested on the left, click "calculate" and view the results on the pane on the right. Prestige Car Finance are under no obligation to provide the Finance at the price indicated in the car finance calculator.

Then use our online car finance calculator to get a quick guide to the rates and repayment amounts involved, then request a quote with our quick and easy to use online form. This means that users can enter just a registration number, the sale price and information about the car's mileage and deposit contribution and be presented with three prices representing different credit profiles. Finance repayments are the Lenders' price as provided to you once your Car Finance Application is approved. You will be fully notified of any other applicable fees and charges on approval of the Application. These prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice, however any changes will not affect finance that has already been entered into via contract with a Lender.

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