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Car dealers are enjoying robust sales in 2014, riding a half-decade wave of rebounding business as Americans recover from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Beyond that, and unlike the blood flowing through most people, your car’s oil needs to be changed on a regular basis, and the interval is dependent on how you typically drive your car. Again, look inside of your owner’s manual for complete details that are specific to the vehicle you own, and how you drive it. Tires play an important role in keeping you and your passengers safe, and in maximizing your fuel economy. All tires leak air, and that means you need to regularly check your tire pressure, especially if your car doesn’t have a tire pressure monitoring system that automatically does it for you. Fixing a car’s alignment is an example of taking care of a little problem before it turns into a big problem. If you wash your car and clean the interior on a regular basis, the finish and materials will last longer, and you’ll be happier with your vehicle for a longer period of time. People who accelerate quickly, stop at the last minute, take corners with squealing tires, and generally drive in an aggressive fashion cause greater wear-and-tear on their vehicles, ultimately resulting in bigger and more frequent maintenance and repair bills. Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data"). It is also dependent on brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and a mixture of water and coolant to reduce heat.
If you need to add air to a tire, do it when the tire is cold, and not after you’ve heated it up by driving on it for a significant distance. If a car owner ignores an alignment problem for long, he or she ultimately adds hundreds of dollars to the repair bill once the problem can no longer be ignored. Also, if you can, park in a garage or in a covered parking area to keep the car out of the sun, rain, snow, and, in coastal areas, sea spray.
That’s why making lots of short trips will add extra, and unnecessary, wear-and-tear on your vehicle. It will tell you exactly what the people who designed, engineered, and built your vehicle recommend as far as making it last for as long as possible.

Oil is the lubricant that keeps all of the mechanical parts inside of your engine working smoothly, and when it gets low, added friction contributes to a car’s early demise.
Depending on what kind of car you have, you’ll need to check these fluids regularly, and change them occasionally. You need to move them from the front to the back, or from side to side, depending on the vehicle that you own. This same logic can be applied to numerous little problems that will, ultimately, require attention and money. If you can, try to run all of your errands at one time in order to avoid frequent trips on a cold engine.
The new site at Iracemapolis in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area was officially opened by representatives of Daimler AG at a ceremony attended by guests from politics, industry and society.
The first vehicle to roll off the production line was a black C-Class Saloon.“The opening of the Mercedes-Benz Iracemapolis plant is a further milestone in the development of our flexible and efficient production network.
The global production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars comprises 26 locations which are organized in production compounds according to the vehicle architecture. Mercedes-Benz achieved record unit sales in Brazil in 2015.“We believe in the long-term perspective of the passenger-car market in Brazil,” declares Schafer. The plant’s level of automation is significantly lower than in traditional Mercedes-Benz plants.
Thereby, we achieve a highly flexible and top-quality production to satisfy local demand.” As part of the global production network, Iracemapolis is connected to all Mercedes-Benz Cars locations around the world, allowing a location-independent access to production data and process management. India is a forerunner amongst Mercedes-Benz’s assembly plants globally, and in the past we have already supported the plant in Vietnam in the global network. Both the teams gained in creating trust, a bond of friendship beyond cultures and continents, and being an ideal example demonstrating the strength of collaborative working.
Our contribution in training the Brazilian colleagues also strongly underscores our prowess and rich experience in local production of luxury cars, which we have pioneered 20 years back in India.”Piyush Arora, Exceutive Director, Operations, Mercedes-Benz India elaborated, “The training for the Brazilian workforce was targeted to build a competent team required to smoothly start-up and run the production process in Brazil. We trained our Brazilian colleagues on how to build a product in the right sequence, with the right tools, in the right time.

It was a highly enriching experience for both the teams and it endows the trust, ability and competence level of the local team seen as a benchmark plant in Mercedes-Benz’s Production Network.”Mr.
Arora further added, “The intercultural experience for both teams has been immense and heartening. This is yet another instance of Mercedes-Benz’s leadership in local manufacturing, the core of which comprises our highly skilled staff members and operators in Chakan, Pune, who ensures our production quality conforms to the most stringent global standards, and creates new benchmark in manufacturing for the luxury car industry in India”Mercedes-Benz India’s training focused on creating customized programs which emphasized on Product Quality, Production Processes and Production Systems with a clear focus on shop floor Leadership and Ownership, without losing sight on the safety aspects. The training module being imparted, familiarized the Brazilian colleagues about the Mercedes-Benz Production system and its core philosophy of ‘Doing it right the first time’, which is being followed at every Mercedes-Benz plant around the world. The training module developed by Mercedes-Benz India, also detailed the different processes and systems involved in manufacturing the vehicle, including all aspects of vehicle manufacturing comprising Quality, Body shop, Paint shop, Assembly, Logistics and Planning.The Brazil Production and Planning team have been interacting with the Indian counterparts to share experiences for the execution of their facility and smooth start-up. As integral part of the training programme, the multiplier training for the Brazilian team took place at the Chakan plant in September and November 2015. The team from Brazil received a head start with the training and understanding of the intricacies of different processes.
The training imparted at Mercedes-Benz India enabled creating a competent workforce to start a new product on a new line.
Their implementation enabled an extremely short construction period and ensured that the plant was up and running quickly. The rapid project success was facilitated by highly capable partners and the dedication of our team,” adds Schafer.Mercedes-Benz's global assembly networkThe new plant in Brazil is part of Mercedes-Benz’s global assembly network. This network also includes the production facilities in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At these locations, Mercedes-Benz produces vehicles in various extension levels for local markets.Mercedes-Benz India Pvt.

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