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Equipment Leasing by Ralph Burns on December 13, 2013So you recognize that leasing equipment is important and it is available to you to use as a financing option but why aren’t medical equipment leasing rates an important factor?
Isn’t it all about payments and costs?How can medical equipment leasing rates not be the most important factor when considering leasing as an equipment acquisition strategy? That is what clients usually ask when they are advised that while looking for the best available leasing rate is important, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant of making a lease financing decision.Leasing has been around for many years and the reason why it is not going anywhere is the fact that after the mortgage meltdown, small business lending took a nosedive. The main reason why this statement is true is because:It is a straightforward and easy process. Many equipment leasing companies charge interim rent for equipment that has been accepted and delivered before the official leasing period has began. If the interim rent is left uncapped, it can transform your lease agreement into one very costly transaction.Buy-out options are also another important factor to consider other than medical equipment leasing rates.

You might think that you will return the equipment on time so the absence of a buyout option might not seem like a big deal at first. Many lessees come to discover that it is actually a big deal especially when they are unable to return the equipment on time. This, more often than not, leads to unwanted lease extensions.Stringent return requirements are also something to keep in mind when reviewing your lease agreement. Some leasing companies only seek to extend your lease by including leasing language that makes compliant return of equipment nearly impossible. They usually phrase end-of-lease-options in such a way that it results in lease extensions. You can choose your own medical equipment leasing rates thanks something called credit scores.

Your overall credit score can give you an upper hand when negotiating medical equipment rates. Many equipment leasing companies use credit scores as a way of determining if potential lessees are able to make monthly lease payments in full and on time.If you have a damaged credit score, then this should not worry you because most leasing companies have programs specially designed for lessees who have damaged credit. Sending out several applications to different leasing companies in the hope that one of them will approve your application is a big mistake.

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