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If you are an Accountant for a small or medium sized company with multiple leases (or loans) then you probably experience problems with generating accounting entries every month. What you need to work out are the principal and interest amounts for each lease and then summarize them.
But if you maintain several dozens of amortization schedules then the task can become quite time consuming. The typical scenario is like that: You maintain separate amortization spreadsheets for each lease. Your second option is to interlink all spreadsheets and calculate the summary in one master spreadsheet. Sometimes you must open all files at once in order for the numbers to get updated correctly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all Individual and Consolidated lease schedules in a single Spreadsheet? Our Excel Calculator that can take away all your headaches during  the month-ends or year-ends.
With this calculator you can manage all your leases (or loans) in one Excel file, getting individual and consolidated schedules in one place. Free Version of our Lease Calculator includes all functionality, except for locked interest rate.

To be able to run the calculator you ideally need to have Microsoft Excel 2010 installed on your computer.
We advise you download the free version and make sure that you can run it on your computer without problems.
In this sheet you need to specify all entry parameters for your leases (or loans) as shown in the image below.
Note: Every time you add new lease or change parameters for existing lease, click on “Refresh” button to get the calculation updated. This sheet will provide summary for Total Monthly Principal and Total Interest Amounts data for all your Leases per period (month). Note: Again, every time you add new leases (loans) or change parameters of existing ones don’t forget to click on the “Refresh” button to get the data re-calculated. Note: After updating Entry Data sheet, always hit the “Refresh” button to get the values refreshed. Last, but not least important for your work are graphs showing Repayments and Outstanding Balance Trends. Note: As usual, don’t forget to hit “Refresh” button every time you change entry parameters of your Leases or Loans. I have paid for and downloaded Lease Calculator but only get Lease Register page and Macros are disabled.

The calculator is designed in Excel 2010, so some features may not work properly in Excel 2007. Hopkins realise that paying for new equipment for your business can be a costly exercise, draining precious cash when you need it most. Whether you are looking to buy a pizza oven for your takeaway or a whole frying range with ancillary equipment Johnson Reed can help. Then at the month-end you take the principal and interest amounts of each lease and sum it up.
Just the List of Values boxes may not work properly, so you will need to type Loan Term manually instead of picking it from the Drop-down List. If you have any questions or suggestions then please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Form. The calculator shows estimated costs depending on how old your business is and how long it has been trading.
But just to be sure that you understand it and are comfortable with all its functions, here we included instructions on how to use it.

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