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Author: admin | Category: Loan For Car | Date: 27.01.2014

Commercial Bank, one of the leading full service banks in Qatar, is offering a special Ramadan package for Vehicle Loans as part of its recently launched summer loans campaign.
For a limited time only, customers in the market planning to buy a new car can enjoy many benefits included in the Bank’s Ramadan Vehicle Loan package, such as a special low repayment rate, the chance to win free petrol for the rest of the year, instant loan approvals and exclusive discounted insurance deals. With Commercial Bank’s Ramadan Vehicle Loan package, all customers can enjoy a special low repayment rate of only 1.99% flat and a three month grace period without any repayments. To celebrate this special time of year, all new Commercial Bank loans in its summer campaign come with absolutely nothing to pay for the first three months. As an added bonus, regular comprehensive insurance is offered at a discounted rate of 3% for one year. Abdulla Saleh Al Raisi, said: “During the Holy month of Ramadan which is a very special time of year of generosity and giving, Commercial Bank is pleased to give back to our customers. Further rewards on offer to customers taking out Vehicle Loans over QAR 150,000 include the chance to win ‘free petrol for the rest of the year’ with Teyseer petrol cards.
We realise that owning a car has become a necessity, but we also realise that owning your dream car may be outside your immediate reach.
On top of these benefits, customers will be able to receive an immediate decision on whether they are eligible for a loan and will have access to a dedicated team available to guide them through the entire application process.

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