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With interest rates from the bank stuck at a low rate, where is a good place to put money while waiting out the Fed’s policy?
Many people might use this because they don’t qualify for a loan because of a broken work history or a bad credit history, but they could still have a good amount saved up in the bank, or own a fair amount of assets. Again, always verify the legitimacy of websites and investments by checking out reputable finance websites like Money or Kiplingers. While CDs offer little more than regular banks, they are still a solid investment to at least slow losses until interest rates increase again.
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While the presumption might be that these people are likely to default on their loans, this would be an unfair presumption. The company suggests that people put in over a thousand dollars to start because of possible losses, but I started with only $50 in order to proceed cautiously.
With each loan, Prosper provides a credit score, loan history, income, a ranking from Prosper on the stability of the loan and other important information. They are also good for people who have trouble saving money, as they will require you to save money for a set period of time or else pay a penalty for withdrawing money early.
While the borrowers do not have to provide all of this information, failure to provide will lead to a higher interest rate and a lower chance of their loan being funded. I would suggest investing in a 1 year CD at a 1% rate, just in case the Fed raises interest rates sooner.

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