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Scientists have witnessed what they believe to be one of the fastest species declines ever recorded, in the Caribbean islands of Dominica and Montserrat.
The species, a native frog known rather bizarrely as the mountain chicken frog, or more technically as Leptodactylus fallax, has seen rapid decline as a result of an outbreak of chytridiomycosis, or chytrid for short, a deadly disease that targets amphibians.
Scientists from the Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme, which is formed of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Chester Zoo and the governments of Montserrat and Dominica, observed the frogs over a period of 18 months.
They found that during that time the disease resulted in the death of over 85% of the Dominican frog population, and rendered almost all of of the Montserrat population of extinct. The mountain chicken frog is one of the largest frog species in the world, and resides only on the two Caribbean islands. It was already considered critically endangered prior to the disease outbreak, but is now on the verge of extinction. Its unorthodox name comes from the fact that it used to be a popular source of food among islanders, however the frog is no longer permitted to be consumed. The research, published today in Nature, highlights the need for significant action on chytrid, which has already devastated hundreds of amphibian populations worldwide. Following accusations that Google had deleted Palestine from its Maps facility, the internet giant explained that the country "has never been" on the service. A man who had been in a coma since May has been awoken thanks to an implanted brain stimulator that sends impulses to the brain every 15 minutes. Elon Musk has revealed that his energy-focused company, SolarCity, is developing a "solar roof", so not a roof with solar panels on it but a roof made entirely out of solar cells.
The CRISPR-cas9 gene editing tool may be used to cure diseases like cancer, but it may also allow us to improve traits like intelligence, athleticism and even moral reasoning. The US's National Institutes of Health (NIH) is considering lifting a moratorium that blocked funding for experimentation involving human stem cells and animal embryos. The Air Force Research Lab has revealed an artificially intelligent drone has been able to to repeatedly and convincingly “defeat” a highly experienced human pilot. Leicester City’s title win is rightly considered one of the greatest sporting upsets of all time, but was the team’s success a fairytale or a reward for years of planning? It certainly wasn’t an accident that the team suffered the fewest number of injuries of all 20 Premier League clubs last season, and ever since Nigel Pearson was sat in the managerial hotseat at Leicester, the club has been cultivating an innovative sports science department with the autonomy to really affect on-field incidents. Leicester’s investment in the area of sports science means that the club’s rise to Premier League champions isn’t as meteoric as it may appear at first glance. Even though Reeves and Leicester admit that they can’t prevent injuries from occurring, that hasn’t stopped them from trying. Reeves says Leicester’ sports science staff have a number of different approaches they use to try and reduce the risk of injury.
According to Opta, the Premier League champions scored more counter-attacking goals than any other team last season, and it’s on the training pitch that Leicester’s sports science team have honed the explosive qualities that make counter-attacking football possible. As much as Leicester’s staff realise the importance of exposing players to their peak speeds, which they will need to use come match day, the sports science team also make sure that they aren’t overworking the players when the week’s latter stages are approaching. As Leicester’s sports science department has grown, the amount of data it collects has grown with it. Right now the rest of the Premier League may be wondering how exactly Leicester won the league, but the club has always tried to be open about the training methods it employs and the data it collects.

On the evidence of last season, Leicester clearly lead the pack on and off the pitch, but the club is well aware that if it stands still others will supplant it at the top of the table.
While VR headsets could be one way of preparing players for matches, it would be very difficult for them, at this stage in their development, to accurately reproduce what it’s like to make decisions out on the pitch in intense, pressurised moments.
Most people within the game recognise that players’ mental states are indicative of how they will perform, so it’s unsurprising that Leicester are already looking at how they can use data to coach players minds as well as their bodies. Researchers at the University of Southern California have identified two Zika proteins believed to be responsible for microcephaly, taking the first step towards preventing Zika-infected mothers giving birth to babies suffering from the condition. Zika contains ten proteins but it is the two identified, NS4A and NS4B, which matter in cases of microcephaly, according to the study. In April, it was confirmed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that the Zika virus causes microcephaly and other severe foetal brain defects, but the reason it did so was unknown. The specific operation of the Zika proteins was found to be the interruption of the Akt-mTOR pathway, a cellular signalling gatekeeper that guards brain development and autophagy regulation –the process of cell recycling.
By hijacking foetal neural stem cells, the NS4A and NS4B proteins were found to, on average, halve the size of brain organoids. Zhen Zhao, corresponding co-author and an assistant professor of research physiology and biophysics, has said that they are already working on models to better demonstrate the functions of the Zika proteins, as well as looking into effective biomarkers to indicate necessary intervention into a Zika-infected woman’s pregnancy.
A non-disclosure agreement for use where one person or company is disclosing sensitive information to another, but there is no reciprocal disclosure. Google admitted that the area has been affected by a glitch that caused the West Bank and Gaza to briefly disappear from Google Maps.
In order to implant a brain stimulator surgeons opened the man's spinal canal and put an electrode above the dura mater of the spinal cord. Musk is yet to reveal how the roof will function, but he has said that buyers will get to customize their designs. If gene editing does become common, will a country like China, that lacks direct democratic systems, lead the way? The move could see scientists receive funding for the controversial research that could create life-saving organs for transplant patients.
His role at the club is to make sure players are at their peak physically as well as aiding the players’ athletic development and overall performance. The most important task Reeves takes care of at the club though – alongside Leicester’s head of sports science, Paul Balsom – is to make sure effective sports science procedures are in place.
Well, for a start, the club and its sports science team begin by acknowledging that they can’t prevent all injuries. And the stats they amassed in their title-winning season suggest that it’s a battle the club is winning. The club uses the Nordbord hamstring testing system to provide data on eccentric hamstring strength, and takes advantage of GPS monitoring equipment in order to assess players’ peak speeds. They all have very individual needs and from a reduction of injury perspective we have to take that into account,” says Reeves. Football has long since moved on from thinking that long-distance runs and a kickabout are adequate preparation for matchdays, but how has Leicester managed to produce a team that is able to blow teams away with explosive pace, while, at the same, minimising the risk of injuries? To combat this, the physical demands placed on the players are reduced to help ensure that they’re physically prepared for the following game and can play with their usual verve.
While that puts the people charged with analysing the data in a powerful position, they also have a responsibility to be judicious with the information, and only share what’s necessary with Leicester’s manager, Claudio Ranieri, and the playing staff.

In 2014, the club’s doors were opened to coaches from the Premier League and national teams right the way through to representatives from clubs playing in England’s Conference for a seminar on how the club was approaching fitness, conditioning and sports science. The club has already teamed-up with local rugby union team Leicester Tigers in order to shape how it approaches improving players’ strength and conditioning, and the club doesn’t intend to stop there. Football is still trying to work out how to effectively prepare players for penalty shootouts, for instance, and it’s debatable whether putting on a VR headset will ever be able to recreate the feeling on having a nation’s hopes and dreams resting on one player’s shoulders. Ninety minutes of football is extremely demanding: the stress associated with a game, the levels of arousal, the crowd, everything that goes in and around a Premier League game is stressful, so if we can try and identify the way that the minds working, the decision making process, how players are reacting to certain stimulus and ultimately can we coach that or improve it.
Success is never ignored in football, and we’ve already seen some of Leicester’s title winning players being offered gold and trinkets to prise them away from the King Power stadium. The research is said to be the first to examine three strains of Zika in second trimester human foetal neural stem cells, as well as the first to examine the virus at a molecular level. While autophagy usually breaks down and kills pathogens, viruses like Zika, part of a family called flaviviruses, are able to proliferate via the processes of autophagy.
Moreover, they stunted the growth of the stem cells by 65%  and reduced the differentiation of neural stem cells into mature brain cells by up to 51%. A confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement is crucial for an inventor or any other party who needs to protect confidential information. You may need to modify them to fit your unique circumstance, but these are good templates to follow. Not since David beat Goliath have odds been upset as much as they were when unfancied Leicester won the league, but should their victory be considered a “Roy of the Rovers”, once in a lifetime, against-all-odds achievement, or was it something a lot more calculated and deliberate?
When Nigel Pearson became the club’s manager in 2008, there wasn’t really a sports science department at Leicester, but he believed in the practice, and as Reeves says “was quite keen on the initial development of the department”.
Now does that come from us not learning or not changing our practice as a profession, or is it that the game’s changing, the demands are higher on the players, and they’re expected to cover more distance and be more explosive which ultimately opens them up to a greater risk of injury? But significantly Leicester’s sports science and medical teams recognise that every player is different, so deliver tailored programmes that cater for the needs of a multinational squad with different abilities and strengths. According to Reeves, the club essentially splits their working week into three stages: recovery, high-intensity work and, finally, the players workloads are reduced in preparation for the next game.
Far from being a club that is only looking inward, Leicester has always been a club that attempts to contribute to the practice of sports science being furthered throughout the football industry. There are a number of teams from many different sports that could help Leicester remain at the top of the table. Reeves was hired as an apprentice alongside Paul Balsom – who also works as a consultant for the Swedish national team – and as Leicester’s ambitions and budget grew, so did their faith in sports science. By contrast, Leicester’s nearest rivals Arsenal lost 1137 days to injury, and had 24 instances where players missed more than two weeks.

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