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I don't think I have ever created a thread on here, so I thought this one would be perfect! Also, I'd be happy to make a banner, but I don't know if the name is appropriate before I do it?
Given Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich and extensive tradition in the automotive industry, especially in production of auto components, BiH companies are renowned as suppliers of quality components. The automotive supplier industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina (B&H) has experienced a very dynamic development after the end of war in former Yugoslavia. Renowned manufacturers such as MERCEDES, VW and MAN are among the main buyers of supplier products made in BiH. Biggest exporter and second-largest company in the country is the Slovenian manufacturer of car seat covers, PREVENT which has several production sites in BiH for other automotive products as well and a 42% share in VW Sarajevo. BEKTO INTERNATIONAL is a modern and well-equipped manufacturer of (thermo)plastic injection parts for the automotive industry.
In addition, there is a large number of manufacturers in Bosnia-Herzegovina producing a wide range of parts and components, such as brake parts and systems, clutches, engine and gear parts, steering parts and systems, aluminium wheels, drive shafts, car batteries, pumps, and various small parts such as springs, screws, hoses, and components of metal, rubber and plastic. Another advantage of BiH is the relatively high density of research and development institutes, compared to the number of inhabitants.
On dodaje da povjerenje koje najpoznatije svjetske firme poklanjaju malom gradu Gora?du dodatno stimuliraju rukovodstvo i oko 300 uposlenih.
Tada se rodila ideja da bi i dio proizvodnih kapaciteta u kojima je radio iz te zemlje mogao premjestiti u Gora?de.
UNIS-founded Volkswagen Tvornica automobila Sarajevo (TAS, literally translated as Sarajevo car factory). From 1970, the VW Beetle with TAS was initially assembled from kits manufactured in Germany, from 1973 as a CKD assembly. UNIS was producing cars within a production program of a Volkswagen concern, utilities vehicles, spare parts for vehicles like batteries, fuel and oil filters, pumps, grinded parts, elements of brake systems, friction material, complete rear axle, spare parts for exhaust systems, car glasses and rubber-technical products, car-electric accessories, plastic components for a car industry, etc.
UNIS’s production with an income of 290 million $US in 1975 increased to more than 900 million $US in 1990, or more than three times. So, new factories were built up for production office machines, roller bearings, cars, steamed tubing, middle driven bicycles, computers, cold rolled tapes, synthetic material, rivets, steel ropes.
Since 1991, UNIS has been made 62 contracts with 47 partners from 13 countries about long-term business-technical cooperation. There were 88 production companies in a Holding company UNIS classified in seven business groupings by business operations. In a Business Grouping NVO, the following products were produced: means intended for a specific purpose restricted production, economic explosive and equipment, chemical products, sport and hunting ammonisation, hunting accessories and equipment, pyrotechnics equipment, dishes and special tools.

UNIS had been producing the following products through a Business Grouping of Raw Material: cold rolled tapes, seamed and precise tubing, metal furniture, high and low carbon wires, steel ropes, wire cores, elastic pipes, compensators and beams, springs, bolts, nuts, rivets, special electrodes, polyethylene wrapping material, PVC granulation and products, colours and polishes, synthetic glues and chemicals. Engine Factory FAMOS-Sarajevo - Established in 1953 - , began with the manufacture of trucks under license from the Swiss company Saurer, from 1960 on their own models with Famos and Leyland diesel engines. Since its inception, the company based its approach to development in the production of drive units for vehicles.
The engines are produced in different variants for trucks and special vehicles, buses, construction and agricultural machinery, ships, trains and stable machines. Famos puts its products to 90% off on the export market - the main markets are: Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, Algeria, Turkey and Iran.
The production structure is growing constantly and the proportion of components and manufacturing services in comparison to the final products as well. Zbog trenutne krize te?ko je očekivati od samih kompanija da rad klastera u potpunosti same finasiraju. Renomirani proizvodjači kao sto su MERCEDES, VW i MAN spadaju u glavne kupce proizvoda iz Bosne i Hercegovine. I love anything and everything about cars, and we all know BiH has a long history in the manufacturing of transportation vehicles of all sorts. For decades, major brands have relied on the skilled workforce of BiH to assemble cars for western markets. With ongoing efforts focused on upgrading capacity and quality enhancement, companies in the automotive cluster are looking for investment partners to expand production into wider international markets. Main areas of the automotive sector are metal processing (precision turning, milling, forming), toolmaking, plastic processing, automotive electrics and automotive textiles.
With the VW-factory in Vogosca near Sarajevo a renowned manufacturer itself is present in BiH. Main companies active in the area of automotive electrics are CAJAVEC FSU, Laktasi (manfacturer of signals, relays and electronic switches) as well as ZRAK-AEO, Kiseljak (manfacturer of electronic special components).
According to the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FTC-BiH), the export in the metal industry reached an estimated 1.134 billion Euro in 2006. Especially the faculties of mechanical engineering of the universities of Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Zenica and Mostar co-operate closely with the local companies of the automotive supplier industry in a number of R&D-projects.
Ona je sada u na?im pogonima i tu trenutno radi tridesetak novih radnika, ali proizvodnju prate Tvornica alata iz Gora?da, Metal centar i druge bh. Riječ je o firmi Ricson BH, koja se bavi proizvodnjom dijelova za savremene vozove, kao ?to su klime, te odvodi i dovodi zraka. Lokacija biv?e hemijske industrije Azot bila je najbolja za proizvodnju kojom se bavi firma Ricson BH.

NSU decided to make best use of the remaining motorcycle program and in 1963 an agreement with the company Pretis was concluded.
Until 1976, a total of 31,667 such units were made of the VW Beetle with TAS, which were intended solely for the Yugoslav market. In the new company, Volkswagen owns a 58%, 42% belong to the Slovenian automotive supplier Prevent. Ten firms with joint investments were set up and 14 agreements about investments were implemented, 37 agreements about long-term production cooperation and 8 agreements about obtaining technologies and development business-technical cooperation.
Because of the technology and manufacturing under license from Mercedes-Benz and ZF FAMOS has created for itself a place in a huge number of keepers of the brand Mercedes and other European manufacturers. Sada je prava prilika da dra?ava bar u narednih godinu dana kao prelazni period u daljem izlasku iz recesije pomogne odr?avanje klastera u ?ivotu. Oslonac automobilskog sektora u dana?njoj Bosni i Hercegovini su metaloprerada (precizno struganje, glodanje, tehnika deformacijom), izrada alata, prerada plastičnih masa, autoelektrika kao i tekstilna industrija za autoindustriju. I enjoy seeing this type of industry expand in BiH as it is an industry that is very viable and important to any country.
The Volkswagen Group has recognised this tradition and Bosnia and Herzegovina is well under way to become the Group’s supply-base in South Eastern Europe, a market of 120 million consumers. Thereby the highest export rates are reached by the metal processing sector with an export rate of around 40% of the total production. Several international automotive suppliers have taken a share in BiH-companies or have taken over companies completely. The plant, located conveniently near Sarajevo, assembles Škoda and VW vehicles for the VW Group.
The corresponding investments allowed particularly those companies a high and dynamic growth. In 1989, the production at TAS with 37,000 cars reached a peak, then the plant had about 3,500 employees.
Examples of this trend are the companies TMD Ai, (subsidiary of the Slovenian CIMOS-Group), which in the area of metal processing produces high-quality precision parts, or the filter manufacturer UNICO FILTER, which has recently been taken over by the German market leader MANN-HUMMEL. But also the investments in the fields of iron and steel production, aluminium production, production of engines and engine parts, production of plastic and rubber parts, textile and leather industry are in general related to the automotive industry.

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